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I really like this style

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Netflix tries bypassing Apple's App Store for payments

Netflix is bypassing App Store for its recurring subscription fees. Currently, Netflix pays a 30 percent cut of first-year subscription fees to Apple and 15 percent for each recurring year. But now in 33 countries, TechCrunch reports that new or lapsed customers in places including Canada, Germany, Mexico and Poland will be asked to pay via mobile web rather than in-app. The streaming service did something similar on Android earlier this year.

Apparently, it’s just a short test. Netflix confirmed to TechCrunch that it began in June with 10 countries before expanding to an additional 23 regions earlier this month. The test will run through September 30th.

“We are constantly innovating and testing new signup approaches on different platforms to better understand what our members like,” a Netflix representative said. “Based on what we learn, we work to improve the Netflix experience for members everywhere.”

For the full list of affected countries, hit the source link below.

Source: TechCrunch

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Will disabiling play store app on Android really disables all of it's components and services?

I use Oneplus5 and the default ROM that came with it, I have disabled apps like Chrome, Duo, Google, play Music, Movies & TV, text to speech and youtube.

I am thinking about disabiling Play Store too and use yelp, I wanna ask will disabiling it remove all the play store services and components.

Please do not give me advice about flashing LineageOs or any other ROM.

Found here
Japan regulator reportedly looking into whether Apple secretly crushed an App Store competitor
It let users stream games on the web.
By Jacob Kastrenakes

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is looking into whether Apple improperly pressured Yahoo Japan to shut down a game streaming platform that competed with the iOS App Store, according to Nikkei. Yahoo Japan’s Game Plus service allowed people to stream full games made for other platforms and to play HTML5 games on mobile phones, which would have allowed iPhone owners to get games without going through the App Store.

Nikkei reports that Yahoo Japan slashed the program’s budget last fall, just months after it launched, and told partners that it was due to pressure from Apple. It’s said to have begun filing complaints with Japan’s FTC around the same time.

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“Here, take this twenty and get me a bottle of lube, a giant lollipop, one cowboy boot preferably the right one, a car air freshener that smells of my great grandfathers belt that he used to choke me with, aaaand one half roll of toilet paper.” Wade took a breath, going back over his list. “Did I miss anything?

7-Eleven Part 2 (requested)

Title: 7-Eleven (Part 2) 🏪

Pairing: cashier!Lee Jihoon x idol!Reader (female pronouns)

Genre: fluff, romance, idol au

Word Count: 2.9k

>>Part 1<<

For perhaps the first time in your life you find yourself dreading going out for snacks.

It has been a whole two weeks since the incident–you frown just thinking about it–and you have pointedly avoided going to that particular 7-Eleven. In times you direly needed something only a convenience store could provide, you gladly took the fifteen extra minutes to go to a Ministop instead–but your efforts were not without reason.

The night you shamefully found yourself crying over Jihoon in the middle of the street was the same night you had promised yourself to get over him. Boys who didn’t have any interest in you weren’t worth your time, you’d repeatedly told yourself. But you were weak for him. You were honest enough with yourself to admit that much. And so you made sure to keep yourself as far from him as possible. Out of sight, out of mind.

But life seemed to have a knack for completely screwing you over.

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