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"The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories + letting them be known."

The more specific you get, the more universal it is. It's a special alchemy of " Mara Wilson

She loved him, he loved her BUT Life Love Marriage Family Fun Stress Online sex obsession = Drama What would you do? Porn addiction A love story gone wrong Based on 8 women's intimate input, research, dreams &

The endless possibilities of a blank whiteboard. That’s how started. And it’s how I let myself dream a little bigger each time it gets wiped clean.

The exciting first instalment of a stunning Science Fiction mystery of compelling alien intrigue. Engaging and unpredictable! ✅

, uno de los teóricos más influyentes del siglo XXI lo dijo: "los buenos vendedores son los que cuentan historias..." Sábado 7 de setiembre, de 08:00 a 12:00 hs. en Consorcio CoWorks Contactá al: (0981) 148 607

were amazing Monday night at . Played Stoosh to death when I was at uni. Just love the lyrics! you were moving!

Can you tell a good story? My guess is you’ll say the answer is no. But the truth is, you’re a natural born storyteller. Here are six techniques you can use to master the art of storytelling:

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The most unbreakable bond.


That night:

I was having dinner with a friend and he went to bed but for some reason he didn’t wait for me to say goodnight… he just left the chat.

I couldn’t enjoy my dinner, pay attention to the conversation or look at my friend at all; I just wanted this whole ocean in between us to disappear so I can go to his house and silently slide within the bed sheets and feel the warm of his body, kiss him in the neck and wishoer him I the “I love you” he didn’t read.


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Conte pra gente quais os pontos de virada mais marcantes dos livros que você já leu. Você usaria algo semelhante na sua história?

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The Bandits’ Story - Part 3!

How you all enjoying the story thus far? Seems like Bjord and the gang still have some catching up to do especially with Ragnar and Floki trying to win Emina’s heart! Stay tuned for more coming soon! 


And then she was off in a hurry. Her father stood there dumbfounded touching his cheek. His daughter had grown up into a fine, young lady. He’d hoped that she would stay innocent and pure while Ragnar and Floki were here, but something told him in his gut that those two were up to no good. Bjord was absolutely sure of it.

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“Mama can we listen to your music before we sleep?”

“Okay baby, I’ll start with a song just for you, okay baby?” Rosi replied and Spencer nodded. She pressed play on her phone and played the song that she felt described her beautiful relationship with Spencer and softly sang it to him, “You are the only reason why I still believe that I could fly away, die today and leave this world in better hands, you are the hope that we will find a way, finally. You’re the reason I’m here, you make everything clear… If I’m not with you I am missing, if I’m not with you I will go to war all by myself. But you’re here & I’m still breathing.. Now I know what it’s like to miss things, now I know how to fall in love when I can’t love myself.


Always Thinking of You

I still remember their names
Every now and again
They come to me, regrets
Passion full kisses, I don’t remember which
Caresses now erased
Now longing for that touch
That gave me meaning to be
But no matter how many hands touch me
They will never be as elegant and eloquent as hers
Her nimble fingers on my neck
Her sweet fragrance in my lungs
Her swooning kisses, colliding teeth
I love you, I love you, I love you
With my head on your breasts
Speaking for me I wanted to die then and there
But that was impossible, unlikely
You who always fought to live
From when you were a little girl
To now as a radiant Goddess
Tempered by the fires of hell
You came out on top, every time
That is why I praise you
And still worship at your altar


On our trip in Bangkok, one of the nights while we were walking on the street heading back to our hotel, there were several garbage truck guys gestured one other to look my way and they started catcalling me. I hear them but I pretended I didn’t. And HE!, walking next to me looking at those guys and then back at me. Laughing! I said “What??” well obviously a little aggitated. He laughed again and teases me, you caught their attention. And I said, “It depends on what of attention I’m getting.” 😠

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hey im english but my granddad is irish and im writing a story with kinda modern versions of gaelic gods? i just wanted to ask if you know if theres any way i could accidentally offend somebodys culture or if no one believes in gaelic gods any more (this is probably dumb but i have no idea)

Per my Rules and Considerations, linked in the blog’s description and on most posts, I’m not the right resource for sensitivity and telling you if things are offensive or not.

In a general sense though, offensiveness typically comes from: disrespect, appropriation, and/or unfortunate implications (link embedded). Plenty of people have written “kinda modern” versions of many things without issues, but I can’t tell you where your specific stories stand because the true “scale of offensiveness” is incredibly context heavy.

Good luck with your work!


Thinking of asking a question? Please read the Rules and Considerations to make sure I’m the right resource, and check the Tag List to see if your question has already been asked. Also taking donations via Venmo Username: JustAWritingAid


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After Rosi walked Salim out of the house, she slumped herself down in her hallway and put her head in her hands, crying. She was disturbed by a concerned Spencer who tapped her shoulder and said, “Mummy? What’s wrong mummy?”

“Nothing baby, I’m okay. You should be in bed, Mr!” Rosi said and tried to sound cheerful but her tears were still coming from her eyes. She wiped them away quickly and Spencer placed his tiny hand on her face.

“Mama, please don’t cry.” Spencer said, “Did you have a bad dream? Cos I can sleep in bed wif you if you did.”

“Yes baby, I did. Okay, let’s go to bed together..” Rosi picked Spencer up and turned all of the lights off in the house except for her own room, she plopped Spencer down onto her bed first and tickled his little tummy a little bit, “Only for tonight okay baby? Just because I had a bad dream. Tomorrow you’re back in your bed, okay? Deals?”

“Deals mummy.” Spencer said, “I’m just here to protec you from bad dream!”


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people, please watch Summer Wars. Whether you like anime or not, if you’re interested in visual storytelling, this thing is a gold mine. I’ve been amazed by this movie ever since I watched it years ago, and I still am after recently watching it on Netflix.

Half of this movie takes place in a virtual world called Oz, the other half takes place in rural Japan. The design of Oz is colorful and quirky, as you would expect of artist Takahashi Murakami designing for an anime.

But what I really love is the gorgeous animation. Not only during the impressive fight scenes set in Oz, but especially those set in the offline world. You know that feeling when you watch a wonderfully animated scene and it captivates you even though it’s just a person yawning, or walking, or tripping? That’s how I feel the whole time watching this movie. I just want to watch these people talk and move and gesture even in the most mundane scenes.

So what’s it about? I won’t spoil anything, but I can tell you, this movie is packed with the widest variety of themes, plots and subplots. Do you know these movies where they cram in extra subplots to pad up a thin plot and it just doesn’t gel? This movie is the opposite. There are SO MANY subplots and different theme threads woven into this, it is amazing to watch how everything works together and gives even the smallest of side characters a mini arc without distracting from the main plot. Seriously, I’ve NEVER seen a movie that handles this wealth of different plots and themes, and still keeps it all together to form a very complex but still easy to follow story. tbh T*rantino is lacking in comparison.


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Please watch Summer Wars, it’s on Netflix!

Please watch Summer Wars, it’s on Netflix!


Pisces ♓️ Light Work 🌟 Reading for Summer 2019.

“You’re travelling to distant lands to begin your healing journey.”