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Do you really think mocking a lifestyle is the way to go? I mean, after all, many vegans use this BBQ sauce. Completely and utterly classless.

Le CAJ sera sur Auxerre le mercredi 12 juin de 18h à 19h pour parler des alternatives à l'expérimentation animale. Nous ferons également la promotion du happening du 15 juin à Auxerre contre l'expérimentation animale.

Un dia tard però... 28 de maig, dia mundial del gos sense raça. Feliç dia al més bonic de tots!!!❤️ !

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Monster 👿 k Manera de lastimar a este pobre 🐒 dime gustaría saber que sentiría este 🤬si el estuviera de igual forma encadenado y un animal le pasara la comida por enfrente acosándolo cada segundo ... provocándole mínimo! Le hubiera mordido la cara a este 🤬

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unfair treatment

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For my second entry, I will talk about employment discrimination. Many LGBTQ members live in poverty due to unequal rights in the workforce. It is just unfair for someone to give their service to their bosses and being harassed and discriminated.

The lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer community better known as the LGBTQ community face many problems today. One of the main problems today is employment discrimination, sadly no law protects LGBTQ employees from being fired or denied. According to an article from, YeremianLaw, 27% of transgender people who had or applied for a job in 2017 said they were not hired,denied a promotion or fired because of their gender identity, 10% of trans found themselves quitting their job after being in an unwelcoming environment, and 8% of LGBT member say discrimination negatively affects their workplace. The LGBTQ community in many cases has been harassed while working their job. Harassment isn’t only physical, there is also verbal, written, and visual harassment, however, people don’t pay attention to those types because they don’t find it as effective as physical harassment, however, any type of harassment can be just as effective as being physically harassed. A transgender employee who goes by the name of Glenn said “[My boss] told me I would make other people uncomfortable, just by being myself. He told me that my transition was unacceptable. And over and over, he told me it was inappropriate. Then he fired me. I was escorted back to my desk, told to clean out, then marched out of the building… I was devastated.” Due to the amount of discrimination happening towards the LGBTQ community, LGBTQ employees fear keeps members closeted at work. They remain closeted about their sexual orientation and gender identity because they believe that being themselves would result in losing connection with co-workers, or that they might not be offered opportunities to be able to advance, Also LGBTQ employees often lie about their personal life because they think it’s unprofessional to talk about their sexual orientation. Its more common for transgender employees to be discriminated or harassed than gay, lesbian or bisexual employees. Many transgender employees usually have 2 jobs, one in the morning and one at night. The night shift consists of dressing like a drag queen, a drag queen is a man who dresses up as a woman for entertaining purposes, and once they are in full transformation they perform at a drag queen show, which earns them quick cash. Trans employees always keep their second job a secret from their coworkers and boss to prevent them from being fired or discriminated.

In conclusion, having to paint a face on every day for work is not only physically exhausting but also mentally exhausting. Not being able to be yourself or talk about your personal life at work can bring a person down. Having freedom of speech but not being able to speak without being discriminated or even be fired is the reason why many people are afraid to come out and be who they truly are on the inside. It’s time to pass laws that protect LGBTQ employees from being discriminated and harassed at work.

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Regrann from @animal_love_veg - #stopyulin #stopyulin2018 #stopcruelty #rip #china
I hope in a year something will change. Maybe yulin ends forever, maybe our petition will help..I feel it..something will change and we have a year to do something..till the next yulin..I feel that someday this hell ends forever..we must pray for animals and believe animals are saved they are in God’s hands.. 🙏🕯poor babes you hurt so much. God help us pls help pls poor animals and let people undertsand that fur, meat, earning money, tests and other things don’t worth animals souls and life..all in your hands don’t let people kill animals 🕯🕯we must pray for animals, God will hear us🙏be kind to all animals. - #regrann (at Kerrville, Texas)

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Update: Almost a week after its release, the lone dolphin is still outside the sea pen-prison. He has been systematically broken, forgetting what it is to be a wild dolphin and refusing to leave his cellmate (you can see them huddling on either side of the net in the second half of the video). Day after day the trainers have failed to coax this dolphin in to returning to imprisonment using food and mind tricks.
#stopcruelty #stopcapture #tweet4dolphins

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Animals Really Deserve Better, and Humans Do, Too.

           Let me start off this post with a dream I recently had. In the dream, I was eating chicken. Chicken wings, or thighs, or whatever part of the chicken that is on the bone. I was eating this chicken, unable to stop, but simultaneously feeling physically ill, and noticing that something was off with the meat, making it taste disgusting. The whole act of tearing the meat off the bones with my teeth disgusted me, and in this dream, the meat tasted awful and wrong. I woke up from this dream, sick to my stomach and disgusted with myself, to realize that, no, I had not eaten chicken, and with a healthy reminder as to why I eat a vegan diet.

           So, how is this relevant to the post? There’s a book called “Eating Animals,” written by Foer, that I strongly suggest anyone who eats meat read immediately. Specifically, chicken. And even more specifically, chapter two of this reading which is on the factory farming of chickens.

           First, let’s look at how chickens are raised, then slaughtered and produced for consumer consumption. Chickens are kept in coops at a rate that they have literally no room to move without running straight into another chicken. Also, they are kept under artificial lights, with only four hours of darkness after the first week to allow them enough sleep for them not to die.  They are fed full of unnatural feed, containing growth hormones and antibiotics, so they grow larger and can produce more meat. This process breaks their legs, and they end up unable to move, in pain, and sitting in their own feces. On top of this, many chickens do die in the coops, and are not removed until the chickens are taken for slaughtering. Sounds pretty terrifying for the surrounding chickens, not to mention a source for disease and filth.

           Next, they are gathered by the workers, who are mainly illegal immigrants or people who have no way to make money in the states (and are paid very little). The workers have a quota to meet, so they grab the chickens carelessly, often breaking their bones, and put them into crates for the long journey to the factory. They don’t provide the chickens food or water. Once they get to the factory, they have responsibilities to slit the chicken’s throat, often inadequately, and the process to get the meat on the market starts.

           So, this process starts after they slit the throats of the chickens, and they take the head and feet off. They take the chickens, and they put them into what is referred to as “fecal soup” to do a water chilling. They do this so that the chicken will soak up water, and be even bigger. The USDA has allowed that chickens can have 11% of water when put on the shelves. That water is always from the “fecal soup.” Birds are examined for less than 30 seconds, to see if they carry any disease or anomaly. Most get missed. Then the chickens are packaged and sent out into the world for public consumption.

           If this process has not dissuaded you from eating chicken, well, you’ve got a stronger stomach than I do. Even “free range” chickens are not usually actually free range, instead, they have about a square foot of land that they get a small amount of time in. The other factor of this process, besides extremely inhumane treatment and environmental damages, is human heath.

                       Chickens that undergo this process are full of diseases. They are carriers for avian flu and other bacteria. They are also cleaned in ammonia and bleach before being put on the shelf, and humans are definitely not supposed to be ingesting that. They are given antibiotics, which transfers to humans, and makes us unable to fight the diseases given to us by chickens with antibiotics, because, get this, the disease has already withstood the antibiotics given to the chickens. They’re being sold much bigger than they used to, which leads to obesity in many people who eat chicken every single day, where they are then affected by diseases and other external health issues. So, there’s a plethora of health issues associated with factory-farmed chicken, which leads to American health decline. Why are we still eating them?

           People are addicted to the meat, and they are getting sick from that same meat, and they don’t even see a correlation! Chickens are kept in such cruel conditions that they are full of fear, depressed, and anxious. This does transfer to humans, because we are eating meat that is affected by the hormones that are released during those feelings. As well as artificial hormones, so no wonder people are more depressed, anxious, and all around feeling bad. There is a veil over the industrial farming industry, telling us that it is good to eat meat, good to eat chicken, but that, no, we can’t know what goes on behind the scenes. The industry has turned greedy, and they no longer care what Americans are putting into their bodies, as long as it’s cheap, big, and convenient.

           But, vegetarianism and veganism is slowly becoming more popular. There have been countless documentaries and information that has been released to the public about what they are actually putting in their bodies. Veganism has been proven to have numerous health benefits, environmental benefits, and is cruelty free. It’s been shown that people do NOT need to eat meat to survive, and survive in a healthy way! Why kill innocent creatures when there is absolutely no need to?

           Being vegan has become a stigma to some, a fad to others, and a lifestyle for many. The cruelty of the food industry should not be tolerated, and people must get away from the blinders that the companies are putting into place. People must use their own free will to demonstrate that what happens in these industries is appalling and cruel. Perhaps that day will come, but for now, the chickens are still being kept in the coops, they are still being poorly treated, and they are still affecting the health of Americans, pushing us to spend money on not only food, but on our ever decreasing health as well. America has turned into a greedy corporation, being dishonest with their people and trying to profit in any way, even at the expense of health and morality. (1067)

Criticism & Self-esteem

Criticizing someone would lower their self-esteem. It could lead to something more drastic like suicide. Some think by criticizing someone would make them work harder for their approval, but let me remind you we are not like some fictional characters you see on tv. We don’t work with negativity, we only work with positivity.

Positive attitude can increase our self-esteem because we are not like — “Oh, she said we’re weak, we should try and not be weak” — some might think like that at first but if you keep telling them that they’re weak, they would really believe it and stop trying.

Think twice before you speak, please bcs the words you said could take someones life.


Shellfish fenced area joke.

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That feeling when you reply to a random-or-just-really-a-result-of-boredom-out-of-nowhere-text from someone who’s been mia for a while in your life and then they’ll don’t text you back after you replied to them!? I mean, com'on! That’s CRUEL AF!

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Please do not go to a bullfight! Torture is not culture

The HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team works with law enforcement to investigate illegal animal cruelty, targeting the worst cases of animal abuse nationwide. Every year they rescue thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarders, and other situations where animals suffer from life-threatening cruelty. They also provide expert animal rescue response at natural disasters