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Sometimes success is not about a domino-effect, but about a belief. And you have to find itโ€ฆ โœ๐Ÿฟ

We all , but what many of us don't realize is the serious effects stress can have on your over time. Check out this article for four simple ways to lower your stress levels:

For Stress Awareness Month, Hassan Khan, Project Coordinator for has written about the unique stresses he experiences just trying to get to as a person. Read his blog here ๐Ÿ‘‰

Image shows Hassan with service user Mujahid

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Today’s plans are:

This is my art journal. I spent the morning mindlessly drawing characters in it because I noticed I was getting mentally and physically overstressed. It helped a lot.

Today’s plans are, basically:

◻️ Do my readings for today’s class

◻️ Group meeting

Have a nice, productive day, you guys!


It’s that time of the year again!

The semester at college Is winding down and coming to a close. There are stressed out students playing smash at the student Union during finals week, nervous laughter can be heard from every hallway, there is a student crying on the ground, I am playing the banjo under a tree in the courtyard, some guy give me two (2) garlic knots. And I cannot find a library computer to use.

Ugh. I just had the most millennial freak out over documentation to renew my ID card and it’s actually fine, it’s all fine, but fuck I have reached my fork limit. I feel like I’m suspended 10 feet up by forks alone honestly and I am not at all sure how to get down again safely but it probably involves tea and comic books.

So I’ve just found out today that I have one more deadline than I thought I did due for next week, meaning that my stress levels are now 110%. Don’t go to university kids. 

I’m kidding, it’s great, but jee whizz can I not wait for deadlines to be over. I was tempted to ask for an extension but you know what? We’re going to do this. Because I can do this. If I can write a 3000 essay today then I will be pretty much back on track.

(((Moral support appreciated <3 )))

Besides, the sooner I complete my deadlines the sooner they’ll be over and then I might have time to actually write stuff for me, like…fic?!?! Maybe… 



The Time Is Here

You may have noticed I haven’t written a blog entry in about 11 months. Did you think I left Tumblr? Nope, I never did and I never forgot about this. In this age of social media, I’m always posting somewhere and it’s hard to find a topic that’s good enough to deserve a blog post. I try to do these rarely for a reason. What I think is really cool about the current theme I use for this blog (hopefully you’re reading this on the notebook theme I have on) is that it looks like I’m actually writing in an aesthetically pleasing journal.

I have to come out and say that life after high school has been pretty strange. Since my last post, I graduated high school, Cinematic by Owl City came out, Spider-Man PS4 came out, I got a drivers license, started working at Target, got a car, Red Dead Redemption 2 came out, met my new best friend, got let go from Target and then got a new job in a grocery store. I’m still waiting to get a tech assistant position in refrigeration but there’s no word on that still. It’ll suck either or because a nicer job would, in theory, mean better paychecks and getting ahead in life. However, I’ll have less time to work on music and make YouTube videos and other projects I want to pursue. I’m currently working on an 8 track EP that should be announced soon and I’m really excited to do so. I want to talk about it more but I plan to make that it’s own blog post when the time comes.

I’ve also been stressing out a bit about money lately because they’re plans of myself packing up and moving out from my parents home. It’s not that I’m in a hurry to leave or anything. You see, my friend is here from Flordia and is currently living with 3 roommates that are often from out of state. Their lease is up in August and all of my friend’s roommates are moving out after that and my friend won’t have anywhere else to do. He has no family here and as you may know, living in California is too expensive to live on your own. So my friend would need a new roommate or two to live there and help pay rent. I also have a good friend in high school who is currently living on friends living room floor and doesn’t have anywhere else to go either. He’s being kicked out at the place he’s at soon but I believe he has somewhere to go. Although, that place is obviously somewhere he can’t stay at forever so he’ll need a place to live meaning he would be moving in with us as well. With the money I make now, moving out is literally impossible. I was supposed to be moving onto a real career by now but that obviously hasn’t happened yet. I’m saving a little bit of money here and there into a savings account, but I’ll have nowhere near enough to help me move out much. I want a nice rainy day fund in case something were to happen. My main concern is my car because it was 3,000$ and had 92K miles when I bought it. It’s a pretty decent car. However, it may last me 2-5 more years… or it could last me 2-5 months. Even smaller things like needing tires or batteries would be a nice hit to my savings account. I also forget that I’m currently living at home with next to no bills and still freak out whenever I spend money.

For now, I’m trying my best not to worry about it because I can’t really do anything until I get a better job. I just don’t want to let down my friends and possibly watch both of my best friends move away. I care about them deeply and would love to live with them. It would be really cool to live on my own in general.

Hope you enjoyed my vent. If ever have any questions, I’m on Twitter… obviously. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long for another post. I’ll be posting soon again whenever the EP gets announced and I get to explain some things I’ve been wanting to talk about. - Jacob McDonnell

coping with stress

When you have something that you MUST get done for let’s say… this Friday, but you have already done everything you can, and now you need to wait till Friday so you can finish it: 

- make a detailed list about what exactly is not yet finished                                   - Add in all of the days when you might be/are able to continue on the task          - Specify all mini task within the main task 

- REALLY notice that there isn’t anything you can do today and that you will definitely get the task done ‘cause you are a fire breathing superhero known for frog eating. 

- Now go get your mind off of this and do something nice.

- Personally I go watch: cartoons, Heart beat, gmm…

Grad school has really tested me

And tonight the testing took a whole new level. One of the last two classes I need to take is not being offered in the fall so guess who isn’t graduating until May 2020 instead of December 2019 (it’s me).

To make things worse…I registered for the one class being offered and looked at my bill and it is somehow $6,000????? For ONE class????? Oh boy.