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We want to hear from you! Tell us what you would like others to know about Lewy Body Dementia.

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Table Squad stories


My boyfriend and I played the elaborate prank of “we had sex finally”

The squad finds out throughout the day with Brooklyn, Kitten, Burger, Cheezus, and Disney only finding out once lunch starts. Fireball is absent.

Disney and Brooklyn are panicking, whilst the others are congratulating me on becoming a woman.

I am questioned and I answer accordingly (yay for drama class this year!)

By the end of lunch I finally spill the beans that it was a prank.

Disney assaults my boyfriend with her 3-5 inches wedge heels on, chasing him back to gym, BITch attempts assault on me, but I am faster than her.

I really like when the way the villain is defeated directly contradicts their worldview, is just ironic, or is technically a product of their own actions

  • If their defeat contradicts their worldview, then the narrative is explicitly proving the villain wrong
  • If their defeat is ironic, well that’s just fun, and you could use the narrative to send a good message with that. Look at that LOTR post I just reblogged about how all the major villains believed they were destined to battle one character but ended up getting beaten by someone who they completely overlooked
  • If their defeat is a product of their own actions… well, while my own worldview is that the world is non-sentient and therefore doesn’t even care enough to be cruel, I still believe that people care, and in any case actions do have consequences whether “product of their own actions” means that their henchpeople abandon them because of how cruel the villain is, or that the villain gets blown up by their own doomsday device, that’s a great way to say “don’t do what this person does, it will not go well”

Writers of writeblr, what do you think of this kind of thing?

Just Up The Street: David’s Story

David is a walking, talking example of the transformation taking place in South Minneapolis. He remembers the brown vacant lot where the Colin Powell Center now sits. He recalls the run-down buildings on either side of Fourth Ave. He witnessed the violence and addiction that used to run rampant in the neighborhood. But, he chose a different path for himself, one of helping others, as he saw modeled at Urban Ventures.

When David was just 12 years old, he heard about the Hub, Urban Ventures’ youth center. It enthralled him and soon he was a regular presence. More than the skate park or peers, the compassionate staff and volunteers drew him in.

“Growing up in this neighborhood you didn’t expect support like this to be here,” he shares. “It was big for me to find somebody who cared, who would offer a listening ear.”

Both the neighborhood and life at home introduced plenty of challenges. “My mom worked hard, but raising six kids all by herself and working, it got to her. When you’re stretched thin, it makes your life stressful.”

The stretching led to breaking, and David found himself with no place to live and unsure who to call. He reached out to the one place he’d learned he could count on - Urban Ventures.

“I called my mentor, I was crying, I didn’t know where to go. He was on a date, but he came to get me. He brought his date with him and they picked me up.”

David’s mentor helped him find housing at a shelter and get the support he needed. “It took away the burden of ‘how do I pay for this’ and ‘where will I sleep tonight’ and let me focus on my school. I was so far behind, but graduated on time because I had the support I needed.”

Grateful for the support he was receiving, David wanted to pay it forward. An Urban Ventures staff member recalls, “Here’s this kid, living in a homeless shelter, who calls me up and says, ‘I want to help kids who have nothing this Christmas.’”

Soon, David was selling Urban Ventures coffee at his school, the local market, anywhere he and Urban Ventures staff could think of. He raised thousands of dollars and used it all to sponsor eight families that holiday season.

David lists Colin Powell among his inspirations, having had the opportunity to meet him when the Urban Ventures Colin Powell Center first opened. Years later, David would receive an “Emerging Leader” award from Colin Powell himself for his selfless work while living in the shelter.

From that recognition grew the sense of purpose David sensed within himself. “That’s why I do what I do now, which is work with vulnerable adults,” he explains. “It really gives me a sense of completion to help someone else.”

The Wolff family - Part 2

Years later the Wolff’s had moved into a new house since they needed an extra room for their now 12-year-old son Jake. Jake was in elementary school and was doing very good. He was considered by his teacher as the class best.

“Dear class, for Wednesday there will be no homework. I just want you to take down as many notes as possible so you can make a short presentation about the job of your parents” The teacher said looking at the students in front of her.

“Miss Goode, My mother can’t go to work this week, because she’s sick. Does it matter, if I got with my father instead? Questioned a brown-haired girl wearing a gray jacket.

“It’s okay Meena, it doesn’t matter” Responded Miss Goode earning a nod from the student. “Any more questions?” The gray-haired woman asked watching some of the students get up, while the ones, that were still sitting shook their heads. “Have a nice journey tomorrow” Miss Goode wished dismissing her class, watching them pack and make their way out of the classroom. 

“Bye Kari, see you on Wednesday,” Said the raven-haired boy, which was the son of the Wolff’s passing by the girl with the red blouse.  

“Bye Jake” Kari said watching Jake leave behind another classmate.

Morgana received in the evening a call from a work pal to change shifts with and she questioned her husband Thornton if he could take Jake with him to the work.

“Dear, I believe this will not work out. You signed the agreement after all” Thornton mentioned to his wife.

“Yes, but I think it doesn’t play a role, who of us is going to take Jake to the work”

“Are you sure?”

We could ask Jake if his teacher had said something about it?” Morgana asked looking from the living room at the kitchen, where they saw their son eating a bowl of cereals. The two parents walked at the kitchen observing the boy eating, then he looked up at the parents cleaning up his mouth with a paper serviette.

“Hi mother, hi father” Greeted Jake with a smile. “Is there something wrong?”

“Your mother told me, that she had to change shift with Jamie and the day she changed was tomorrow, where you and your mother were supposed to go together to work” Explained Thornton.

“Miss Goode told before at school Meena, that it didn’t mind if we would go with the other parent instead if the parent we are supposed to go would get sick or hurt,” Jake said. “If I can’t go with my mother, I can go with you, father”

“See, I told you,” Morgana said looking at her husband. “See it positive, you two can get to know each other better.

“You’re right, that’s a great idea, right son?” Asked Thornton not very pleased, then looked at Jake, which nodded in agreement.

“Sure thing, father”

The next day Thornton had arrived a half hour ago at his office. Jake wasn’t the only child inside the office, they were also two other children. He didn’t know their names but used to see them at the school during the breaks. One of the kids was named Mortimer, he sat on the other end of the room with his father, which was the senior manager in the insurance industries.  Near the boy was another desk with an Irish journalist writing an article about the day, the children could visit their parents at work.

Most of the co-workers of Thornton have kids, but most of them were already teenagers who didn’t need to visit this event. They could do an internship, which happens in a couple of weeks if wished. Others can get a part-time job in Sunset Valley or take a babysitting course to take care of toddlers, kids or babies when being called by a family.

Thornton was expecting to have a boring day along with his son, but what he didn’t expect was, that his son had got interested in his father’s job and activities he does in this job, 

“So they have to fill out a form, explaining how that accident happen. You receive that and read all of it, then he gets a certain percentage of money to pay the costs?” Asked Jake his father.

“Exactly. This case here, T.K….don’t forget, we have secrecy just like your mother has at her work. T.K broke a bone because she slipped on a wet floor and hit with her knee on the hard marble floor. We’ll pay her operation, her hospitalization and the gypsum, she has to wear for a few weeks. Appointments at the doctor can be paid by herself. Depending on the types of medicines some we can add, others the patient will have to pay for themselves”

“What types of medicaments would they have to pay by themselves?” Asked the son looking at his father.  

“I’ve got a list of if of which we can and which we can’t” Explained Thornton opening a separate file to show his son. “The ones in red the client has to pay and the other does our insurance”

“What is Sildenafil?” Questioned Jake looking at the list. “Example Viagra?”

“Uhm I tell you that, when you’re older, boy” Responded Thornton. “Oh crap, that will be my task in a few years”

“Ah I remember that,” Said the woman with a giggle, which sat on the other desk in front of Thornton and Jake. “When my son Parker hit puberty you had to see my husband. He had written down everything a few years ago when Parker was just around Jake’s age so that he was prepared for when the first symptoms had appeared”

“Maybe I could get some advice of him”

“Daddy has only failed about the girlfriend issues with Parker” The daughter of the woman added. 

“I really don’t like the fact your father didn’t speak with Parker in relation to women. I don’t like the fact, that every week he introduces us to a new girl,”

“Don’t want to be rude and interfere between you, but I think when he finds the right girl, this won’t be a problem anymore,” Thornton said earning a nod from the European descendant woman.

“We’ll see it,”

A while later, Thornton managed to finish some tasks together with his son. 

“Ah look, son, this is one is a good example to show you. C.U crashed with her hybrid against another car because on the road a deer had jumped on the road and to avoid roadkill, she crashed her car against a car, which was parked in front of the garage of the owner’s house. C.U got a slight concussion due to the car crash. A few days hospital and an examination. Do you think we cover that?”

“No, she caused an accident on purpose” Responded the child.

“Are you sure?” Asked Thornton earning a nod from the boy. “How do you think it’s that?

“Well, she left the road and crashed against a car”

“But why did she do that?” The father asked.

“To avoid the deer to get killed….right?” Questioned the boy a little bewildered earning a nod from his father.

“But why?” Jake asked confused. “He crashed against another car”

“This person had to react quickly to avoid hitting the deer and she had two choices. First, she crashes against a car coming from the left side with two drivers, second against the car she crashed, which was empty or….she choose to kill an innocent animal over harming his own car or someone else’s. When you crash like her against a car, you might just hurt yourself, but at least your saved that animal’s life. The cars can be repaired in a few hours by a mechanic, while an animal….well, he can’t be brought back to life” 

“Parker told me yesterday, he learned this from his teacher from the driving school,” Kaylynn said looking at her mother, which nodded at the girl while typing on her computer. 

“Oh that makes sense,” Jake said understanding, what the father explained him. “But what if both cars had have people sitting inside it? What would be the best thing to do?”  

“That’s a difficult question, but the best thing would be to do an emergency brake. You know, press the brake pedal down hard,”

“You’re really smart father, you know so many things, it’s amazing” Jake complimented his father making him smile a little.

Thornton started to feel strange around the boy. For the first time, he liked it, that Jake was here with him at the office. Thornton never imagined he would start to like Jake more than he expected to be. 

In the end of the day, the two Wolff’s made they way back home meeting on the outside Morgana Wolff, waiting for the two to arrive. 

“There you are,” Morgana said as the two arrived, then Jake went to hug his mother. “How was your day, Jake?

“It was really cool, mother” Responded Jake. “I learned so many things at his work, father even said I would do a great job if I would work there,” Jake said looking back at his father, which smiled a little at seeing the boy happy. 

“It really was a mint idea for him to come with me, I never thought I and Jake would get so close together” Thornton confessed to his wife, which smiled glady at her husband.

“That’s great to know, darling” The raven-haired woman responded with a smile.

“Thank you father, this was the best day of my life,” Jake said putting his arms around Thornton shrieking him. Thornton felt Jake’s forehead leaning on his chest, making Thornton smile warmly and get down to him placing his arms around the boy’s back caressing it to the joy of the child.

“Get in before the dinner gets cold,” Morgana warned the boys, then Jake quickly got into the house, followed by his mother and the father Thornton, that learned today to get his son better known and maybe his opinions towards children and the younger ones could have been changed - or well, he handles them better.



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Tout n'est que Nature ici. Le sol, le ciel, l'air. Tout. Il n'y a pas âme qui vive, sauf Salem. Salem qui trouble ce tout, cette symbiose. Salem qui semble déjà se perdre. Elle est seule. Seule. Complètement seule avec elle-même, et personne d'autre. La cabane du pêcheur non loin de son campement ne semble pas s'éclairer bien souvent ni bien longtemps. Ne pas s'égosiller, rire, tout simplement parler avec quelqu'un commence à lui peser. Elle a bien essayé de tenir une conversation avec ses plantations, mais celles-ci ne sont pas très loquaces. Alors elle guette les navires qui passent, qui parfois s'approchent, mais jamais ne débarquent. Salem attend, tous les jours, proche de la plage, un nouveau déclic. Mais il y a quelque chose qui cloche. On dirait que les bateaux au loin ne l'aperçoivent pas, pire encore, on dirait qu'ils ne voient pas l'île tout simplement. Enfin, sauf ce pêcheur qui de temps en temps lui fait coucou de loin. Mais c'est tout.

Il y a quelque chose d'étrange, il y a quelque chose qui cloche. Salem a besoin de comprendre pourquoi cette lettre l'a emmené ici, elle a besoin de savoir ce qu'il se passe.

Alors Salem regarde de temps en temps le port. Elle regarde si les lumières de la cabane s'allument. Une chose est certaine, la prochaine fois que le marin pose pied-à-terre, elle n'hésitera pas à partir à sa rencontre.


Wow!! I was contacted by Splyzer Gaming and he asked to read my true creepy story on his channel, which was amazing. Now he sent me the video! The first story is my Dimension Jump story. Let me know what you think of his narration!

When is EU not Elsewhere?

(This is kind of a response to what happened earlier today at the Tree of Life Synagogue. I understand if it’s not something you feel comfortable posting. I just wanted to write it out.)

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Twin Flames: Two Incredible Twin Flame Stories

The modern romance that emanates from a twin flame union creates the greatest love stories.

Some people may be unfamiliar with the concept of twin flames. The majority mixes twins with soulmates.

However, twin flames are nothing like soulmates. Twins are, necessarily, two halves of the same soul― the perfect complement.

They are energetic mirrors, beings that are made up of the same spiritual precursors.

A twin flame union is similar to the burning of a thousand suns.

The energy levels spike to unprecedented levels when two twin flames meet each other.

Twin Flame Stories

It is no surprise that such a fiery bond gives rise to incredible love stories. In this article, we will share two extraordinary twin flame stories with you.

Emily’s story: Love finds a way!

Emily was a timid girl in an unfamiliar university. She was an introvert and preferred to spend most of her time alone.

Emily faced emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her father and siblings in her childhood.

She had become callous and had lost all hope in the concept of love. But, little did she know that she was going to meet love in its purest form in this strange new place.

One day, when she was absorbed in her book when a stranger took a seat beside her and started chatting casually.

At first, she couldn’t quite grasp as to what was happening. It was if a lightning bolt had struck her nerves.

She silently kept on listening to this stranger’s words, but deep inside her, overwhelming emotion was broiling.

In the months that ensued, she created a deep bond with this guy. But, as fate would have it, he had to return to his country because of some immigration problems.

Emily was distraught. It took her so long to find someone she could confide in.

She excoriated the universe and swore never to love again. After two years, she went on an expedition to this remote island.

To her surprise and delight, she saw her twin in that place.

This time, she did not hesitate to approach him. The memories came rolling back, and both vowed to do whatever it took to remain together this time.

This story shows us that Love always finds its way when it’s pure!

April’s Story: Love endures

April always fell for the same gender. Her parents were strict Catholic and stigmatised her homosexual tendencies.

She and her twin flame met when she was working as a lab assistant in Russia. Homosexuality is strictly frowned upon in Russia.

This created many conflicts between her and her twin flame. At first, April’s flame was reluctant to express her feelings.

Despite the intense connection between them, she often became reticent whenever the topic of love came up.

It was April’s last week in Russia. Her stint there was finally over. She was scheduled to return to London the coming week.

April’s twin flame finally gathered the courage to express her feelings. April was in a pickle because she had to choose between love and her career.

In the end, she prioritised love over her profession and decided to stay in Russia and build a future from scratch with her twin.

Twin flame stories always inspire others to stay in love.

Much love to all… go in peace my beautiful friend’s 💕💕💕

I had someone on Tumblr get mad at me once because I mentioned freedom from depression and they said “what do you know, you haven’t struggled with anything” and honestly, that’s just our need to relate talking. We feel everyone has to wear their horror stories on their sleeves in order to have valid faith.

If I always have to go through tragedy to get to majesty, then I’ll always be late because storms coming to everyone and doesn’t just stop because we want to believe in Jesus - that’s not why we get saved, to not go through hell. We get saved to get the hell out of us so we can be heaven on earth and destory hell for a living.