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In life we deal with many stressors, and to decrease those stressors we must practice healthy ways to manage them.

In this second post in a series, we talk about why we feel like we have to rush, and how that can lead to an ongoing cycle of stress. This will help you understand your and what to do about it!

I release all energies that are causing me in this moment.

Yikes! 7 of 10 adults in the US say they experience or DAILY & it interferes w/ their lives, according to a UDAA survey on stress & disorders. If you're struggling, there are natural remedies that can HELP! Need some free ?

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Change can be good for us, and yet still hard to adjust to. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is a source of for many people. But embracing change can help us grow, bring out our , teach us flexibility, & it can mean fun & exciting things for the future!

Kinder sind genial 🤓💡👍 „außerdem wird das Gehirn für die gebraucht“💡💡💡🤓 gegen : wenn Du oft spürst, wie Dein Gehirn nicht aufhören kann zu arbeiten, versuche es zu lernen um abzubauen 😀🍀❤️

While owning a home is a significant achievement, it can also bring more into your life. Learn how to manage the stress as a .

COMBAT & much more w/ gentle, meds-free Clinical . Check out online resources (eg YouTube) & start to experience the +ve changes YOU can achieve w/ gentle movement.

Today, I challenge YOU to do a yoga pose. Whether it be for exercise or for stress relief, yoga can help you feel better.

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Cat leadership with Dr. Dave Nicol

Recién arranca el año y estoy cansadísima

¿Alguna vez se sintieron tan pero tan cansados que lo único que quieren es dormir y dormir y dormir?

Pues así estoy yo. Arrancó un nuevo año, se vienen muchos proyectos pero mediamos febrero y ya no doy más, no sé de donde sacar fuerzas, me irrita la gente, los clientes, las demandas, los que no aportan y se rascan.

¡Qué difícil cuando uno se siente así de solo!

Siren Sounds and Sickness

And if you get there

Still nobody cares

If you’re really real

Or just another

Complication in the master plan of history

Bastard son of misery

La La La

They sing and plug their ears

To what I really feel

Healed by the grace of all my anger

To something half alive

Is it that hard to figure out?

Why we might be worth the trouble?

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hi evan, im having a really difficult time rn. i recently realized that my church is part of the root of my mental health problems::: the cognitive dissonance i have and the fear of what will happen if i tell my teen leader what i'm feeling, which is something that i've been pressured to do by my mom (plus we're supposed to be open abt our lives at church n all that). i just feel overall v panicky about my (lack of) christianity and also about my last semester of high school. any advice?

Hello, love! I completely understand why you would feel panicked about that. I don’t know your exact situation, how supportive your mom is, what exactly is making it a bad experience. But no matter what it is you have to right to stop going. Religion should be about finding your own truth and meaning in life, so if you don’t find it there that’s okay. If you find it in science and not god, that’s okay. If you find it in another god that’s okay too. Or if you don’t find it at all! You just explore your own ideas and feelings. For school, I would say just remember that this only leads to better things. Yes there’s more responsibility coming, but also more freedom, exploration, and excitement. Do your best to get good work done, but never by forsaking your mental health. Learn to practice good self care, and spend time writing, drawing or talking about how you feel. Stay safe, you can always chat with me!



How To Meditate In some Easy Steps

Most everyday challenges in life can be alleviated by mindfulness — tuning into the present moment and learning to pay attention to our experiences with intentionality. 

Mindfulness allows us to experience life more directly, without mindlessly believing our judgments, assumptions and other limiting thoughts.