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Invest now in those who’ll deliver for you in the future🚀🚀  

When Mirian was 12, she was chosen for and was able to receive the needed to excel in her . Today, she's a , and is able to help her with many household expenses. She's grateful to her sponsor for giving her the chance to !

A goal of mine this year is to draw more men since I gravitate towards drawing mostly women. Here's two from some sketchbook studies the other day, about 10min per sketch with an HB pencil. Refs via Pinterest.

Interesting. The green never gradates to pink (only to gray), but optically the pink lines make it appear so.

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Naps tend to correlate with more frantic sketching.

Not normal.

Well, I need some tutorial about how not to die during the olympiad process. I’m kinda through with them, but I still have a couple to do. It’s pretty clear that I’ll have two project competitions and it makes me worry a bit you know. Praying and hope for force to deal with all that stuff, do my best at the exams and than enter the university.


Geografia e química. É sempre bom deixar uns recursos visuais e não só texto no resumo. Isso ajuda na hora da revisão e da leitura do conteúdo, deixar só em texto resulta numa revisão demorada e isso é algo que deve ser rápido. To aprendendo cmg mesma, mais tarde posto mais.