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RT DeloitteTMT: Our newest charticle is live! 👀 See how consumers’ passion for certain shows or genres are affecting .

RT DeloitteTMT: Discover how are dealing with the viewers of that are moved➡️ or are cancelled❌.

A fresh news recap by : 's "Top Brand" badge, upcoming services from big entertainment companies and much more! Follow the link to get the full picture:

Our newest charticle is live! 👀 See how consumers’ passion for certain shows or genres are affecting .

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Consumers’ passion for certain shows or genres can be a double-edged sword 🗡️ for platforms. Learn about how are dealing with cancelled .

In 2019, ’s content advertising spend rose 5X YoY. Other , by contrast, cut back by over 40%. What about other market players? Get the full picture on :

Streaming providers: Up at 4 AM worrying? Understanding your may help determine how much energy to invest in saving a cancellation attempt. .

Between this and next year there will be 6 streaming services. I can not keep up with all of them. I am not getting all 6. I have already but now I'm gonna get too. idk if i could do also and

Last year 33M people in the U.S. cut the TV cord and the numbers are going to be increased by the end of 2019. So if you are planning on joining the cohort, gathered the list of the best live TV :

Remember back when came out in 1999 or early 2000 and you thought it was ? Oh just me? Ok. This one was a little later since it was 2009. I was never interested, I'm still not.

Before launching a team, it’s important to know what kind of streaming organization you want to be. Identify the key points of your with the help of this article

With such a wide range of streaming services and TV series, Alex & Dan want to know what you're watching and why? Sound out below or leave a voice message at:

Over half of German consumers now pay an average of over €30 a month for , & . This cost is over & above the licence fee paid for public TV & radio, plus the cost of a basic cable connection. Read more :

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It seems like streaming services might lead us back to the same format as cable, where there are so many streaming services, we pay for them in packages.


Spotify Removes XXXTENTACION & R. Kelly From Their Playlist: My Response

Kanye West makes history as ‘The Life of Pablo’ becomes the first streaming-only LP to go Platinum

Kanye West LP is the first streaming only album to earn a platinum certification.
The rappers seventh studio album has been certified by the RIAA following its release last February. In total, the record has been streamed over three billion times. It comes after it became the first streaming-only record to hit number one in the Billboard charts.
The musician made it clear that he would no longer be releasing music in CD form last year. His 18 track LP was only made available through Jay-Z’s streaming service TIDAL and Kanye stated that the album will never be available through Apple music.


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Really interesting discussion between the owner of a major record label and two representatives of global streaming services. It has given me a real clear insight to the problems within the music industry at this time. I have made detailed notes in my sketchbook picking out some important points that revolve around the issue of free music.

The streaming services say they need to offer the free services to build their user numbers however with on average only 25% of users being paying consumers to the streaming services there is not enough money being made to re invest in the music industry. The money made by streaming services is largely just making the investors of the services richer.

This means that the record companies are losing out on huge amounts of money. I know that people may think well why is this a problem? I don’t care about giving money to the big record labels surely they have enough as it is. However the problem these services have created is that there is not enough money being reinvested into the industry to help support up and coming new talent and also to release new music content, the record companies simply can’t afford it. This system is simply not sustainable and it is heading towards a problem where there will be limited amounts of music content provided on the streaming services and there will not be enough new content coming through. Essentially it is killing the industry and the diverse nature of music culture.

Research suggests that the users paying for streaming services are older users and the younger generation have a mindset where they won’t pay for music. I feel this gives me a clear target audience to focus on, I need to highlight the problem that the music industry is not currently sustainable and communicate this to the younger audience. I need to change their perceptions of seeing music as something that should be for free, hearing how this system is preventing new talent coming through really made me think there needs to be a change i need to communicate this to the audience.

What I have noticed is that many of the streaming services are all very similar in look in the services they offer and the prices, I feel there needs to be differentiation to encourage the younger audience to feel they want to pay for these services the system needs to be more tailored to each user.