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"The 'hero's journey' collapses. But what other help is there? This is where starts" New on the Itch: "Notes Made While Reading: books for writers" incl The Virgin's Promise

Try not to cry watching this beautiful created by . A great reminder of the power has in content.

Thanks for the peptalk. I liked this idea: "The will look different tomorrow...The important thing is getting it down on the page, because that’s how the story starts to become whatever it’s going to become."

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takes us on an off-world adventure; it begins when a lone witness to a UFO sighting becomes an alien target. The farthest reaches of known space may not be far enough.

Internet dating is about looks or is it? What's inside is what counts, right? Check out the new internet dating "horror" on Candy's Monsters Timeless Tales page. This is not an ordinary date... FREE just for Fun!

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Hi, remember the art I did of jasper & lapis?

Well it was meant to be an essai for this cover hahah!

So as the title says this is for an AU I’m working on, idk when I’ll be airing new pages I don’t have a schedule for it cause I want to take it easy, as it’s something I actually do for fun ^^

As always enjoy ^^

[RF] Break In

“Ah, so you’ve made yourself some coffee as well”. Henry exclaimed lightly resting the butt of his shotgun against the wooden floor. Sneaking a grin by the corner of his lips Philip raised his sad eyes to see his breath in the chilly air. “Those coffee beans were the only thing I could access here”, Philip said, lowering his eyes to the table, slowly straightening the sleeves of his trucker jacket. “I don’t think so”, Henry cut in sharply, “you’re at the breakfast table, aren’t you”, “And the locks had been changed. I used the trapdoor, which brings me to Cherry! What ever happened to her”, “She wouldn’t have barked at you though”, “That’s not what I asked”, Henry found Philip’s stare piercing into his hollow remains. “Bear. A bear, is what the officers made of the carcass in the woods”. “Strange”, “Hmm… but what brings you here after all these months, and why here”, “This once used to be my home, you know”, “And I think you’ve now noticed that the safe combination isn’t the same anymore”, “I hadn’t noticed”, Philip said, getting up to pour a cup for Henry, “want some rum in it”, “Sure”. Slipping the hipflask back into his jacket’s chest pocket after emptying it, Philip placed the cup on the table, pulling out the wobbly wooden chair for his old friend. “I don’t get it, you broke in, have been on the run for months without a job with your face on police posters across the country and didn’t check the safe after breaking in”, “Does a man return home to run”, “This isn’t home. Not yours. Not anymore, but I don’t get it – is this an admission of guilt”, “After all the evidence they have on me for the murders, I guess nobody needs an admission from me anymore… I just wanted some coffee”, “In that case, let me inform you that I’d already called the authorities when I heard the plates clattering, so they’ll be here any minute”, “May I at least finish my coffee, or do I take it out like the patrolmen that were after me for these months”, Philip chuckled. “You decide”, Henry said, finishing his cup in a gulp and getting off his chair. Placing the empty mug on the table, Philip quietly got up and turned towards the stairs abruptly. “Where do you think you’re going”, “To get dressed… You know, after that call, outside, I’m just going to be a dead man and since I won’t have a funeral director, I guess I’ll dress for the occasion myself”, he said with a childlike smile, climbing the stairs to the closet which had his white Harrington jacket tucked away along with the pair of olive suede shoes he’d been gifted by his mother on his last birthday. Walking down the porch onto the snow covered yard that stretched into a raw road nestled in the woods, all he begged for was that one gunshot from the police that were probably behind some of those barks to ambush him. No arrests. He didn’t want them when in about a minute he realised that there wasn’t anyone around. No sign of the police, no cars. Not even a moose. Just Henry with his shotgun in the porch. While Philip’s blood froze in their tracks whilst seeping down the tracks he’d covered, just like Cherry’s blood on Henry’s new canvas drying in the garage, Henry swiftly walked shut the screen-door to unlock his safe which just had a piece of folded paper in it: A police poster with a fifty thousand dollar bounty on Henry Martin.

 - Anirban Chakroborti 
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Cutting Trees

 Jack was a second-generation lumberer, to him trees stood so that they could fall. Jack would take his ax to the wood knowing that once that tree fell, it would no longer be. Jack noticed the efforts of his work, the wood dust on his arms and the sweat on his brow. Jack enjoyed the sound trees made as they fell, his smile at the end of a day was a sure sign that his work was complete. One day Jack grew bored, he pulled his ax out of a tree and watched it fall, noticing a lack of spark in his soul. Jack looked at his ax, realizing, people are just like trees. 
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The House of Flies

“Where’s Mama?” she was four years old now, not out of the baby-talk phase.

“Mommy’s at home, sweetie”, I said, giving her little hand a gentle squeeze.

“I feel hurty again”

“I know, you’re sick, sweetie, but it won’t hurt much longer, I promise”

“Okay, but, how much longer?”

“Only fifteen minutes more, not long” I replied as we continued along a dusty, dirt road. I felt awful making her walk so far, the cancer was eating up her insides by now. It was amazing she could even walk at all.

Then I saw it. A small cottage set among the trees.

“We’re here”

“I – I’m scared”, she replied.

“Me too”

I walked her up the cracked paving slabs of the garden path. It was then I saw the flies, hundreds of them, their faint buzzing building into a crescendo hum as they crawled all over the structure.

“Shouldn’t we knock?” she asked innocently as we reached the front door.

“No, we don’t have to, not here”

Inside, sat in front of a roaring hearth, was an old woman. A roaring fire, yet I saw no smoke billowing from the chimney on our approach.

“I know why you’re here” she croaked, taking out a small, leather bound wallet. It contained surgical equipment.

“I don’t like her”, came the infant voice next to me. I shot her a look, silently chastising her rudeness. She groaned before speaking again, “where’s Mama?”

“I told you, sweetie, Mommy’s at home”

“I know, but – where’s Daddy?”

I shuddered.

“No more questions now, it’s time”.

We took a few steps towards the old woman.

“Such innocence, needless afflicted”, she rasped. I couldn’t see her face, but I could hear the smile on her voice.

“Sh-she doesn’t have long left” I said, my voice cracking up, “p-please help me”.

“Then give her here”

The girl looked up at her with pleading eyes, but still I pushed her towards the old woman. She took the little girl by the hand, whispered a few words over her, then reached into the wallet of surgical tools. Then, with one swift motion, she brought the blade of a scalpel across her throat.

I couldn’t watch. Not as she held the girl as the blood drained from her tiny body. Not as she cut off the parts she needed and ground them into mush in an old pestle and mortar.

When she was done, she clicked her fingers.


I took the stone bowl in my hands, brought it to my lips, and did as I was told.

I don’t feel anything anymore.

Not the pain of childhood abuse, nor the longing for the family I lost to the gun-obsessed loner who decided to go out with a bang. Not even the guilt of abducting a little girl from a family that loved her, even if she was doomed to die young.

I don’t feel a fucking thing anymore. And I love it.

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The lonely soldier. [RF]

Two years, six months, three days, and nine hours have passed since they have locked me up. I am still unsure of my crimes. No one here speaks anything that I can understand. The two toned colored walls taunt me as I walk down the corridors in this monolith structure. I have seen no viable passage of escape. Each door leading to an exit is covered by at least two sentry guards at all times. Visits are kept to a minimum. I havnt seen a familiar face since I was locked up in this pit of despair. Daily I am force fed disgusting mush that is barely passable as food, and no matter how hard I try to resist they always have a way to make you eat. Today I am stuck with a feeding tube. I’m strapped to my bed as they force inject me with nutrients to keep me alive. Why won’t they just kill me or let me die? I wouldn’t wish this torture on the damndest of souls. This place is making me lose my mind. People all around me are just going along with what they are doing to us here, but I know my people will come for me… .

 Three days later. The alarms are wailing. People in white uniform are scattering all across the buildings grounds in search of me. I finally made it. I subdued the guards at the doors and finally made it outside. Now all I need to do is rendezvous with my squadron and make it to the extraction point. I make it to the edge of the base when, what Is this? My son and daughter are approaching the lines? I yell for them to evacuate the premises and make it to cover, but it's too late. The men in white have found us. Now they have me stuck in a chair and are wheeling me back inside. I look at my children in disbelief. "How could you betray me?" I ask. They give out a small laugh and reassure me that everything was fine. I think to myself "how? How could they turn my own family against me?" I look to my daughter and gesture her to lend me an ear. I ask "why are you doing this? Was I not a good father? Did I not fight hard for our cause?" And she replied. "No, you were not a good father. You were the best. Now dad just let these nice men take you back to your room and get you fed. It's been a long day for you. Oh, I wish mom was here to help you, may she rest in piece." I was taken back by her words. How could she sympathise with the enemy? That's when she said it "Ok dad back into the home. I wish we could take you out of here but we can't risk your military delusions around the kids. You know we love you right? These men and women are here to care for you. Please let them." . . . . The next day. 

It’s been two years, six months, four days, and two hours since I had been captured… . .

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Throwing another lore dump into the void.


The Redsands are Velociraptor mongoliensis, as are a staggering majority of packs that roam (or roamed) the Gobi. They reside in a canyon carved by an ancient, long-gone river from ruddy sandstone, though as a ruthlessly expansionist society, their territory spans red dunes and forbidding cracked-earth plains. Their territory is punishingly hot and arid, more so than usual, and so the raptors lack the thick, insulating plumage of their highland cousins. The Redsands in particular have feathery coats that are blahally thinner than those of other V. mongoliensis packs, though this has not done anything to lessen their full covering of avian plumes.

The feathers of the Redsands closely resemble their habitat. Reds, browns, tawny, and sandy tones are most common, typically accompanied by stripes and speckles. A male’s display feathers are commonly red, though recessive blue primaries have been known to show up in some—Kaire, for example. This trait is not seen as very desirable due to how blue sticks out so prominently against the shifting sands.


Redsands females are, like their sisters to the crags of the east, duller than males. They also tend toward the darker side as far as their plumage goes, which makes them valuable assets in any nocturnal ambush. They are somewhat larger than males and possess more down beneath their surface feathers for the purpose of insulating eggs. The communal nesting practices of the Redsands, however, mean males will occasionally be subjected to brooding responsibilities as well.


Sexual dimorphism is not as prevalent in the Redsands and neighboring packs as it is in the Skyrunners. Males are generally dull as well, though they can be picked out by their flashy primaries, tails, and occasional bright markings. They are generally leaner, smaller, and more socially oriented than females, which has led them to overwhelmingly gravitate toward the “hunter” rank.


The Redsands operate by a strict social hierarchy:

Eyes: Two Eyes exist, the Eye of the Field and the Eye of the Hunt. The name of the rank is derived from the concept that these two raptors are tasked with vigilantly watching over their packmates and overseeing daily responsibilities to ensure they are carried out as smoothly as possible. It is the highest rank, and one Eye is elected from the ranks of each standard position (below). They are meant to respesent the interests of these lower ranks and are re-elected every Rain—a unit of time equivalent to thirty moons (about 2 ½ years).

The Eye of the Field is chosen by the sharpclaws and oversees guard rotations, patrols, battle strategy, and wartime affairs. Deals with interpack relationships and is considered the final authority when it comes to declaring war. Manages proxies, raptors who govern faraway conquered packs in place of the Eyes.

The Eye of the Hunt is chosen by the hunters and oversees the organization of hunting parties, the drawing of borders, the food supply, and domestic affairs. Can declare states of emergency and has the authority to withdraw war parties if the situation back at home is too dire to spare warriors.

The decorative “paint” they wear is donned only on formal occasions, as it is produced by wetting clay. Since water is scarce, it is an inconvenience to make.

Hunter: Pretty self-explanatory. They hunt. Primarily male, as males have the suitable build and social flexibility for the task.

Sharpclaw: Warriors, soldiers, whatever you’d like to call them. Duties range from camp- and nest-guarding to patrols to full-out battle. Traditionally often female. Males have been increasingly accepted into their ranks as the war against the Skyrunners grows more intense, to the point where about half can be counted as male.

Firstclaw: Fledglings in the process of being educated in the ways of the pack; hunting, battle tactics, culture, laws, and so on. Their education is a communal effort. It takes a full rain or until they have physically matured to rise to either hunter or sharpclaw; while firstclaws will have some say in which rank they would rather assume, it is ultimately up to the Eyes representing those respective ranks (firstclaws are promoted just prior to the cycling out of the previous Eyes and the election of new ones).

Fledgling: Raptor chicks capable of taking care of themselves but not yet old enough to begin training. Affectionately called keiri-ki, “little wings,” in archaic raptorspeak.

Hatchling: Young chicks who still need to be under the constant supervision of the pack. Cannot feed themselves and must remain within their nests.


Everyone struggles with big choices, things that’ll impact them forever. But you have no trouble at all. Not because you can see the future or anything but because all the choices you make impact others, not yourself.

-Mod Katie @Lovelykat23 on Instagram 


The forest seemingly went on forever and ever, anyone who entered never left or was heard of again. Once you enter you wander for days. That is until you find the reason that no one ever leaves. The fairies.

-Mod Katie @Lovelykat23 on Instagram 


While the girls were off in Canterlot, Discord and the others had appeared in Las Pegasus.

Discord: See, I told you this would beat train travel.

Shining: I guess you were right there.


Discord: So this is Las Pegasus, huh?

Big Mac: Eeyup.

Spike: Remember fellas! Whatever happens in Las Pegasus, stays in Las Pegasus!

Shining: Ah, come on, Spike. You know that’s not entirely true.


Spike: Well, I guess we’re going to put that statement to the test. Come on, men! We’ve got some partying to do!

Both Big Mac and Shining Armor cheered as they followed Spike. Discord wasn’t too far behind, but he was still a little nervous about the area. He hadn’t exactly been in a place this big with this many ponies, especially without Keira. Even so, he was determined to have a good night with the guys.

Fantoonz Lore:

There is a world out there that many people don’t know about. It’s called the Fandomated World, a world where many creatures come to life, human or not. Most people and creatures that end up in this world have no memory of how they got there. Only a select amount of characters come here, so only them from their respective universes are shown, and thus, others from their universe aren’t existent in this world. There’s no escape from this world, meaning that once you’re here, you’re here forever, and you’ll never age past your 16th birthday, if you are human, and any other creature never ages once they come here. But, that doesn’t mean that your birthday won’t be celebrated. There’s also no sense of death in this world. This world is basically a tooniverse, where there’s no concept of aging or death.



She needed the reminder okay. She was so quick to use her own fucking experiences but couldn’t for two second imagine if it was her bringing home one of her two dogs? Any pet owner would’ve been livid. She acted like she was soooo above it and wouldn’t dare react in such a way. Like fuck off

So yes her response I love it


How did I not understand what she said? She flip flopped back and forth on her opinion and should’ve stopped when she was ahead multiple times but yes I toats just didn’t understand. And clearly you do need the moral code honey since your morals can’t put you in another pet owners situation.

RIGHTEOUS that was my favourite. She has the nerve to say I’m so convinced in my beliefs that other people are wrong… yeah like I said fucking hella ironic since she’s the one who literally spoke her piece then dipped when I rebutted with a bunch of other shit because it contradicted her opinion.

Rude & insulting we’re good too though. Like hunny just because you don’t agree with what I said doesn’t make it those things sorry to tell ya

Oh and the picking a side thing. Like uhm no I did my research and evaluated the situation and made an opinion on it based on that. But meanwhile she uses her own experiences and flip flops between opinions so gosh I must be making my decision based on zero evidence if she doesn’t have a solid opinion right?

MISUNDERSTANDING. No it’s not a misunderstanding when somebody has a different opinion than your own. Maybe on your MF end but not in general no.

Final clap back (which I hope she saw bc she fucking deleted me after her last Comment - like lol side bar: you can’t delete people out of a court room or end the debate/discussion either just because your client can’t figure out their side of the story or the other attorney makes critical points against your own. Is she gunna tell the judge and jury they’re righteous too when they vote against her or don’t give her the verdict she wants? Once again, grow THE FUCK up

Final clap



I stand by it. She should refrain from commenting her opinion on peoples shit if she’s just going to run away when somebody debates her back.

My favourite is still the righteous. Like how you honestly gunna tell me I think everybody else is wrong while simultaneously shutting me down and ending the convo because YOU THINK IM FUCKING WRONG. Like her hypocrisy during the whole thing was astounding.

Anyways thanks for sticking through it with me.

This has been fun

Meet the Melrose #59

Adrian, our doctor, became an elder in the middle of helping Nilya give birth to Nami’s son, and for quite a while the whole process was completely halted. We panicked so much we went out of our way to make him young again, to avoid losing the kid. It somehow worked, thankfully, but it was such a bad experience we decided to punish him by having him become the next donor. We’re even tempted to have him remain young for the rest of Nilya’s life, forever cursed with dealing with her pregnancies, but we don’t like him that much, so we’ll see.

Baby Count: 11/100

Hey I’m bored so take one of my main ocs noodle enjoy ^^ also it features @hanahathefluffydragon oc Hana and my other oc Star :D

Noodles backstory

To give you a small bit of context to make this all make sense, in this world kitsune’s are the most respected species. They have the charm and luck and watch over the rich families they are pretty much royalty but somewhere during the reign of the kitsunes a new hybrid was born these are the wolf kitsunes. They aren’t as powerful as the kitsunes but they did have the longer life span. All the wolf kitsunes were sent to lots of poor families to give them a bit of hope but if the family becomes extremely broke or desperate for money the kitsunes must do whatever they can to make sure that they can live even if it means selling one of their children vases to protect the family. This tradition has lived on for hundreds of years which brings us here.

On the 6th of October 20XX a new wolf kitsune was born to a desperate family of 4. Their name was Karina, Karina lived a rough life since the family their parents were watching over didn’t have enough food to feed them which reflected on the wolf kitsunes. They ended up becoming thin and always hungry and never got enough to eat for a growing kitsune but things got worse for the two families..

Karina father was always getting angry and screaming at the young hybrid saying how they were just bad luck. The father of the human family started drinking and waisted all the remaining money on that. This set a massive toll on Karina since they just felt horrible all of this time since they couldn’t do anything to help until one night. Karina was four and their first tail was almost fully grown the kitsune family were in their house asleep when all of a sudden 2 figures appeared at the door of the human family.

They had funny hats on with bizarre outfits. They claimed to this family that if they trade one of the families kitsunes then they will get all the money they would ever need. At this time the kitsune family was over hearing all this terrified but if it means that the family will become richer they will allow Karina to be sold. Karina was terrified about all this trying to break free but it was useless the trade was done and now Karina has a new owner. That owner was the leader of the Katune cult.

Once the two figures arrived back to the cult grounds they presented the vase that Karina was in. The leader of this cult demanded that the kitsune should come out of the vase to see them. Karina did hoping maybe they will care about them like their parents did once but how utterly wrong they were. Once the leader saw Karina they were disgusted

“A wolf kitsune?! I wanted a real one not one of these rip offs”

This hurt Karina a lot but they tried to hide the tears. The leader ordered the members to destroy the vase (if a kitsunes vase is destroyed they are bound to earth centuries and they can be effected by corruption and pain and scarring and their glowing and levitation disappeared ) making Karina forced to stay here and not hide in their vase. The glow which the kitsunes had disappeared from Karina and they fell to the ground in front of the leader

“Get out of my sight ok?” Noodle nods and runs away on all fours trying to escape but was stopped by a guard, and was thrown into the jail at the bottom of the cult for escaping. After being let out Noodle was forced to become a chef and cook for everyone as a punishment and was forced to do everyone’s tasks for them. This lasted for years and evertime noodle forgot to do something they would either get burnt by hot coals or scratched slowly by a sharp object. This left noodle covered in scars and burns but they tried to hid them in their fur.

One day when Noodle managed to do everything before nightfall. They fought of studying the books in the cult library to maybe learn more about this place since they are still learning everything about this place. This was the night were noodle learned about the elemental beasts of the world and the crown and staff which the leader dawned. So they planned out how to defeat this leader and take this power for their own. All they want is revenge on this guy for taking everything away from them.

The next day Noodle was cooking noodles for the members and accidentally knocks in some chemicals which they were working on as well. Out of panic. Noodle served the noodles and put some in their hat for safe keeping. And to noodles surprise everyone loved them and called them their true leader. This scared noodle so they picked up their hat and dashed since people were under noodles control for a few minutes they managed to escape with ease

Noodle finally being free they kinda forgot that they were a kitsune since they were forced to walk and talk like humans did so it took them a few minutes to get used to running on all fours again. After constant running they overheard some things talking so they started to listen in.

It ended up being a wolf called star and their sister Nova reuniting for the first time. Which noodle put this to their advantage if they can convince these wolves to help them take over the crown then noodle will have revenge. The young wolf kitsune ran over to the other wolves and begged them for their help

“my family is trapped in a temple can you help me please!” Star seemed a bit reluctant but after novas convincing they agreed to help.

Noodle offered them the noodles they made earlier to the wolves because they seemed hungry so they both ate them and the effects kicked in again. Noodle chuckled as they knew that this will work. Hopefully.. after a day of running back it was night fall most of the members were asleep Noodle hunter to the mind controlled nova and star to sneak in with them past the guards and into the throne room where noodle knew that the leader will be their and to their surprise they were.

“Welcome back Noodle here for your punishment” noodle shakes their head and orders an attack on the man “ No I want revenge” Noodle lunges in with the other wolves beating and nearly killing the Man. The leader was bleeding heavily “why..why did you do this?” Noodle chuckles taking the crown and staff off of him “revenge.”

“At long last it’s finally mine” Noodle sits on the throne placing the crown on their head and a glow happened after the glow ended Noodle felt different. More powerful. And wanting more revenge. The two wolves collapsed on the ground then waking up confused. Noodle cleared their voice and chuckles “Welcome friends to Noodle cult!”

Star looks around confused and annoyed “Why are we in the Katune cult ground”

Noodle just chuckled “This is Men sūpukaruto now and Noodle must thank you two for making this noodles reality!”

“No …I won’t accept that…” Star says nearly in tears

“Puhuhu Noodle should thank you so Noodle is offering you a deal” Noodle says in a cunning tone “ Noodle offers you to join noodles cult or become a sacrifice take your pick” a reluctant star refuses but nova agrees to join noodle. “Good child now eat up these noodles and as for you Star..Guards take noodles sacrifice downstairs” the guards were confused but they saw noodle had the crown so they agreed.After transforming Nova to fit the cult and sending them to their room Noodle sits down chuckling. The old Karina is long gone now it’s just the husk of noodle which remains.

The next day Noodle was woken up with some bad news.. Star managed to escape and is on the run but that didn’t bother noodle that much. They wanted more power. More revenge so they made it their goal to gain as many members as they could. Years went by Nova was gone she never returned from noodles mission but while on the look out for new members to bribe. Noodle sees someone heading to a small village after failing to convince them, noodle runs after them to find that this small village was a cult too.

After befriending the leader called Evan noodle finally felt that someone cared about them. They finally had a true friend which wasn’t under their control. Them and Evan became really close until one day. A war broke out between cults which caused Nearly all cult to die. Fortunately Noodle survived along with their cult but unfortunately Evans cult didn’t which tore noodle and made them even more angry than they already were. They wanted revenge on life for taking away their only friend and nothing was gonna stop them. No one will even if they had to hurt people and their loved ones they will.

As the years went by reports of missing and murdered people rose to an all time high Noodle was the source of evil their body was corrupt they showed no remorse tricking and killing thousands every year their cult was the biggest threat to nearly everyone..all apart from one person Star. Noodle knew that star would come back for revenge so noodle came up with a cunning plan a plan so foolproof that it wouldn’t fail.

Noodles plan was to lure star in and make them join them to take over this world for good but Noodle realised that Star would need to be baited in they could use nova again but that would be obvious so Noodle sent out a few spies to go find someone that star cared about. It took a few days but the spies reported back to Noodle that Star had a love interest called Hana “perfect” noodle says chuckling “Get Hana here now i have an offer for her” the spies nodded and went off to to their mission

The next day the spies returned with the fast asleep Hana in a small cage for easy transport. A few minutes later the sleeping hana is awaken startled and confused “Welcome hana! Do you know why your here”

Hana shakes her head “n-no..” Noodle smiles swaying their two tails. “Noodle has an offer for Hana for her and starlight to be in paradise together” Hana looked confused “Paradise?” Noodle causally explains to Hana how being in noodles paradise will make you happier.

“If it makes me and star happy..then what do you need me to do?” Noodle chuckles “All you need to do is eat those noodles and the rest will be explained later” Hana nods and willingly eats the noodles. Noodle smiles and takes the mind altered Hana to start he transformation.

After a long process and a bit of wish making Hana was ready since she was now a goddess under noodles rule. Now noodle only needed star under their wing and give them a boost in power then the final part of the plan was a go. The next day Hana was sent for their mission. The mission to lure star in and get the thing they wanted. That thing was the goddesses hybrid flower. The goddess hybrid flower was one of the most powerful things a mortal could own it could heal anyone in the entire world but if it falls into the wrong hands it can cause someone to become a mindless zombie to its caster forever

After a day Hana returned back to the temple with star closely following. Hana kneeled down beside noodle as part of their orders. Noodle welcomed star back but star wasn’t happy “HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO HANA FIRST MY SISTER NOW HER” star screamed at noodle “Calm ok noodle is sorry so noodle will make you and Hana go to paradise together and make you like Hana! Just eat noodles noodles then everything will be ok”

Star being reluctant agrees if it makes Hana happy so after eating them Star put on a facade to keep noodle happy, since noodle forgot to add the chemicals in.

Noodle not having a clue did the transformation with star but Hana didn’t feel right about it. The fact that Hana lied to her lover to get them here was too much for her. After the crowning of star noodle took the amulet star was wearing and left them in peace for a few minutes. Noodle wasn’t expecting star and Hana to be plotting against them so when they got back in they were surprised how loyal they were to them.

Noodle smiles as they started to constantly bow and praise the young kitsune. They agreed to themselves that after this part is over Noodle will let them leave since they could intervene with their plans “Ok noodle wants you guys to hold hands and think about each other! Then you are free to go to paradise!” They both nod doing what noodle said. They started to glow and after a few minutes of this the goddess hybrid flower was made. Noodle thanked the two removed their memories of what happened and sent them far away so they wouldn’t intervene.

With this power Noodle managed to set it up for the mindless zombies and with the help of their engineers a mech suit was made (noodle had been planning this for a while) and with noodle inside their plan for world domination started they were approaching the village destroying trees as they walked but all of a sudden two figures appeared. It was star and Hana. “You…Why are you here I thought you guys will be happy and leave me alone” star shook their head ready to fight but a bit confused “what do you mean” they said “you don’t remember your creator?” Noodle states

“Creator…?” Hana says confused “Oh yeah I gave you your powers and thanks to that flower you guys made for me I am gonna TAKE OVER NO ONE CAN STOP ME” With a few quick movements Star was picked up by Noodle. “Couldn’t you see Noodle wanted the best for you so Noodle will give Hana a choice! Join noodle and we will rule together or I’ll make Star noodles mindless zombie”

Hana was furious “YOU LIED TO US TO GET PERSONAL GAIN HOW COULD YOU THIS WAS YOUR LAST MISTAKE… now you are gonna PAY!” Hana charging at noodles mech making star fall out of noodles grip. Noodle chuckles I did this for your benefit NOW YOU GO BACKSTABBING ME! Noodle looked down at the knocked out star “noodle will deal with you later” Noodle charged at Hana attacking her as she flew around “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING NOW LETS SEE WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT REMORSE AFTER I KILL YOU!” Noodle twitches with anger WhaT DO I KNOW ABOUT REMORSE?! WELL YOU TELL ME AFTER BEING RAISED HERE WITH CONSTANT BEATINGS HOW ELSE WAS I GONNA DO NOW LET ME WIN….LET Me…win… noodle started to shake and tear up

Hana stopped in her tracks confused. “Let…me win….for once in my life….I want someone…anyone to be proud of me….my family….Evan….please….just let me win…. Noodle was crying curled up in a ball screaming. Their previous scars and burns were visible. I….want to see my family again….I want someone to love me….for who I am….I just want a friend…

Hana stopped “friend…family… what do you mean?” Noodle explained what happened in the cult and how they arrived while crying in the mech seat. Hana flies up and breaks the glass of the mech seat and hugged the crying child. “It’s ok…it’s ok…” she says in a motherly tone “I forgive you…join us…we can be a family.” noodle sniffs “after everything I did…why are you….forgiving a mass murderer like me…” Hana went quiet her hands bloody from punching the glass “I don’t know….but I’m willing to put that in the past…” A remorseful Noodle climbed into Hana arms sniffling and still crying “thank you….Hana.. thanks for this….second chance at life….”

Hana smiles “enjoy it while it lasts and I’ll do the same..” they slowly float back down and the exhausted noodle and Hana were on the ground asleep. Star with all their strength left took the pair to safety and the cult which noodle ran was disbanded for now..

The end?