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More exploration for a past project! Generic runs are my kryptonite. The designs in grey were my first crack at exploring the character, the ones with a white bg are newer!

Subject matter experts are vital to the success of your project. Discover why.

out our Film Noir Unit projects. Can they beat the censors using shadows and careful cutting? ! – at Dalian American Internation School

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Subject matter experts are vital to the success of your project. Discover why.

Our popular evening course is now available to study during the day for 4 solid weeks! Boost your storyboarding skills

Which one is your preference? Which is a Better Tool: MS Word or MS PowerPoint?

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Thank you all again!🙏🙏✍✍✍ here are some Lambert sketches for upcoming pages just a small preview ✍🎨📖


Das Storyboard zur Entstehung der Maibaumschilder ist nun auch fertig. Jetzt kann es zum Osterbrunch gehen 😋 🐰 🍽

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So, die Schilder für den Maibaum sind um Druck. Jetzt geht es an die Planung der Veranstaltung. Es wird zünftig 🍻

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Hey everyone! Gonna be some delays in uploads 😨 started training at my new day job😨 so art will take a back seat till I get settled in. But don’t worry I’m still writing and drawing. It will just be longer stretches while I get settled in. Thank you all for following and enjoying it🙏🙏🙏🙏✍✍ I have a long story in mind so it will continue for at least 1 year✍

Being an artist is hard

I joined lots of social media channels last year while setting up ScarlettStories and I’ve started following lots of different creators, studios etc to find inspiration and (hopefully) find a job. It’s sad when I notice that some people find it difficult to get the jobs they want. It’s making them feel low and depressed and it’s so hard to see.

I went through a period myself where I really wasn’t feeling so good. Before I moved to London I was trying to find Illustration jobs/opportunities and it was practically impossible. As a graduate moving to a big city with no professional experience, it eventually got the the point where I had to find some work, even if it wasn’t Illustration based, I needed to pay the bills.

I ended up getting a nearly 7 year career in Marketing, which I’m still a part of to this day. The work caused me to put my art to one side. I felt no motivation in the evenings/weekend to draw, I used that time to recharge and replenish, the art was pushed to the side so much that I had almost forgotten about it. However (and this was a huge deal for me), last year I found myself in a situation where I needed to draw and I needed to draw soon. I won’t go in to too much detail as I still have moments now where it’s difficult, but a very motivational and wonderful friend of mine died and he was always a great supporter of my art. I made a promise to him and to myself that I would continue to draw and that I HAD to draw, because if I didn’t when I would be incredibly unhappy.

I did my Storyboarding Course and I quit working full time so I could concentrate on my art work. I know I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but I think it really helped my mental health all round (not forgetting a year and a half of councelling). I’ve got a nice balance now between my current Marketing job and my art time and I never regretted it.

I cut my hours drastically, I took a huge pay cut but it needed to be done. I have been very lucky to be in a situation where I could do this but not everybody will. It makes me sad seeing people who are unhappy in their situations, who find jobs just to pay the bills and then don’t have the energy to chase the dreams that they have. This won’t be the same for everyone, alot of people are more motivated than I was and I have a HUGE amount of respect for that, but my god, it’s very difficult all round to be an artist especially.

I had some motivation earlier. I do Yoga and I love it. Very soon I’m going to be doing Yoga Teacher Training and I could use this to help people. Yoga helped me MASSIVELY and I want to use it to help other people. I haven’t figured this out completely yet but I LOVE the idea of offering artists special sessions, sessions that will help them feel a bit better, even temporarily. As soon as I figure it out I’ll put the plan in to action. BRING IT ON.


ㅋㅋㅋ. 어머나! 이 나화는 너무 흥미있었어요. Now this kind of cartoon that would bring back traditional animation along with laughs courtesy of classic cartoon nostalgia. I hope you enjoy it as well. -Yongma Lee (이 용마) #애니메이션 #만화영화 #BobbyCrow #캐릭터 #그림 #미술 #연필 #Cartoon #Pencil #Animation #TraditionalAnimation #Animatics #drawing #storyboarding #만화 #이용마

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We’re starting an animation studio!!

A few of my friends and I are starting up an animation/creative media studio and I’m so excited. We’re a few weeks away from having the LLC and all the necessary program suites to officially start. We’re going to do a miniseries and mine was picked after we did the pitches! <and rolled a dice a couple of times lol> so look out for “Dream Team!!!” And follow Honey Melon Studios!

Twitter: @ HoneyMelonLLC

Instagram: @ honeymelonanimations

Tumblr: @honeymelonstudiosblog

Fb: Honey Melon Studios


More Storyboard work! This time we were given a clip of audio, a random location (a restaurant) and two characters (Go-Go and HoneyLemon from BH6!) to storyboard a shot-reverse-shot scene!! This is the first very rough pass but it was a LOT of panels. It was a lot of fun to do though!!

Also my professor still hasn’t given me the greenlight to do the second pass even though it’s due tomorrow at midnight but It’s Fine <:)


Hey ~ I know i’ve been gone for a long while. Kinda left after tumblr went through that huge purge of basically anyone whose ever drawn a booby 

Gonna just use this blog as a faux portfolio site for now - so heres the first of a few new posts: Character sketches I did for friends, @/alluveon and @/DenzelTrinidad over on twitter. Both their respective characters.

Wanted to focus on Storytelling in these, and i’m probably gonna try and do more sketches in this sb esq style moving forward. Stay tuned !


Rusty never changes…

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Here is page 15✍📖 an experiment with a different style of digital painting. Thank you all again for the follows, notes and reposts! 🙏📖✍ Just happy to be writing and drawing a fun story.