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4 hours of sleep, coffee is my new bloodtype. Ready to go to work again (cry internaly)

Bienvenidos a La Planeta Culo! Coming in 2020, Episode One! “Mofo’s Planeta, Stories from East L.A. to the Milky Way”!

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"Books give us the panoramic spectrum of possibilities for encountering life in a new way." J. Michael <:Don't Forget to Visit BookCaste :>

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People , In The Process Of Showing Their EGO And Selfishness !! They'll Lose Their Character , Integrity , And Self-Respect !! Most Importantly , They'll Lose Themselves !!! . . . .

2nd favorite thing. “My friend and I are going to ‘play’ these stories at recess.” Just like I did as a kid!!! 😍😀

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Sometimes there are just so many good quotes from a client interview that a traditional “cutting edit” is the best way to get plus one hour script down to 5mins - getting there!

Hey, San Francisco! You need to see “My Mother Ate Eleanor Roosevelt” performed by Judith Rubin on February 7th at 7PM at St. Martin de Porres 225 Potrero St.

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→ LISTEN: #newsingle ‘Dark Secret’ on /Sienna the Anonymous - a country livin’, storytellin’, singer and songwriter.

There was once a merchant in the famous market at Baghdad. One day, he saw a stranger looking at him in surprise. And he knew that the stranger was Death. 

Pale and trembling, the merchant fled the marketplace and made his way many, many miles to the city of Samarra. For there he was sure Death could not find him. But when, at last, he came to Samarra, the merchant saw, waiting for him, the grim figure of Death.

‘Very well’, said the merchant. 'I give in. I am yours. But tell me, why did you look surprised when you saw me this morning in Baghdad?’

'Because,’ said Death, 'I had an appointment with you tonight, in Samarra.’

—  “The Six Thatchers”, Sherlock (Series 4: Episode 1), 2017
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Storyteller Lager


Storyteller is a Canadian brewed American style lager. This is a newer beer and I believe the only one they brew. It’s a nice crisp and smooth drinking beer with a nice balanced flavour. I can’t say there’s anything particularly special about it beyond that it’s a well made beer in a style that I enjoy. I also like the style, simple but well made, not fancy but not shoddy. 


silver-wield  asked:

Happy Storyteller Saturday!! What's something that frustrates you about character interactions?? How do you work through it??

Thanks for the ask! Sorry I’m a day late.

Sometimes characters will go off topic and want to have a conversation about stuff that is completely not important to any bit of plot. If it’s something small, I’ll try to keep it, because that’s organic to how people talk at times. If it’s a lot, I’ll mark it as something that can be cut once I hit the edit phase - it’s fun but not a driving force.

The Storytellers Daughter

The story tellers daughter was a retelling of Arabian nights, I am not going to lie I kept having the sing Arabian nights from Aladdin stuck in my head while reading this book. 

The book is about a girl named Shahrazad who tries to keep herself alive by telling her husband the King Shahrayar.

I have to admit I loved the fresh retelling of this story because you get to hear the backstory of what happened to the king and why he decided to kill his wife after only being married to her for one day. 

I liked how the author kept the fairy tale mindset for this book, it made it more colorful to read. I really don’t want to say anymore since I do not want to spoil the book for anyone. I would highly suggest reading this book it was a quick read for me and this is great for anyone who live re-telling of books. 

I would give this book 4.5/5 stars



(en San José, Costa Rica)

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whimsicallytwisted  asked:

Happy Storyteller Saturday! Has any of your characters been significantly changed by an event in their life? Which one and what was the event?

Thanks for the ask!

That’s spoilers! ;)

By the nature and plot of Illthdar, it’s a given that almost all the characters from earth had to grow significantly once they found themselves there.

For example: though they ended up coming in different ways, and coped with it differently, by the time Zercey and Vyxen meet, they are already a lot different to the people they were before. Being dropped into a hellhole with limited language skills, no one they know, and no easy way out is traumatic - no one can be expected to deal with that and not come through unchanged.

anonymous asked:

Happy Storyteller Saturday/ Which of your OCs can't be trusted on their own? Which OC can always be trusted on their own?

Thanks for the ask!

It largely depends on the situation, but for sure:

Seth and Vyxen cannot be left alone. For their own separate reasons, neither copes well without company. Seth due to his PTSD, Vyxen because she’s never been away from family for more than a day before Illthdar… Plus there is the fact that people tend to go missing when they are contained in a city teaming with creatures that like their prey to be bipedal.

Who can do well on their own is pretty easy to guess, with the aforementioned details - just about any Illthdarian knows how to avoid the biggest dangers. Lerki, who is used to travelling between his friends and his tribe on his own, has a lot of experience on this front.

raevenlywrites  asked:

Happy Storyteller Saturday! :P Which OC has a hard time sleeping before big events? Bonus: what sort of events keep them up?

Thanks for the ask!

When it comes to special events, no one gets more excited than Vyxen. If she’s not taking part, she lives vicariously through her friends.

When it comes to sleep in general, though, that problem is something Seth deals with due to the PTSD he got when he arrived on Illthdar - nightmares with replicating themes are a constant bedfellow.

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(What a damn epic and beautiful soul. 🕷🖤 #totalshivers #you keep doing you!)

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Storyteller: Grace Kalaiselvi