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Don't panic because Amazon introduced private label. Brands have competed with private label for decades in brick and mortar retail. 4 Myths about Amazon’s Private Label Brands |

As operational costs continue to grow, this might be the opportune time to review everything from driver compensation to fuel costs to insurance, tolls, permits etc.

The downside of not being emotionally aligned with your business: 1. Your team will be lost, 2. You make less optimal business decisions, 3. Your business becomes less memorable. [This 1 Exercise to Stay Aligned with Your Business]

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End Goals Strategy Tactics Techniques in the Martial Arts

Tip #27: Sub-Strafing

So in the last tip I mentioned that one of the things to practice if you wanted to level up your practice is Sub-Strafing. Thing is though I never mentioned how to practice this nor even what this tech is about. A new tech in Splatoon 2, Sub-Strafing allows the user to make extremely sharp changes in direction through using the cancel from holding your sub weapon. You can choose to hold your sub out to re-position yourself and get back to swimming but the primary use for this movement tech is to make extreme changes in direction without the penalty of having to suffer any slowdown from past momentum carried.

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