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"You cannot cast a vision that has not cast a spell over you". -D.L.Gray

Gorgeous sunrise to begin our journey from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. Looking forward to facilitating a marketing leadership team from AsiaPac.

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so". ~William Shakespeare

Why the United States should rethink its notification . Breach numbness is a real problem. Most breaches are in headlines, not all breaches are equal, and consumers may be confused about which ones matter most.

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"Preservation of one´s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures". -Cesar Chávez

"Ungrateful people complain about the one thing you have not done for them. Do not waste your time on these people".

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cronchlord  asked:

My mother likes to say cause I'm autistic I'm a child and need to be taken care of even though I'm turning 20 in a month, that I can't live by myself abd won't ever be able to handle getting a job, yet constantly calls me lazy and complains that I don't have a job.

Sounds like she’s undermining your confidence so she can keep you around to abuse you longer. Very common tactic.

We as educators must take seriously our responsibility to create growth-mindset-friendly environments–where kids feel safe from judgment, where they understand that we believe in their potential to grow, and where they know that we are totally dedicated to collaborating with them on their learning. We are in the business of helping kids thrive, not finding reasons why they can’t.
—  Carol Dweck, from Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Come support our clients @nystreetsfootball this Monday @westchester_county_center #memorialday KIDS FREE!! This is a big game see u there! #slusatv
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This is exactly what a real homie supposed to do!!!!! #loyalty @unclemurda #ithitdifferent his marketing for this song is next level!!!! #video #viralvideo #videooftheday #unclemurda #streaming #marketing #marketingstrategy #viral #postoftheday #hiphop #rap #music #ny #djomegared #megamuzikmarketing #strategy #realfriend #popular #spamforspam (at East New York, Brooklyn)

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Probably The Hardest Game I Own - SimCity 4 - Foreman Plays Stuff
Gotta balance that budget. If you wanna see strategy with a bit more conflict, you can see me attempt to stop the unstoppable Canadian empire in Call To Powe...

How can it be this hard to make a beach?!


SpongeBob SquarePants to Teach Movie etiquette! SpongeBob SquarePants is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a creative fashion.

The creative team have rolled out a funny short about movie etiquette. The movie stars SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward.

The short movie will play before G and PG rated movies at Screenvision movie theaters around the United States from May 24 to August 29, 2019

So the next time you are at a theater, and not following the basic rules, the SpongeBob team will be there to help you :) 

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Tip #49: Clam Blitz pt. 2: Momentum and Dynamics

Meant to post this yesterday but somehow I never got to it so here is the weekly tip!

Clam Blitz is definitely the mode where you like or hate it and it is completely understandable. This is the mode where teamwork is most essential and we all know how this idea plays out in solo queue. It is possible to make the climb even in this game mode but it took me quite a while and several changes in my mindset to make it to Rank X in this mode. Throughout much experimentation and messing around in S+ I discovered and thought about several things I noticed that seemed to be true in my run in Clam Blitz, most notably that momentum is a huge contributing factor to who wins and who loses. With that, here are some tips that helped me get to the top:

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Reign of X (ROX)
A new deep strategy RPG on Steam PC

ROX is a rogue  like action RPG set in a medieval, high fantasy setting . You take control of the main protagonist, but as you progress through the game, you are able to unlock other heroes with different classes and abilities. You can also switch to these heroes to level them up.

The objective of the game is to train your heroes and then use them to take control of various areas of the map by defeating that region’s unique boss. Eventually you will take the whole world map, and this must all be done without dying.

Infinite West


Infinite West is a challenging, strategic puzzle game that is inspired by classic board games, such as Chess.


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