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A busy day on today where we met with provided and advice then spent most of the evening on patrol around the Pritchatts Road accommodation area

Premier of my second sketchbook tour form my college education will be out tonight at 8pm GMT! Sketchbook Tour #02 | College via

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I have a test on Thursday and I’m super nervous and I have to study some more unfortunately 😓😓


january 28, 2020

a few flashcards i’ve been practicing with! usually i prefer online flashcards because i can practice anywhere and anytime as long as i have my phone on me, but this time i tried just writing them out. i do like the way they look but still prefer the online ones, simply because it’s easier and faster. also… i can paste in pictures of all the models and other visual things i need to learn instead of having to draw them. 

ﺃﻭﺩّ ﺇﺧﺒﺎﺭﻙ ﺑﺄﻧﻨﻲ ﺃﺧﺸﻰ ﺣﺰﻧﻚ ﺟﺪًﺍ، ﺃﺧﺸﻰ ﺃﻥ ﻳﺆﻟﻤﻚ ﻗﻠﺒﻚ ﻭﺃﻧﺎ ﻻ ﺃﻋﻠﻢ ﻭﺃﻥ ﺃﺿﺤﻚ ﻓﻲ ﻭﻗﺖ ﺑﻜﺎﺋﻚ، ﺃﺧﺸﻰ ﺃﻥ ﺗﺒﻜﻲ ﻭﻻ ﺃﻛﻮﻥ ﺑﺠﺎﻧﺒﻚ، ﺃﺧﺸﻰ ﺣﺰﻧﻚ ﺟﺪًﺍ ﻭﺃﻋﻠﻢ ﺃﻧﻪ ﻻ ﻳﻤﻜﻨﻨﻲ ﺃﻥ ﺃﻛﻮﻥ ﻣﻌﻚ ﺩﺍﺋﻤًﺎ ﻭﻻ ﻳﻤﻜﻨﻨﻲ ﺃﺧﺬ ﺣﺰﻧﻚ ﺃﻭ ﺃﺣﻤﻞ ﻫﻤﻚ، ﺃﻧﺎ ﻓﻘﻂ ﺃﺩﻋﻮ ﻟﻚ ﺩﺍﺋﻤًﺎ 💛.

# 💛

My professors: Why do you use bold, italics and brackets so excessively?

Me(someone who barely knows how to express themselves): [How]… else am I supposed {to show} you what; I m e a n???!¿ I… don’t /want/ y o u to ~misunderstand~ 《me》…

Them: Oh my God…

So I’m writing lesson plans for a student teaching experience I’ll be starting soon...

and I feel like this is the most self-critical piece of writing I’ve ever done. I figure I’m being this anxious because this is my dream job and I can’t believe I get to start doing it now, but geez Maddie you don’t have to overthink every single word!


28012020 Day thirty of the 100 days of productivity challenge 🍓

Today has been pretty productive! I had my first 120 minutes of my final art assignment, my central practical exam. Besides that I managed to finish up my presentation for the extended essay and I finished my French studies.


Forgot to post these yesterday. Was a good Monday, all things considered. I got a good upper body workout in despite the gym being really crowded, started the new semester’s classes and last night I made a chickpea curry while Matthew started brewing a new beer. Today has been good too, I was really anxious again to go to class as this week is all new classes and groups for the new semester, but I managed to make myself go and ended up talking to 2 people who are also on another module I’m taking, so we went from the first class to the next together which was such a comfort. Lunch and coffee with Matthew, one last lecture and then home. No gym today bc all my classes have been 2 hours but looking forward to leg day tomorrow 😄


Spring Semester💐| @herstudylife

the hustle never stops. this semester had only just started and it’s already trying, *pats my own shoulder* it’s gonna be okay dummy.



Yesterday was a really tough pain day. Got nothing done after work because of the pain and then the nausea from the meds.

Today is better. Got 3 very productive hours of studying in after work. SQL and database management is nearly done. Just 4 more days of work and then I’ve got 2 weeks off for exams. Studying all day is also hard, but at least I don’t have to do double duty with work.

Hope y’all had a successful day! ❤️

And a special shoutout to my fellow spoonies. ❤️❤️

How on earth do people figure out what they want to do in their life?

I am at the end of student life, almost a graduate, I just need to find a damn internship but my friends, Oh my God, one is already being chased by some companies, the other is successful in her free lance work, and just everybody seems to have figure out what they wanna do and where to aim in life. And I am just struggling so much…

How do you figure out your path in life ?