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Excited to appear on 's radio show at 11am ET today. We'll talk how to advance your , build a better and ! Listen in live:

So yesterday we passed 10k downloads since launched - our episode with pushed us over the milestone! Thank you all for listening, supporting, advising, participating in and promoting the show ✊

Good morning ! this my has netted an addition 1377 fresh new words revealing more of the

New - Some creatures are more rare than other. Some rule the ecosystem. And sometimes you see all three in one day! - Encounters: The Hat Trick - -

's — squares on Thursday, so mebbe now is a great time to start figurin' your COSTOOM. I plan to lead with a protective helmet & sum kinda blue cape. What about YOU?

お迎え完了&鑑賞会終了☺️💕 幸せすぎた🤤💕 みんなビュアル良すぎ、、 かっこいいし可愛いし天使👼💕 早く会いたい!!💜💛💗💚

YOU GOT THIS... No matter how old or how young. No matter if you have the experience or not, you can do this! Now lets get out there and show the world we can!

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Recording some final touches on ep 4! Narrator essentials: Cans, mic, computer, tea (or honey and lemon if you're serious). And you're always... Serious

STORYツアー申し込みがもうすぐ締め切りますね:( ;´꒳`;): そこで今からでも間に合う 当選確率🎫良席確率💺復活当選確率🎟up方法&一般繋がりやすい方法📞 を無償でお教え致します💖 💖か♻️か👤DM向かいます✋🏻

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Sean Regis Traynor is working on a drawing of his most recent trip to . He was there to check out a show he was in. . . . @milkmeinmymilksuit …

ज़माने के जिस दौर से हम गुज़र रहे हैं, अगर आप उससे वाकिफ़ नहीं हैं तो मेरे अफसाने पढ़िये और अगर आप इन अफसानों को बरदाश्त नहीं कर सकते तो इसका मतलब है कि ज़माना नाक़ाबिले-बरदाश्त है। Full available on

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By proxy

Each day is a little bit better.

I’m learning to cope without you. I’m training myself to remember the good times and focus on how we loved each other. This process brings tears to my eyes.

Each day is a little bit better.

The children will be fine. They’re young and you’ll be a distant memory. You’ve planned for our futures, and that thought brings tears to my eyes.

Each day is a little bit better.

From how we first met, to when we got married, to welcoming our children into the world, it will be so different without you. This future brings tears to my eyes.

“Each day is a little bit better,” she tells her therapist, exactly as practiced. She trained herself to cope properly by studying grieving widows. She maintained that she will be financially set by ensuring the legality of the will. She thought on their first encounter, their “I do’s”, and the children they raised thinking it’d save the relationship.

She planned and trained and maintained focus, and just as everyone always responded, “I’m so sorry for your loss. How are the children?”

Coping, she responded, while remembering to study grieving mothers of deceased children for future reference.

“We’re here for you.”

And now, almost free, I smile and say, “Thank you,” as this truly brings tears to my eyes.

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I Don't Know

The sink faucet was leaking, the sound of water dripping echoed in Liam’s ears. The awful noise sounding in his head over and over again, it was driving him insane.

He wanted to stop it, but nevertheless as much as he struggled the bounds on his hands and feet refused to budge.

Liam had no idea how long he had been there, but hunger and thirst slowly become more and more painful. His vision blurs and his head pounds as he listens to the horrible sound.

He was sorry, he didn’t mean to kill that woman. It had been dark and she was in all black, he had been tired… Liam would cry if he could the dripping water reminding him of the rain on that night, the night he crashed into a woman on the way home killing her.

Insanity slowly overtook him as he sat there alone and in the dark, that nightmare of a night replaying in his head along with that sound of water.

This was it, this was hell, this was his hell. He was going to sit in that agony, that pain, that sorrow, that guilt, in that deserted highway rest stop. The same one he’d taken his life in for all eternity, suffering forever in his perfect hell.

With that vile sound.

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[NF] Bachata and Sad Faces

Last night I made it to a Bachata class. I love dancing, always did and whenever I get a chance to do a free class, I’m in. It was a 20 minute bus ride, through the old communist streets with the old concrete buildings. I’m starting to dislike eastern/ central Europe more and more. Maybe it’s just the winter cold that’s making me think this way, but I’d rather be somewhere in Spain or Portugal learning the language and drinking wine.

The bus engine rumbles away as I get off, the smog of the exhaust fumes fog up the streets, it’s dark and grim outside. I take a breath and exhale and it’s like I just smoked a cigarette, “fucking pollution” I say to myself. I make my way to the Bachata class and go down near the Wisła river instead of the polluted streets, but I’m sure it doesn’t make a difference. I can see from a distance in the “Klasy Tańcza” building that it’s filled with people. I hesitate for a bit and question myself “What if those people don’t like me? I’m dressed like shit, they’re going to judge me”, but I notice my criticising mind and tell it to fuck off and go towards the entrance anyways.

I open the door, walk in. All these white Polish faces, all talking to one another. “It’s all good I say to myself”. I chat up three girls, busty brunette, two skinny blondies, “hey, you guys here for Bachata?” - “Yes, we are” in their broken Polish accents. “All alright. Is this the line for the tickets?” - “Yes, it is.” People are moving all about, going here and there. Eventually I get to the front and get my “free hour” ticket, and go towards the direction everyone else went. “Hey, is this the Bachata class?” asking another busty brunette. “Yep, right in here”.

The room is packed with people. Almost shoulder to shoulder. I find a place in the back and start moving my feet. “Jeden, dwa, trzy…” goes the young and gay looking male instructor. Making loud clapping noises and cracking ‘pretty’ funny jokes, but most people don’t react well to it. And again “Jeden, dwa, trzy…” The girls that I spoke to earlier enter the room, but there is no space. They pack in near me, but I know this shit won’t work so I cut in to the front corner where there is a bit of space, but no one wants to go there because it’s 'the front’.

Dancing goes on for a bit longer, we do a few spins and eventually another instructor enters and tells us we should move to a bigger room. We all pack out of the room one by one and into another twice the size. This one is better, and there is also a fan on the right side. “Okayyy, time to find a partner. Boys find yourself a lady”. I look around, and spot a few lonely girls in the corner and go over by them, I pick the small blondie. She’s wearing all black, black stocking, black skirt and black top, it’s a contrast to her pale colour.

The instructor has his assistant now, she’s a blondie with a good posture and a nice shape, but her face is pale and worn out, just like most of the women in the room. He’s more expressive and obnoxious than before, but I like it - he’s pretty funny. “Now look at your partner 'in the eyes’ and tell her everything will be okayyy”. I play along, tell my partner that “it’s going to be alright, you’ll be fine”, she giggles and we continue. A few more dumb jokes and eventually we get to the dancing.

From one partner to the next, we rotate in a circle. I feel a similar feeling in each woman, they’re need to be with someone. The older they are the more intense I feel this. Their tired pale eyes say it all. They’re like puppies, they just want some attention, and so I give it to them. I switch to a woman who’s in her 40’s, she’s excited but nervous. I take her hands and start doing the “jeden, dwa, trzy…” steps, I do a little spin and I could see her eyes light up, her hips move more freely, she’s loving it, she wants more. With each spin she gets more excited, it’s like 'finally’ after a whole week of work and rules she could let herself go, let her body express it’s desires, it was beautiful.

We rotate on and on, in each new partner I notice that they all just want to let go and enjoy this bit of freedom that they have, away from the eyes of their co workers, away from responsibilities. But, it’s not all joy, deep down their eyes tell me more, they tell me of a harsh world, of tireless days, of loneliness and wanting. We all feel a similar feeling, we all need to have someone, to touch someone, to look into someone’s eyes and be given a moment of acceptance. And so for that moment I give them what their souls seek so passionately.

The hour has gone, and it’s time to leave. I don’t feel good. I feel like something was taken from me. I could see that most people are clocking in for another hour, but I head straight for my jacket and leave. The fog engulfs the city, the cars pass me by and the cool winter air makes it feel like a spring night. As I walk towards the bus station I question whether I can live here any longer, “I don’t think” I say to myself.

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Sono solo Sfumature by CrisVola •

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Marty had a strange way of proving to me where he was during his late night outs

I work in a foster care home for young boys who have been abandoned by their parents. It can be a difficult job to do as the boys can misbehave but they are generally on their best behaviour. A couple of months ago we received a new lad to our care home, and he was only 15 years old. His name was marty and there was something different about him compared to the other boys. He never got along with any of them and didn’t seem to cause much trouble inside the care homes.

Marty caused most trouble outside of the care home and one of my job is to always make sure all the boys are in their beds by a certain time. Marty struggled with this and on his first week living with all of us, he was missing from the care home. As all the boys were in their beds marty had wondered out somewhere and no one knew where he was. He came back at 1 AM and I demanded to know where he was, and I was surprised by his honesty when he told me the exact place he was at.

He was in some random persons small house and he was so adamant to let me know that he told me a phone call would come to my phone and that I should answer it. My mobile started to ring, and it was the guy who Marty had stayed with at his house till 1 AM.

“yeah so Marty was in my house and he also shot me in my head. You should come over to my house to see that I have been shot in the head by Marty as proof of where he was till 1 AM” the man told me

Marty gave me a blank stare and I was given the address to this person’s house and the front door was open when I decided to check it out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped into this person house to see that there was a dead person with a bullet wound to his head. I finally believed that Marty was at this house. I went back the next day, to only see that the body had gone and the house completely empty, later that same day someone had boarded everything up.

Another time Marty had come back late from somewhere I needed to know where he was. He was in another person’s house and I received a phone call from a stranger telling me that he had been stabbed to death by Marty. He told me that I could check his house out to see if there was a body with stab wounds, as proof of Marty’s honesty of where he was.

I went to this stranger’s house to find another dead body and it had stab wounds and Marty phoned me just in that moment.

“see I told you I was at that house” Marty told me proudly

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[HR] The Gateman

This might be a bit too graphic, sorry if it is

It was 136 days since I first saw him. He was stood by the gate in the back garden, his hood almost reaching the top of the rusting metal arch. His cape was rippling, the leaves were being whipped around him, catching the light from the house when they hit the right angle but the cape was dark, a darkness that no light could escape, a blackness so deep you couldn’t tell where one piece of cloth ended and the other began. I could feel it though, the stare, drilling through my skin through my bones and deep into my soul. There weren’t any words, any feelings, emotions, anything that could convey the dread I felt as my hairs stood on end and my fingertips started to quiver. Turning i walked towards the front door.

Along the roads I saw other people and it started quietly at first. A hurried footstep here, a deadbolt being pulled there but when I turned onto the final road, the treeline a small black outline on a black sky in the distance, the horrors of the night had begun. Out of their houses they filtered, towards any gap they could find, between cars or walls, bins or trees and they started to mould themselves. Grabbing onto one side of the gap they arched their backs across their new thresholds, cracking their spines and breaking their legs, the skin ripped from the backs in strands it was attached to their calves as the heads and feet met on the far side. With the bars of flesh attached they hung there, blood pooling underneath the human gates as they gently swung in the air, attached only by the hinges their hands had become, the rusty creaking of iron instead became the small involuntary moan of air being pushed through a twisted body. Every gap had become a gate and through every soft fleshy bar he watched me as I worked my way through the maze, some having bitten the far side of their gap forcing me to find an unlocked path to the trees.

For days I walked through the forest, it seemed so untouched at first but I could still feel him staring, swivelling me head all day and all night trying to see him, until hunger came flooding through me and then I saw his handiwork again. Another gate half open between a tree and a boulder but this one was different, more appetising.

It had taken me a worryingly short amount of time from seeing the gate to pulling one of the squirrels free from one of the gate’s bars. I had chosen the fattest rodent I could from the selection that had formed this gate, each one biting into the leg or tail of the one above. The ones on the top were still soft and fluffy while the gate got redder the further towards the base you looked.

As I carried on he got to know me better, I could hear the animals scurrying together in front of me to form another gate before I even knew I was hungry. If I was thirsty there would be a row of gates to walk through until eventually I got to a stream where fish had been sculpted into a little gate in between the rocks that broke the surface, a little gate to open and drink through to show me where the cleanest water was. With each gate his work got better, they became more intricate and carefully planned until they became works of pure art, they were designed for me, to impress me, he wanted me to admire it.

On the 136th day I saw him again, through the biggest gate I had seen yet. A double gate this time, one made from the twisted carcasses of deer, all the flesh had been removed so it was a white gate, with the antlers attached along the top like the finishing flourishes on a grand sculpture, designed to loom over you to feel its presence. My eyes however were trained on him, into the void within the hood where I could feel his stare coming from. This is the moment I had been waiting for, this was my chance, I had to get answers, I couldn’t let him go without knowing.

“Why do you think I like gates so much?”

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The dark hallway.

“See you after school Amanda!”

My aunt Jenny waves at me as I am on my way to school. The school day goes by quickly along with the walk home. The school is only one and a half blocks from my house so it’s easier to just walk home instead of taking the long bus ride.

Getting home I walk in the front door and immediately take a left up the stairs into the long corridor where my room is at the end. My room wasn’t a large room. Small, cozy and messy with my makeup products flung around my nightstand and clothes on the floor.

“Amanda” my aunt yells from downstairs. I make my way downstairs to meet with her and find out what she wants. Only to find that she isn’t down stairs. Looking outside I notice that her car isn’t in the driveway.

“Amanda” the voice comes from right behind me.

I turn quickly to see nothing. No one in front of me. Turning around I ran up the stairs as fast as I could reaching the hallway. Through the long hallway there are four lights about fifteen feet apart. With one flick of the switch all the lights shatter. Glass falling onto the carpet floor.

The house goes dark. The hallway showing nothing but pitch black seeming to never have an end. The sound of dripping water echoes into the dark hallway. I feel paralyzed staring into the dark abyss.

A tingle rushes up my spine as my arms and legs go numb. My knees give out dropping me to the floor.


My head feels dizzy then a stinging pain rushes to my ears. I begin to crawl to what would only be my way out. My cellphone is in my room on my nightstand. The only way to get help… at the end of the dark abyss.


Crawling further my arms and legs suddenly feel stiff; with pain going up and down each limb. I turn my head… a scream rushes out of my lungs. Dark shadow smoke like hands cut and grip my legs and arms pulling me back as I try to get to my bedroom.

Through all the pain I reach my right hand up and claw my fingers into the carpet pulling with all my strength to get away. Ghostly claws reach up and grab my neck cutting the side of my throat leading down to my right shoulder.

Another scream leaves my chest as I struggle to get away. My eyesight begins to blur as my body gets more and more limp from the loss of my blood. Using up my last bit of strength I reach my hand up again desperately trying to separate myself from the shadow.

It catches my hand before I could claw my fingers in the carpet. With a single pull the shadow pulls my arm back behind me forcing my body to flip over resulting in my back against the floor. A hundred shadow hands face me leading from the ceiling.

Another scream leaves my body as all the hands simultaneously rush down with a stabbing motion towards me. Their claws at full length like steak knives getting ready to pierce flesh. The claws rip through my skin all over my body. Screaming with agonizing pain the hallway becomes darker.

Still screaming my voice begins to grow quiet as if it were running away into the distance. All the while my chest and throat feeling the screams leave me body.

The echo of my screams grow quieter and quieter until there is no sound. My vision get more and more blurred until it is nothing but darkness. The pain becomes less and less until there is no pain anymore.

I see nothing. I hear nothing. I feel nothing.



As I open my eyes I lay in my bed covered in sweat. Looking around everything is the same as it was before. With a sigh of relief I rest my head on my pillow once again.

“Amanda breakfast is ready.” my aunt Jenny calls from downstairs.

Just a nightmare.

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remembering fun shit

so i just remembered that when i was a kid there was this pharmacy my mother went to that was local to only that one location. it was in a pretty sketchy neighborhood but when my mother would go in she would lock me in the car without ac most of the time in 70-100 degree weather while i feared for my life that every person that passed the car was going to try to break into the car. this was a weekly occurrence.

also i need more medical supplies so i’ll ask my bio mom for some then and if she says no for any “i’m mad at you” reason than i get to leave here bc child neglect.

Remnants of Light ch 1 Embrace of Darkness

From her small room in the attic of an inn, Ruby could see past the neighbouring forests at the wide range of mountains, assured of where she was going next. She had heard rumors within the town of a land sacred to them where Grim fear to tread, where echoes of a past unfamiliar to them are heard and seen. This land stretched from the forest next to them all the way up the mountains and into part of the Sea of Souls, and at its deepest parts under the mountains was a structure referred to as the obelisk. There, people would make offerings to this black figure to appease it for its continued protection against the Grim. Ruby smiled at the thought of it as she climbed down from the attic and made her way to the dining area for breakfast. Something that could keep the Grim away and protect humanity, but from what Ozpin told her, he felt a very dark presence within that area and the closer he came to its core, the weaker he became. As much as Ozpin wanted to continue this investigation on his own, he would have to rely on a trusted ally to investigate for him. With Qrow off on an assignment, Ironwood dealing with Atlas politics and Glynda assisting him at Beacon, the only other person he could rely on was Ruby. Ruby thanked the innkeeper for her meal and just as she was walking out the door the innkeeper called out to Ruby, “Be careful out there huntress. The Grim may not tread those woods, but my grandfather was attacked by something worse!” The innkeeper paused, as if in deep thought before snapping their fingers, “He said it looked like something out of the darkest hells and the scream it let out still haunts him.” The innkeeper looked Ruby in the eye, “Huntress or not, traveling during the night can be very dangerous.” The innkeeper smiled brightly, “I’d hate to see someone so young and beautiful disappear without coming back for our festival tomorrow.” With those words in mind, Ruby made her way to the edge of town and into the forest, following the river that would lead her to the base of the mountains.

The hours quickly go by as Ruby travels along the water’s edge towards the mountains. Her thoughts wandering on what the rumors and legends could entail, but her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her scroll. Ruby checked to see if it was Ozpin or Qrow calling, but is surprised to see it was Yang calling her. She smiled faintly before answering it, “Hey sis! It’s been awhile, how’ve you been!? Woah! Hey watch it!” Ruby could hear music, fighting and most importantly an angry barkeeper yelling at people to calm down. ”Sooo, which bar are you burning to the ground this time?” Ruby said with a sly smile, Yang chuckled on the other end.

“Haha, very funny little sis.” Yang laughs.

“I try.“ Ruby replied looking at the approaching mountains and the unnatural feeling they gave her

“Sooo, I am not one to ‘worry’, but it has been a while since we last chatted. So I decided to give you a call. See how you are and what’s new.” Yang replied in an uneasy and worried tone.

“Oh, there’s no need to worry. It’s just that working for Ozpin and working with uncle Qrow keeps me pretty busy. You know how it is being a huntress, it’s a full time job and I know it seems like I’ve been distant bu-” before she could continue she heard a branch snap from behind her. She placed her hand on her scythe without drawing it, but keeping on guard. The wind picked up, leaves were being carried away; she hears rustling in the bushes.

“Ruby!” The scroll in Ruby’s hand continued to call out to her in a frantic tone.

“Yeah? Yeah, I’m here Yang. Sorry ‘bout that. I thought I heard something.” Replied Ruby, continuing her journey to the base of the mountain.

“What is it that Ozpin’s been having you do for the past three years!?” Yang’s voice sounded tired as she took a deep breath, “At first I was happy for you, but…” Ruby could hear the tapping of Yang’s prosthetic, “…but now I’ve watched as over the past three years you’ve been distancing yourself from me, from Weiss, even Penny.” There was a prolonged silence for a moment before Yang spoke again, “What’s so important that you would disappear for three years Ruby?” There was a drawn out silence for a long moment, Ruby continued to make her way towards the base of the mountain where the entrance was. “…Ruby?”

“I can’t tell you at the moment Yang, but after this I promise……I promise that we will spend some time together, like we used to. We can even try to get Penny and Weiss to come along.” Ruby heard Yang give a soft chuckle as she reached the base of the mountain where the opening of a cave could be seen.

“I’ll hold you to that …see you soon sis, stay safe.”

“I will.”

While Ruby tried to reassure her sister with confidence, all she could feel was dread. An unsettling pit formed at the bottom of Ruby’s stomach and it was pulling the rest of her body into it, her knees growing weak from the weight of it. There was something wrong with this place, whatever Ozpin felt she could feel. It surrounded her, the more she looked at the entrance the more she realized how pitch black the cave was, almost as though the light was being pushed out of the hollow cavern. Ruby looked around for something to light her way into the mountain’s opening and whether it be dumb luck or a mysterious coincidence, she finds an abandoned torch on the ground not far from the entrance. She lights it, but with each step she took towards the dark echoes began to whisper in her ears. The whispers were many and incoherent, they got louder and louder the closer she got until finally she reached it. This cave, this deep darkness was right in front of Ruby, the torch unable to light the inside of the entrance and the whispers, now turned screams of pain and agony, rung throughout the inside of her head. With all her courage, Ruby placed one foot inside the pitch black abyss and upon doing so the voices stopped. It was dead silent. “Well there’s no turning back now.” Ruby moved onward, leaving behind the light, treading deeper into the dark.

“it was a pleasant afternoon in the city. i was peacefully walking on the sidewalk thinking about the things i should put time on after doing my homework. my day is not the same without you. even though my life has been quiet since you left, i couldn’t help but to think about you sometimes. the thought of you makes me smile and wonder. what are doing this afternoon? i wish i could visit you but even your address is a mystery to me.”


words. words. words. more words. words. words. please distract me from feeling violently horrible. words. words. words. more words. words. words. i wish i could leave my bio family. words. words. words. more words. words. words. my skin burns and my insides are ill from them corrupting me. words. words. words. more words. words. words. if i die or call 911 then it’ll be over. words. words. words. more words. words. words. she’s going to act really nice so i don’t call 911. words. words. words. more words. words. words. she’ll never let me leave. words. words. words. more words. words. words. please help me. take me away from here. please. PLEASE! words. words. words. more words. words. words.