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Thanks for Cozy Crime Fiction RT. Crime and Rhyming

RT : A helps a man lose his mind. A woman meets aliens, a man is shot-experiences a metamorphosis, a of boys. 30 odd & powerful .

I autographed my first book. Nice to live this long and have such an exciting first. You can buy it here:

Music, tea, and Filidais' word document open. Tonight shall be a good night! Time to dive deeper into the lore of the multi-realms, and hopefully it won't turn out to still be a blank page by the end.

A helps a man lose his mind. A woman meets aliens, a man is shot-experiences a metamorphosis, a of boys. 30 odd & powerful .

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flabbergasted//dream journal

Flabbergasted is my online public dream journal that will reveal all of the peculiar things that happen in my brain while I sleep. 

“When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another.”

-Salvador Dalí

Story time from uni

So basically I was taking a humanities class and the professor had a “rule” in her syllabus about if she caught a person with their cellphone out they would have to leave the class but at least she doesn’t put that into practice.

So basically I don’t know why but some of my classmates had their cellphones out and she has told them to put them away several times before but the the 6th time it was a last straw and the person didn’t even had her cellphone out it was a bloody calculator and honestly I’m still in shock on why she had that calculator but I guess we will never know xD.

My friend Dar was telling me about something her Sunday school teacher had told them once when she was smaller…how certain people can actually form a connection so strong that they can /feel/ each other’s presence. I believe to possess this. No matter what I’m doing, it’s like something goes off in my head and the moment I look the other direction, there she is….and if it’s not her it’s something to remind me of her. Does that happen to her too? I wonder…is it always a mutual connection?

Last line meme

I was tagged by my beloved @charlatron - endless thanks, dear 💗

From my little ficlet Eine Frage der Ehre I am still continuing. A story about the young Heir of House Trevelyan on a study trip.

Mir kam der Gedanke, daß ich als Erbe des Hauses Trevelyan und mit etwas Einfluss, vielleicht die Zukunft für uns Schwule, Lesben, Trans-, Bi-, A-Sexuelle und so weiter ändern, fortschrittlicher gestalten könnte.

I am tagging everyone, who is reading this - ätschi-bätsch, erwischt!!! 😄


Stuck in my room

Staring at Gloom

He looks at me

But I look in the mirror

Telling myself that’s not, who I wanna be

This is just horror

And I wanna be free

From this night terror

But He just made himself a cup of tea

Made himself at home

I tried to flee (like a fly)

From my dome

But he’s all that I can see

(This is just the beginnin’

And I ain’t even winnin’)

To be continued…

For anyone who’s bored

I’ve decided to start a series of posts in which I describe the dramas that occur to me and my friends.

To start, I’d like to introduce them to you.

First, my closest friends: Ane (who goes to another highschool and therefore doesn’t get that involved in drama), Inés (who gets angry really quickly at things), Marina (she’s okay), Laura (diva, or so she thinks) and María (she’s okay too).

Now, to the other girls (they’re also my friends but not that close): Alba (she thinks she’s the leader or something), Yan Yan (she’s okay too) and then a bunch of other girls who aren’t that relevant to the actual drama.

By the way, my name’s Irene.

I hope you have fun with this.

Selfie in my dressing gown??? A picture I took for my boyfriend. We’re both aromantic somewhat, and what we’ve got works really well.

We interpret “I love you” to mean “I have loving intentions towards you”. It was very freeing for me to realise I was aro, and to find someone else who is the same. Because relationships in the past I’ve always had this ‘thing’ hanging over me? That there’s something I 'should’ have, but don’t. That I couldn’t say I 'loved’ someone or enact loving behaviours less they assume I had this magical feeling that I somehow couldn’t get. I felt like a relationship was fundamentally flawed unless I could somehow feel this thing? And I had partners who felt that we shouldn’t be together if I couldn’t feel it.

I do still feel broken sometimes. I hear of other couples and this engulfing and seemingly baseless passion for each other?? And I’m sort of envious. But what I really wanted from a relationship was cuddles and affection, having someone to be close to and emotionally open with. Without that fear of failing to love falling on my head. Or having the other person love me in a way I couldn’t return. And now I’ve got it and it’s wonderful.

So I sort of hope this reaches another aro person who does want a relationship? Those who feel like they have no right to desire such a thing without romantic attraction. Those who step aside when they are getting close to someone because their friend “fancies them”. Those who are sick or scared of having to explain that they don’t really feel that way, and worry it’ll scare people off from wanting to get to know them because they are concerned they’ll never have what they really want.

I hope you know there are chances out there for love. Not necessarily the conventional, romantic kind. But you can have a situation where loving intentions and actions are shared. In a way that works for you.

~ Gnot (he/him)


The black rectangle only flashed an image of an almost empty battery for a second, and then went entirely black. After a few blinks Gehenna realized what she was looking at. The screen in the hand beside her said “Calling Dad”, but in a few seconds it went black as well. The hand went stiff and dropped the screen.

Gehenna looked around herself to regain some composure, she could not recall where she was. For an entire minute her mind was blank as a slate. She could comprehend language, but could not connect herself to anything happening around her.

While rubbing her temples to regain some memory of how she reached in this metro where everyone had faces like zombies, she saw something strange through the huge glass window opposite to her seat. There was a huge square hole in the wall separating the platform from the outside world. She could see an unsually green tree through that hole, and below that hole hung a piece of cardboard saying, “Under Construction.”

As Gehenna tried to put all her observations into a comprehensible mess, the metro lurched violently and then came to an abrupt stop. All the faces looked at the door separating them from the metro driver, it slid open and an old frail woman walked out. Her steps were giddy.

Gehenna thought of getting up from her seat, to go and help the old woman, but her ears were filled with a persistent noise as soon as she started to get up. Everybody’s gaze was still fixed on the old woman as if they were expecting her to bring about a revelation. Gehenna titled her head to look at the glass window behind her head, it was being punctured with pebbles wrapped in rags.

In no time the floor was entirely covered with the pebbles and shreds of paper and cloth. Finally, the old woman stood firm and opened her mouth to speak.

“They have dumped all the messages and what do you call them…notifications?” Silence.

“What do you call them? Goddam it. I need a seat. I can drive no more. Give one of those screens to me as well.” Silence.

“Oh, but you all ran out of batteries. Didn’t you?” A weak laugh.

At this point, Gehenna noticed the poster near the door opposite to her seat, the poster which was supposed to say something like, “Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you.” But there was something strange about it.

She got up to have a closer look. The yellow poster was circular with one single black figure on it. The figure looked like a man, only it had four extra limbs.

The message below it said, “You cannot sit if you do not fit in the circle.”

Gehenna felt someone tap her shoulder and turned to find the old woman standing behind her, “What is your name, child? Your limbs don’t seem perfect enough to fit in the circle. They would snatch away your screen and ask you to drive. What is your name?”

Gehenna stood dumbfounded because now she noticed the remarkable disproportionality in the limbs of everyone around her. Their arms looked as long as their legs, and their elongated necks were bent downwards like hooks to catch fish.

“Child, we must get out of here. The power has run out. More pebbles snd stones are on their way. But first tell me, what is your name? We need to keep a record of the people of our kind.”

“What is your name?”


I was going through my phone’s note section, and I found a story I was writing the year before. I remembered writing it and being so excited to tell my friends, And they all complemented me, but now that I read it again a year later I see a few inconsistencies that I also see in other writers work and I thought I would say something about it. So the first thing is that I had an end goal and a starting point, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in between those two points. That’s not nessesarily the bad part, that’s usually normal, but unless your planning a oneshot, or headcannon that won’t always give you the type of story you want. It can work if your doing like a flash writing exercise, but usually it doesn’t work for me cause my stories that I sart with just that end up rushed, and confusing. Some aspects of the story end up in the wrong place, like maybe the conversations characters are having don’t match the conversations people of their age range would realistically have. For example a 12 year old wouldn’t be having a talk about inappropriate topics with an adult that isn’t their family (yes, that actually happened in my story, and yes I changed it) Another thing I’ve noticed with laziness and writing is editing. This one idk if other writers do this but when I edit and I notice that an entire half page of writing that doesn’t make sense, but don’t want to make the effort it would take to erase/delete the paragraph the make the rest of the chapter make sense deters me from actually changing it. I just let that mistake sit there and try to fix it later in the story, or I ignore it and act like it never happened. Now some ways I think might help someone deal with these lazy habits are rewriting. Yes I mean the entire book. When people rush through things then go back to edit they tend to leave major plot holes cause they don’t want to rewrite entire paragraphs, or maybe they do go through everything and rewrite all their major mistakes, but it just doesn’t always work right. If you take a step back and allow yourself to recreate the world you created inside your head it can help with story building. You find new ideas popping into your head that can improve the quality of the story. Not to mention being able to change those major plot holes, or grammar mistakes that consistently pop up. I used to have trouble with point of views. Rewriting it helped me fix that major mistake that kept occurring. Another thing is something you would do before you acctually start writing. Make a List! Anytime something cool about the story comes into your head Write 👏🏻It 👏🏻Down👏🏻. It Will Help You. You could keep a small pocket sized book that you just put all your ideas in, that you always carry around. This way you can keep track of all the points you want to include in your story. If you come up with an awesome idea and you write it down but forget it, then no worries it’s still there in That Notebook… Just Sayn. It will also help you visualize the way a plot might flow. If you write it down and then come back to it later to lay it out in a sort of time line of how and when you want the events you wrote down to occur, the writing everything in order will come easier and it will require less editing. Now obviously I’m not perfect, and these techniques might not work for you, but I encourage you writers to find something that Will help you to write something that can be classified as a “good” story. I know that when I’m looking for stories I’m not always in the mood for purely romantic writing, so if you use the romance as a side quest sort of thing you might attract more readers. I’m more likely to read something that has a small amount of long thought out chapters who posts another chapter once a month, then say a book who has 100 chapters of BS who posts every day. I really hope this helped you, if you found something that works for you that isn’t listed here please comment on this post and help others out! ~Queen


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