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Liz Lisa Staff at Ōmiya Arushe store, 2018


Los domingos nos gusta atenderte 🏬🤓 si estas descansando visítanos y aprovecha los descuentos 📚🛍️ vamos hasta las 6:30 pm 📱📅
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Friendly reminder that the hat sale is now over!
Thank you to those who preordered them! 🤍
They are being shipped in the next couple of days and once they’re here, I’ll let you know!
In the meantime enjoy this video I took last year while in Baltimore.
This beauty is a sand shark and there was a couple of others of him in the big tank as well.
A fun fact about them is that they are not known to attack humans and not generally aggressive but they like to harass divers who are spear fishing. 🦈

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lifting tips from a lifting veteran

I’ve come across this community quite recently. However, I’ve been in the biz for over 4 years. “Saved” multiple thousands. Yet successfully. But, I retired. So I’m going to share my tips. (No particular order) Remember what you are doing. It’s a crime and I don’t condone. Stay safe- 

1. Don’t “shop” where you don’t belong. Don’t go in fancy-ass stores looking like a homeless. You always have to dress like the usual clientele and never go into the same store wearing the same exact outfit. 

2. Don’t come back. For at least!! a week (this is the absolute minimum!) Never visit a store twice a day. (Occasionally take bigger breaks to clear suspicion)

3. Never ever leave evidence! Might be the most important rule. If you take i.e. a concealer in a box and you see the tag inside. Don’t bother opening the box, the box is wayne. Put the box in your pocket and rip the tag out by destroying the box. Also never leave the tag behind. Usually, there are bins for tissues. Swatch some stuff on your hand and take a tissue to remove. In that process, you wrap the tag in the tissue and throw it in the bin. You can also stick it to other products but never throw them on some shelf or leave them where they don’t belong. If you lift clothes with hangers. Take them with you! Try to fit them somehow but do not disturb the hanger-clothes ratio, this is highly suspicious that something got stolen. (Also free hangers yo) 

4. Try to look for cams and LPs outside the store or on days without lifting. Plan beforehand!

5. Make as few movements as possible. If it’s a small item without tags, just slide it in your jacket pocket only moving your hand. Try to use only 1 hand. 

6. Never start big. Dollar/Euro stores, stores without towers, etc, practice first in easy stores. 

7. Don’t be greedy. The more stuff they catch you with (even from other stores) the worse. Don’t do it all in one day. 

8. Make a “list” beforehand rather than getting stuff you know nothing about.

8b. If lifting “hard” stuff (experienced lifters only!) like expensive skincare/makeup, electronics, etc go check how they are secured first without lifting anything (Don’t carry lifted stuff with you, if they get sus for checking a product so “thoroughly” you don’t have anything and they let you go!) Some of those items can even be double tagged (almost got caught because of that) come back on another week to lift. (2-3 weeks)

9. Never use elevators to conceal in. Use escalators (usually only monitored at bottom and top but never in the middle (be quick) 

10. Take clothes in different sizes and layer them while carrying. So they/CCTV won’t see how much you actually have (if they don’t count) But don’t overdo.

11. When in doubt, leave it out!!

12. Tripple check for (ie multiple) tags! If you find a tag it doesn’t mean you’ve found them all (see 8b) Rip open clothing tags they might be RFID tags!

13. Carry hidden/concealed tools. Take a little manicure set with you (for cutting out tags), if you have a smaller magnet put it in an empty lipstick packaging (ie), if it’s bigger you could open the hem of your bag/jacket inside and put it inside and sew it. (If you have enough skills try to secure the magnet inside with glue or sew it so it doesn’t move when you/they pour it upside down..) Stay away from metal! 

14. Talk to staff (or let your companion distract them). Be friendly, ask for help.

15. Occasionally buy stuff (even expensive) they remember your face! Don’t leave all the time without buying anything. If they see you a lot around expensive aisles buy (at least once) expensive stuff (you’ve saved enough and it’s a small price to pay compared to getting caught)

16. Don’t even try completely empty aisles or sale sections. They are usually highly monitored and you have no other costumers to conceal you. 

16b. Avoid going to aisles you don’t belong to conceal. Like baby stuff, if you have no baby. Female hygiene, if you aren’t a woman (sure you can say you are looking for a gift/buying something for someone but A) SAs, will keep an eye on you regardless and B) they might wanna help you so be prepared and have an excuse don’t just say “no thank you” this makes a lot SAs sus you)

17. Don’t go with people you don’t trust 1000% or are a security hazard. I’ve been with such people. It’s just a burden and makes everything much harder. She tried to talk loudly about how “normal” everything is to “seem less sus”  like “Hey, let’s go get something to drink!!” or “I’m leaving this here it’s too expensive!” etc she’s drawing too much attention and it seems even more sus being so loudly about such things. 

18. If you go by car put your lifted things there and don’t take them in other stores if possible. 

19. Don’t use giant bags and backpacks

20. Stick thin/small items in bras, belts, boots, jam it in your armpit, into your sleeve, if you wear a baggy sweater put a thin fanny pack under, if you wear a skirt/dress get a garter with a pocket. And for the love of God don’t drop it.. 

21. Large groups are a huge no go! Go alone or with max one (1)! partner you trust and isn’t a beginner!! If your partner gets caught, you are busted as well. That’s why the few people the better.

22. Always pay cash if you lift! There have been cases where people got something and paid by card and they got caught because ALL of your info is on that card.

23. Be as confident and chill as possible. If you are scared don’t even bother. 

24. Just don’t
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Alright hear me out

I had a dream that I walked into this very popular store and looked around. Then I realised that all the sold was worms on strings. The store was called worms. It was the size of sams club. It sold worms of all shapes and colours. From 1 inch worms to 12 foot worms from pure black to rainbow. I found the perfect worm (don’t remember what it was sadly) and I grabbed it and went to pay. Right when I went to pay I woke up. I didn’t get my perfect worm. I got really sad.

Now I think we need to make this store. Who’s with me!



Keep your distance and never open up a cash drawer with someone behind you. Eyes on everyone

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We sell original music for the listener to enjoy. by LovelyMusicCreations
You searched for: LovelyMusicCreations! Discover the unique items that LovelyMusicCreations creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting LovelyMusicCreations, you’re supporting a small business, and, in turn, Etsy!


I’ve just started reading a book I bought last week and… I’m in love! <3 Detective stories always, ALWAYS never fail to tug at my heartstrings! Ugh!

I actually bought this by impulse (along with another one) when me and a friend visited a famous book thrift store, BookSale, in a mall. The fact that Sherlock Holmes is a character here prevented me from returning it to the shelves (I got a soft spot for the detective~).

Anyways, as part of my New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided that I should finish at least one book per month. And hopefully, I’ll be able to do that (‘cause I’m lazy).