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My answer to a reader's question: What to do when you don't have room to anything you've got on your flat surfaces.

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Target Gothic

- It is always there, always looming in the distance. You fear It.

There is a Target across town. There is a Target down the street. There is a Target on the block. Your neighbor is a Target. Your house is a Target. You are the target.

- Even when you don’t see it, it is there. You feel its presence everywhere.

- The orbs in front give off a malevolent energy. They stand guard, a row of eyeless soldiers. But they are not unseeing. Who put them there? Are they here to keep things out, or to keep us in?

- Bullseye stares vacantly towards you, his plastic eyes blank and his smile wide. His tail wags slowly. He Welcomes You.

- The banners overhead announce the seasons. Easter! Valentine’s Day! Halloween! Christmas! These are the seasons. They change when Target wants them to and no calendar is needed.

- Target has everything you need. You will come back. You will always come back.

- You emerge from Target in a haze, carting armfuls of items you never needed and will never need. You don’t remember any of it. Perhaps it was a dream.

- Wake up.

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The human kiibo charm isn't showing on mobile, did he sell out? :,(

you have to get him in the boys’ window! Bigcartel offers only 5 products displayed for free so I added him in that group QvQ