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RT : Learn to accept ownership for every area in your life. …

When training said you have cardio for two time in the day you have you make it happen. 3:30am fasting cardio should be a good time (NOT!) but work has to get done. …

When training said you have cardio for two time in the day you have you make it happen. 3:30am fasting cardio should be a good time (NOT!) but work has to get done. …

It's stretching time!!! Tag us with your workout routine using your resistance bands. Be be and you will never go out of ! πŸ‘ . What's your workout routine for today? Happy πŸ’œ

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This morning I opened two gifts - My Eyes - Keeping putting one foot in front of the other - It’s a beautiful day to make someone smile - Happy Wednesday xxx πŸ–€

Strong MIND, strong BODY πŸ‹β€ Come and visit us! we are located on Corner Popham and Blaauwberg Road, TableView Cape Town, Western Cape

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Will you make it sound so pretty even when it’s not?
Didn’t choose but it’s the only one we’ve got
And sometimes I get so tired
Of getting tied up in my thoughts
You’re the only one that often makes it stop


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@themilkcartonkids thanks for giving us a song that we will always sing together ! Me and my wife jamming on a Tuesday ! #warrior #cancersucks #unstoppable #love #praise #god #couple #married #goals #life #women #woman #strong #fighter #natefit13

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I want to be hopeful that people care, that in the end the memories you shared even if you’ve drifted away are in a little place in their heart. The older I get the darker it gets to see where that little place is in my heart. I notice all the time that when people want something they act just like that person you remembered or maybe imagined, but when I reach out i realize by little signs that how I loved them is not reciprocated, or at lest that love they may have had is now in a dark heart lost unless wanted found. These things happen on repeat through out my life and I know that it sounds like something to be upset with them, I’m not. I’m sad but I move on. These are the little things that makes hearts so dark you lose the innocents. I don’t forget these things because they become a list of people in the back of my mind that are just lost to me. But I forgive them, I’m not going to let these people drag my soul down. What helps me forgive is my ability to always put myself in other’s shoes, even if I completely disagree, it’s more of a curse, always trying to understand and forgive. In my mind people’s lives are like it’s like a road with two ways to go and from their another two ways sometimes three. This repeats and repeats, this is their story. I can try to understand with what I know or what little I know or even what I imagine, but I can not possibly know all the turns that person has gone through so I tell myself there’s a reason they are the way they are. It’s not me sometimes they don’t even know what they do maybe they don’t care but think it’s doesn’t show. Maybe they think I’m to dumb to know, maybe their so dumb they think they convince everyone possibility’s are endless and can drive you mad if you care to much. So why should I care for these people who have thrown away our memories. Why should I waste my time trying to get into the depth of why? These are but another fork in my own road of darkness or lightness. My jersey of self discovery. What I forgive, what I care about, how much of it should be givein or taken from me or them. Fuck them. But what about the ones that you do know well, the ones you completely understand why they let go. You know they love you, you know they think of you. You know that place is not lost. But where are they when you need them? How much is enough? What is okay? What do you let go? My mind, my heart my world and theirs. We all have difference of opinions we all have feelings. We all handled things differently, good or bad. We all go through things that lead us places. Was it something that killed something in you? Was it something that made you stronger? Was it something that you learned from? Is it all of that together bits of pieces that can’t be put into categories. relationships, feelings, memories, loss it’s all apart of life . Life is complicated more complicated then just saying that. We all have our demonds and reasons. I see my Life and other like map that starts on one road. It sometimes goes back, turns the wrong way, goes through highs and lows and ultimately a dead end so fuck people and enjoy the fuckin ride.


@jose.alejo_ - 3 rondas de Sled pull + Sled push… 125kg… muerte asegurada….pero no hay mejor sensacion!😍 3 sesión
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ma io l'ho capito dove sbaglio: Sbaglio nel fidarmi, nell'essere troppo buona, nell'evitare di parlare per non ferire. No, adesso non mi fido più, divento bastarda e vi sputo in faccia veleno. . Fottetevi💘

I wanna be more active!

Hello friends! I really wanna be more active and interact with you guys more! The only way to do that is by putting myself out there!

Hi my name is Iggy. My favorite game is Fallout 4 (it’s the only one I’ve played but Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are on the list) I definitely don’t have 10000 different Fallout OCs but that’s the TEA. My big three are Delaney (my Nuka World, crazy, homocidal bitch), Hazel (my hopped up Ghoul who is all over Hancock) and Elvira (she’s new but she’s big titty goth gf). I really love the community and the people and how passionate everyone is in their characters and the story! If you want, I would love to learn more about the people here!


Tell me about your OCs!

Favorite game?

Favorite faction? I always switch I can’t pick one

Do you like to write or draw or anything like that?

Anwyas thanks for indulging me! Have a wonderful day!


Prone shoulder press for some shoulder mobility and upper back strength.
Make sure you keep your head on the floor and glutes and core muscles engaged to avoid arching the lower back.
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@fbaftermath Worked up to 785 today from a higher position on deadlift… 800 coming this summer, you can bet on that. Don’t forget to swag out and order @alphaclothing with 15% off (use code “aftermath) LINK IN Bio
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Change & Transform

Decide to take a stand and make a change.

For sometime now the Lord has been pressing it on my heart to start listening to Him. I have to say it’s been a challenge to stop following my own ways and start following His way. But by the Lords mercy He has not once given up on me, Jesus has kept compelling me everyday.

Therefore I am certain on starting to take the steps He’s asking me too. Although slowly, I believe there is progress in the process and the Lord shall not leave me alone in it. I want to see the fruits of the abundant life Jesus died to give me.

I came to realize I do not know who I am. That I am following the same repetitive, hollow, lifestyle patterns of my relatives. I dont want to be like my family. I no longer want to be afraid. I no longer want to fear waking up one day realizing my life is over and I never lived for Christ as much as I desired. I do not want to wake up some day knowing I had it in me and regret not having gone all the way to achieve it. I do not want to quench my passion for Jesus any longer!!

It’s time to start TAKING ACTION and worship the Father, pray to the King of kings, read His Word obediently and follow the path He set out for me. Because no one else will do it for me!!

I pray that I will not fall from this path again and when my flesh tempts me that I will not follow it but that the grace of Jesus will carry me through and protect me in the midst of this journey.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. -Romans 12:2 NKJV

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that it’s okay to hurt and be sad. I’m currently in a grieving process over someone I lost. And I will allow myself to feel this to the fullest and release instead of suppressing my emotions and not taking my time to come back from this. It will be a long arduous journey. But it’s always important to remember that you matter too. You lived a life before them, and there’s life after. I feel selfish for wishing they were still here and not wanting to let go. I dread the amount of time it will take to feel fine again. It’s a beautiful yet bitter feeling. I do believe that if something is meant to be, it will find you again. But for now I must think of all the ways I can better myself and I have a long way to go. The goal is to love myself to the highest and truest form. No one can love me like I can. And I can’t love anyone like I could, until I do what’s best for me. I must forgive myself and trust myself, in my angels, in the universe. Soul growth is a painful process. I’ve never experienced this feeling before. It lingers in my chest and radiates through my body to where it causes not just emotional, but physical pain. I need healthy outlets, and once I regain energy I will do so. Love to all those who are fighting a battle. Whether it be a broken heart, a passing of a loved one, an illness, or the stress of life piling up on you, you are infinitely strong and I’m proud of you for fighting to see another day.



Stuck under a tree in the pouring rain 🌧
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anonymous asked:

Org13 members react to their crush getting hit by their strongest attack and surviving with minimal injuries (crush has unreal defense and hp)

Well, okay then, so it will be in a setup where you’re enemy, right?

Xemnas :

  • He’s surprise… And annoyed
  • He wished that you could die on the first strike… To not make you suffer

Xigbar :

  • He’s supposed to be scared and only scared
  • But he will whistle while a shiver travel his spine : it strangely turn him on

Xaldin :

  • He actually doesn’t know if it’s because he’d hold back or not…

Vexen :

  • “Impossible !”
  • A part of him is impress, glad that you survived… But that’s mean he needs to try again or you will kill him…

Lexaeus :

  • He can’t. He can’t strike his more strong attack to you…

Zexion :

  • He’s hurt in his pride
  • He will do it again

Saïx :

  • He’s in Berserk mode and doesn’t really noticed
  • So he will do it again and again

Axel :

  • If he isn’t the one to end you, it will be someone else. Someone who maybe make you suffer more
  • So when you make it through totally fine, he doesn’t know what to do anymore…
  • He needs to use everything he got

Demyx :

  • “Whaaaat ?!”
  • He will be really worried; should he runs away ?
  • He doesn’t want to die !

Luxord :

  • He’s impress
  • But he still has cards in his hand

Marluxia :

  • His pride took a hit
  • Well, he needs to be more precise on the next strike then

Larxene :

  • What ?!
  • She has a crush on you, but she won’t let you walk away by humiliating her

Roxas :

  • He can’t hurt you… He can’t obey to the Organization…

Xion :

  • She did it with tears in her eyes. When she sees you alright, it will be tears of relief
  • She will tell you that you need to end her