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ugh i wanna fast today but idk if my parents will notice
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Date Pretty Hotties Tonight

My true kink is seeing all these big fansites following KM related content accounts on twt lmao 

© by Phil Petter

© by Phil Petter

© by Phil Petter
Wanna Fuck Her? DO IT!

I am still not over this like
it’s so beautiful
only question I have is why are Otoya and Natsuki the ones with two candies
I mean Camus probably already ate 5 before the shooting but still
also Ranmaru proves that eating candy can make you look attractive after all Hh

Day 142: What the Kids Get Into When the Fam Leaves the House

So G-Ma has a samurai sword in her basement. She’s holding onto it for a friend, who acquired it at a thrift store, if you can believe it. It’s sharp, it’s lethal, it’s totally legit. I find myself wondering if it’s legal for thrift stores to sell weapons…whether they originate before the common era or after.

My bro and I thought we’d take the sword out for a spin while everyone was out of the house. There’s a crossbow hanging up in the basement too, but, I mean, come on. We’ve got better common sense than to mess around with that thing and it’s lethal iron-tipped arrows. 

I had this mythology in my head that my grandpa used to take that crossbow out into the Canadian wilderness and shoot the occasional moose to feed his family, but I found out today that good ol’ Papa John couldn’t hit a moose to save his life. Couldn’t even hit the side of the garage for that matter. So I’m not entirely sure how I came up with the other lore. Maybe my imagination is better than I give myself credit for. 

Ya know 1989 had some bad merch but it also had some great merch so…