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In the street


INDIA9370 by a Psychiatrist’s view
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shouting gods name asking for alms @ Jama Masjid OId Delhi


Hey guys!

Tonight is my mums birthday so I don’t have a blogpost for you tonight instead earlier I uploaded a video from my Instagram I posted a few days ago which is a makeup tutorial so hope you enjoy that!

Me and my brother took our mum out for a birthday dinner last night and then we all grabbed a warm drink and had a walk around enjoy the festive views. Tonight is my mums actual 50th birthday (sorry for exposing your age mum) and she is by far my superhero who I completely adore in every way. So tonight we are all relaxing at home and watching movies :) which is perfect after a busy Saturday at work.

On that note I’m going to enjoy a night with my family so I hope you like the pics I took and you’ll have a normal post from me tomorrow. But like I said check out my IGTV I posted earlier and tell me what you think.

Lots of love

Bella x x


Setiap kali melintasi pintu ini, membayangkan duduk disana, ruang yang tampak hangat, ditemani secangkir kopi. Pojok Braga ini dulu apotik Kimia Farma, sekarang sudah berubah menjadi tempat ngopi, dan ruang itu tak pernah kosong.
Saat ini sudah jam sepuluh lewar, tak ada lagi orang duduk disana menikmati secangkir kopi, yang ada hanyalah kursi-kursi dan pintu yang sebentar lagi akan ditutup.
Mungkin ini bukan lagi waktunya ngopi di luar. Ini saatnya merasa hangat di ruang lain, bernama rumah.
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