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yellow yellow.. but not a dirty fellow. 

Winter in London can be a little really gloomy that we tend to forget to wear out some colour at times.. but I don’t blame you. 

When it’s pouring and the sun is hidden behind those dark clouds, all we want to do is to stay home and if we *REALLY* have to, go out but only to come back home assoonaspossible in the most dress down style but it keeps us warm. 

But there are some good sunny days in winter, just like one this lucky day when these photos were taken! So for that, I had to bring a cute, yellow jacket out to be immersed in the winter sun as well. 

PS: It was such a good buy on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters! 


  • Urban Outfitters’ yellow jacket
  • Zara white culottes 
  • Stella McCartney ‘Falabella’ grey mini
  • Stuart Weitzman knee high black boots