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You don't need to be victim - in any one story, you don't need to be the boss - in every story, you don't need to be the hero - all the time. The choice is yours!! You , your life, your

You don't need to be victim - in any one story, you don't need to be the boss - in every story, you don't need to be the hero - all the time. The choice is yours!! You , your life, your

Started a big New one 4ftx5ft. I’m going to add in geometric elements to this one as well as some neon. Her face is raw, no detail. Look closely

“Somebody gets into trouble, then gets out of it again. People love that . They never get tired of it.” – Kurt Vonnegut

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[] Dean (deantrbl) 20.02.19 "Me pegueee. Eu estarei aqui como convidado especial"

HE BROUGHT GENOCIDE AND SLAVERY 100 million would eventually die and the agony echoes on to the present day. One black man fought it from the start, though, and his will take your breath away. Click and read:  

We really love film & game music so we've curated a YouTube playlist just for you to learn more about this fascinating world!

Aktuelles "Glückshaube": Baby wird in intakter Fruchtblase geboren

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“At the time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I’d had a few different jobs.  I was at the employment office and they said, ‘Have you ever thought about funeral directing?’  ‘No’, I said.  Well…who has?  I’ll never forget my first day.  It was 5th November - Bonfire Night.  I was petrified; shaking in my boots.  What I hadn’t told anyone was that I was really squeamish.  I couldn’t stand the sight of blood.  I certainly couldn’t watch any horror movies or anything like that.  I didn’t know what I’d taken on.  But the fear soon dissipated as I started working.  I’ve been there 28 years.  In that time I’ve become comfortable with my own mortality and the mortality of people around me.  My mum passed a while back.  I was really close to her.  Even though it was difficult it helped me to adjust.  I do look at life in a different way.  We’re not promised tomorrow.  I embrace every moment.”

So I made a separate blog for a story that i inconsistently work on but have put too much of my time and energy into to just up and abandon it.

I don’t have a set deadline for when it will finally be ready cause I honestly don’t know.

But as I am a day dreamer I often think up premises I think are super fascinating, but I end up not going anywhere with them cause I don’t wanna get bogged down by more world building and lore crafting. So any ideas I come up with I’m just gonna post them here and if anyone else out there thinks they can do something with it, have at it.

Now this one has an actual name and a little bit more info on who the main character is. But that’s about it

The story is called Shadow and Light and its split up into 3 parts. Of Shadow and Light, Between Shadow and Light, and Above Shadow and Light.

The premise is about a 19 year old black college girl who suddenly finds that she has an angel and a demon sitting on her shoulders. No one but her can see them and like the cliche they’re based on, they give her advice and attempt to sway her decisions in certain directions.

But there’s more, whenever she so pleases she can access the powers of either of them, but whose power she can use depends on what she uses those powers for. Angelic powers can only be used for righteous acts and demonic powers can only be used for sinful acts. 

When dealing with drastic situations she can enter a super form wherein she is granted full access to the powers and abilities of the angel or demon in their entirety. The catch being that it only lasts for a few minutes, can only be done once per day, and when doing so she no longer has control. Control is instead given to either the angel or demon and while active she takes on a more combat ready form of the two.

For more info on the character I’d say she’s a STEM student and both of her parents are black. Beyond that, there’s not much else; not intentionally of course, I just never got around to actually working on this story (I’ve had it just lying around for damn near a year at this point)

I was super torn between making this a kind of generic battle anime or making it a deconstruction and social commentary. I think both could reasonably be done depending on the talent of the writer.

So there you go, I’m officially giving free reign to anyone who cares to literally do whatever they want with the premise. I just want to see it go… anywhere, which it wont if I stubbornly hold onto it.

Freedom in Death


He swung a meaty fist directly at my face and I ducked away, spinning over the sandy floor. He towered over me. The demon has overtaken him. Nothing is left of the person that I once knew. I dived at his waist, throwing him to the ground as I pressed my bloody hands into his throat. We’d already been fighting for too long.

I felt his breathing beneath me. His chest rose and fell heavily. His skin has turned blue, he doesn’t even look human anymore. I know I shouldn’t hesitate, that I should just kill him already, but I can’t do that. So instead I look at his deep red eyes and flaring nostrils, heaped on a neck that is twice as thick as a normal human neck.

He could crush me. Honestly, with my size, I’d barely be noticeable to him. So why? Why doesn’t he just throw me off and kill me? I haven’t been fighting that long, only for a few years and he has had decades to practice. He could destroy me. Deep within I hope that the person I knew is still somewhere inside, but I know the truth.

I’ve had to do this before. I draw the blackened metal dagger, still holding his throat, him oddly still. I can’t close my eyes for this one.

His throat parts easily beneath it, red and black blood flowing over my hands. And for a moment his eyes turn blue, the human not the demon looking at me. I hold back a sob.

He is free.


Its Hot and Lava is Everywhere || Tales of Berseria part 70

Pernahkah suatu waktu kamu merasa sudah sangat lelah dan kamu hanya ingin menumpahkan semua? Tapi kamu mengurungkan keinginanmu itu dan memilih untuk tetap membisu. Kenapa? Karena pemikiran dan perkataan orang lain kadang terdengar terlalu menyakitkan. Kamu takut dicap sok lemah, cari perhatian, tukang mengeluh dan sebagainya jika kamu mengatakan “aku lelah”. Meski sebenarnya kamu lebih dari lelah. Kamu lebih dari sekadar terluka. Kamu hancur. Dan akhirnya kamu dipaksa menikmati itu, sendiri.

You walk for what seems like hours before you stumble into the field. Across the garden a small wooden cottage catches your eye. There she is. People called her a witch, a devil, a mad whore who slaughtered the innocent for laughs. You called her a druid. Even as your town burned around you, you knew she wasn’t evil. You had encroached on her land, taken from her trees and slaughtered her herds to fuel your town’s expansion. Your attention falls to the roses between you and the cottage. They were so beautiful. Crimson as the blood dripping from your father as the rubble of your large home crushed him when she attacked. She was probably asleep in her cottage, but even if you tried to kill her she would easily overpower you, fertilizing her gardens with your flesh. Killing her wouldn’t get you your family, friends, or town back. You pull the tinderbox and flint from your coat and set them beside the rose bushes. Her font of power. The world had no place for druids anymore.

Submitted by @i-care-only-a-little

“I’m tried and I just want to go home!” Cried OC #1.

“Suck it up. We aren’t going home! We are going to war!” OC #2 yelled at OC #1 while he/she ran by.

OC #1 glared at OC #2. He/she stuck the middle finger up at him/her. He/she muttered a ‘fuck you’ at his/her friend.

“God I hate this war.”

“You would hate it a lot more if I wasn’t here!” OC #3 winked at OC #1.

“Fuck you!”

“No fuck me, ” OC #3 grabbed OC #1 by the collar and pulled him/her into a kiss.

“Will you two stop fucking on the battlefield and get a bloody fucking room!” OC #2 screamed at them.

In Today’s Magic Story...

The Ledger of Hidden Fortunes

Previoiusly on Return to Ravnica 3: Electric Boogaloo

And now it’s time for FINANCES!

  • I… I’m stunned. This is the first story I recall that has bullet points. Granted, my brain is sleep-deprived so I may not remember much, but… wow. I feel somewhat attacked.
  • Also, quickly looking through this story, it’s another one without a protagonist portrait. I’ll see if there’s one elsewhere in Magic Story Walkthrough.
  • Back to the story, from the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, Dhazo is the equivalent of April.
  • Public flogging’s an option in the Orzhov? If I were a troll (as in the race), of course I’d take out a loan! I’d just regenerate the pain away! Wooo!
  • You can get orzhov charms in blue gems with crystal? That’s waaay out of the color palette for Orzhov, but also really neat that we get to personalize guild symbols!
  • I think we should all agree that taking thrull face masks are a mistake. No matter how expensive they are, no one wants to see what’s underneath them.
  • I’m surprised the Orzhov don’t go through their ledgers meticulously. I’d expect them to be like Johnny Dollar, keeping track of their expenses to minimize costs and maximize profit.

    What do you mean ‘Nobody else listened to old radio shows when they were a kid?’
  • I mean, yeah, 30% is a bit much. But enough about that, let’s still break up the expenses!
    • 10% for defense and war management. Which is tacitly admitting that there’s a war going on.
    • 10% for ‘social ‘services’’. The first quotation is because I doubt the Orzhov have done anything charitable in both their lives and their unlives. The second quote is because they’re still going to charge for these services anyways.
    • 10% for – and this is the real kicker – compensation for Kaya & co’s time. Like, wow. I love you Kaya, but f*ck off. I know you gotta keep up appearances after you freed all those ghosts, but f*ck right off.
  • You may think this is overreacting, punishing a man for a random threat against Kaya, but this is Ravnica. He could join the Gruul. The Dimir. There are so many magic spells to get revenge, every threat has to be taken seriously. I’m starting to sympathize with the Azorius now…

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Monster Girl Imagine #424

You live underwater with a family of sharkmaids, who’ve been taking care of you ever since you got stranded in the middle of the ocean five years ago. You’ve fallen in love with the family’s oldest daughter who’s the same age as you, a strong and dependable woman who thinks of you as her best friend. When you asked her out one day, she immediately agreed before ferociously kissing you and practically squeezing the life out of you.

Cerita Murni #1

“Mas ini minum buatmu”, teriak Budi salah satu adik asuh di Rumah Singgah  

“MasyaAllah, terimakasih dik”, sahutnya sambil melempar senyum 

Singkat, namun ketulusan benar-benar mengalir dari percakapan ini. Mentari mulai berkemas mempersiapkan senja, sementara kamu berkemas untuk kembali dari Rumah Singgahmu.

Budi melihat binar lelah dari wajahnya yang tanpa aba-aba langsung dengan sigap memberi Minum sebagai tanda pelajaran hari ini selesai dan salam perpisahan. Dia masih saja terduduk letih sambari meminum dengan tenang. 

Murni yang mengamati dari kejauhan berucap “Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal” 

Entah apa yang ada dibenaknya, terjelas ia sangat mengagumi sosok pria itu yang dengan tenangnya menebar benih kebaikan. 

“Sampai kapan aku akan menahan ini, aku takut ini salah satu campur tangan syaitan” gumamnya dalam hati. 

“Murni aku pamit, soalnya keburu adzan Magrib dan di Masjid At-Taqwa sudah ada adik-adik yang menanti” 

Murni terdiam tanpa jawaban 

“Hei mur, jangan melamun. Aku pamit duluan ya. Assalamu’alaikum”, dengan nada sedikit penekanan 

Sontak wanita itu kaget dan terbangun dari lamunan. “Eh…..hmmmm iyaa. Wa’alaikumsalam”

“Astaghfirullah, Mur jangan gini lagi plis udah capek kan hati”, ngomong sama diri sendiri


Buried deeply in her heart
A frozen stillness steals the light
Alas, alas, it’s not to be mend
No more than the fatal wounds should be tend


Her smiles if there may be any
Are carved to a surface of ivory
Her eyes are too blue, too wary
No care, no love, no worry


She walks as if time is long
But this, gentlemen, do her no wrong
If you ask her what her story may be
Hear me more and you shall see


In spring she fell in love
With flowers, deers and a dove
And not only them, do understand
But also a certain man


Sylvania, the woman be called
Be rich, wealthy, suffers not discord
Thought her love so great
Not to be refused so to be said


Yet this man, this fiend he
Did ignore her totally
Not tender words did he say
But cutting words did he lay


So poor Sylvania in dismay
Made up her mind to run away
Perhaps to attract the attention
Of he and his affection


Listen here and listen good
The plan went not how it should
Sylvania now a broken woman
No love she got, did she learned


The man she sought married in May
And whilst everyone was gay
Sylvania sat apart from the crowd
So quiet even the stream was loud


And so you see why she is
Cold, bitter seemed never at ease
Maybe another love would cure herself
And maybe you should try her yourself

Okay! So, concept art for The Musicians of Bremen; let’s start with the lead singer.

I’ve named him Adam Gabriel, but of course, he might get renamed. I don’t know if you can read my hand writing, but to the right of his head it says “lead singer” and “pirate”. However, I’ve already changed my mind and he is no longer a pirate. Just a simple sailor. He isn’t a captain or anyone important, but we’ll fix that soon enough. And just because we can, how about he sails in an airship? That’ll be fun.

Gabriel is quick and witty, and always ready to role with anything. He lacks good leadership, and is used to looking out only for himself, (being a sailor) but he’ll need to learn to lead a band, so I guess that’s one of his character flaws.

Also, I think that this story would work great In the same world as Kal-Heron’s story, so Gabriel is actually a citizen of the “French” region. The same region that Kal-Heron’s story is set in. But don’t worry, there’s a lot more to the world.