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Cannot believe today is the day I start year 2 of my degree! Another step towards my dream career as a ❤️

Many inventors received their greatest ideas in their sleep. Are you taking note of the learning in your sleep? (s) (s)

Last Chance: "Doodle Social" London - 26 Sept at Taproom in . £5 tix include talks, workshops & free beer. Short illustration talks, plasticine model making, zine bingo & tape mechanics workshops.

Ss choosing to work in groups, pairs or alone to show their understanding of tiki tiki. Student agency provides 100% engagement. How about your class?

I'm going to a four year college, suffering from poverty and can't find a job that gives a damn I am a student. Considering taking out a high interest loan and opening multiple credit card accounts. financialaid

My online course for educators who want to build positive relationships with students, decrease inappropriate student behaviors, and increase academic outcomes for all children is coming in October! Stay Tuned!

Own-brand champion and bargain savvy student Ashely Carr shares some of his tips and secrets to living succesfully on a tight budget.

🤔BORDEAUX LIFE Tout comme vous, en ce début de semaine nous allons tous au maille ! Mais au fait, que signifie selon vous cette expression typiquement bordelaise ? 😃

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It's autumn - enjoy the warm autumn colors on our campus. But let's add some extra colors by ourselves. How? Just do it the Erasmian way!. Photo: /

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Student 1: Thomas Cook has been collapsing for a while now, they just didn’t show it

Student 2: Why is that a mood though?



It’s been a week now, since university had started ! I am very happy because all the classes are interesting and almost all of my teachers are adorable. ♡

A lot if work is required and expected, but I kinda like that, and I’m starting to enjoy school again like before!


09/22/19 - Sunday

5:39 PM - 5:40 PM

as you all might be used to now, sundays are program day which means only one thing - kiddos~

it’s been nearly a year so honestly think they’re used to me being around now so they’re not afraid to mess around 😪 i’m glad but at the same time, i find it a little hard to rein them back in once they start giggling for no reason and saying random statements that have no connections

i much prefer the pre-k and t-k class, but if i was given the choice, i won’t leave my set of kids (kindergarten-3rd)

they’re amusing, even if they can’t ever sit still


Day 16/100 of productivity. I arguably did a lot of work today.. even though I didn’t feel like I did that much. I’m very frustrated that I’m behind with my history project though, I have to work on communication skills for projects. The next two days are going to be filled with tests and hard assignments.. perfect time to test my knowledge. Hope you all had a great day!

Btw if you want me to check out your post, you can use the tag #bignerdstudyblr :) I also am on recents for #studyblr all the time to like all posts.

Preparing for the semester’s work? Flawless. Amazing. Fun. Soft study aesthetics, I have tea, a fun schedule organizer, beautifully crafted to-do lists.

Actually doing the semester’s work? Horrible. Terrible. I haven’t eaten in four days. My skin, dying. My motivation, dead. In the distance, screaming. 

What is better? Fail a course or withdraw?

I’ve never felt so burnt out idk if I can do another 10 weeks of this. I already have like over 8 late assignments. I don’t want to lose financial aid though… What is the best option…



Finally my first post, yay.

I’ve been triying to finish my philosophy (psychology) notes this morning. And it was soooo difficult after the biggest procrastination of the year. And with that I mean the 18 of September which is the Independence Day of my country (Chile). Due to the date, we had 3 days as holiday but counting all the days, we actually had 10 free days.


Por fin mi primer post, osi.

Esta mañana estuve intentando terminar mi materia de filosofía (en verdad es psicología lol) y weón, fue muy difícil después de lanzarse todo el 18 (fiestas patrias). :(

Igual fue rico que a pesar de que legalmente eran 3 días feriados (creo) tuvimos 10 días de puro webeo, JAJSJA. Eso po, 10-4.