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Explore the Sustainable and Creative designs of natural stones by Arti Marbles at STONA 2020. Discover the innovations at Hall 1, Stall 25. BIEC, Bengaluru.

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Unique crystals and break-your-own geodes make great gifts for everyone on your list. Your friends and family will love the beautiful shapes and colors of these specialty crystals.

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Does marriage mean women are domesticated?

Does marriage mean domestication for women?

Women do you feel that men really marry you just because they want a live in servant instead of a woman to truly be a partner in life?

I mean look at the truth …

Who generally is expected to do the cooking, cleaning and washing?

Who generally is expected to take up more time with the kids?

The thing is most men never say this to a woman but ‘EXPECT” her to fall into these roles after marriage without him saying this and some women just automatically do this because they either think they should or its expected of them to.

Yet do women feel like these roles are what their true purpose is?

Some men still think women are supposed to be secondary to them and do what they say and after marriage some men see women as property even to this day and in a way that is what a woman becomes even if she tries to deny this is the case.  All this ‘he is mine and I am his stuff’ kind of sounds like a copout in a way don’t you think? He’s rarely as equal with you as you are with him and still expects to be the one in control and many marriages are breaking up because he wants that control over you and can’t get it so he breaks up with you, divorces you and finds a woman that will allow him all the control he wants.

does any of this sound real to you?

The Witches Moon Box - August “The Witches Guardian”

This month focuses on protection through spells and talismans. To provide us with the ability to stand protected and guarded.

First, the monthly items.


  • Devil’s Nettle Herb: Also kno as Yarrow, it is one of the most ancient medical plants. Known for many cures, it was heavily relied upon for physical aid. Used to bring forth positive people and energies, it can also expel negative energies from a person or place. Can be carried throughout the day to cast a net of protection over your aura, bringing courage and eliminating fear.

Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus Element: Water Magickal Properties: Love, Courage, Protection, Exorcism

  • Boneset Herb: A very important protective herb, it has often been used as a jinx remover. It can be placed in mojo bags to ward off evil as well as in floor sweeps to clear out illness and negativity.

Gender: Feminine Planet: Saturn Element: Water Magickal Properties: Protection, Exorcism


  • Purification of Sage: To ward off all forms of evil.


  • Selenite Desert Rose: Carrying with it the properties of Selenite, the Desert Rose connects with Spirit on a deep and clear level, even attracting its presence. They are said to carry a Spirit Guardian within them, acting as a powerful protective talisman. It has the ability to heighten your self-confidence, allowing you to become more comfortable with who you are. This helps us to connect with our guides and ancestors on a deeper level and opening up s new level of understanding when signs and symbols are presented to us in our path. You can carry it with you or place it as an offering on your alters. Affirmation: “I call upon my Spirit Guides and Ancestors to guide me. Shine your wisdom upon my thoughts and emotions, bringing me closer to the Divine. So Mote it Be.”

Sacred Salt

  • Mabon: This time of year is an absolute time of celebration and excitement. As a sacred time of thanksgiving, Mabon gives us an opportunity to show our gratitude, including for the prosperity and abundance you currently have. This time of celebration comes with introspecting, so you may truly look at and see the blessings you have been given. This sacred salt was created to help you celebrate this time of year. Enchanted with Frankincense, Chamomile and Myrrh oils, Yarrow and Passion Flower herbs and ‘Mabon Celebration’ magickal oil from their personal cabinet of witchery.

Anointing Oil

  • Cast Away: To help provide you with immediate relief from unwanted and negative energies. Carry it without you through the day. When negative people or energies come near or affect you, place a small amount on select Chakra centers. Enchanted with Lavender, Clove, Myrrh and Cedarwood oils, Sage and Lavender herbs, a Lemurian Quartz and 'Fast Defense’ magickal oil from their personal cabinet of witchery.

Spell Candle

  • The Guarded Harvest: To bring protection to your home and harvest.This can include family and personal items that hold a special bond within your spirit.This candle is suppose to help you break through the ego, allowing you to let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions you may have towards those that wish to harm you. Enchanted with Frankincense and 'Bounty’ magickal oil from their personal cabinet of witchery.

The Solemn Protector Sage Doll BOS Artwork

Now for the specialty items.

Witches Sight Ritual Herbal Tea

  • This clarifying tea is made with chamomile and peppermint, created to break through the distraction that is commonly unrested within our thoughts and spirit. This blend allows your psychic sight to awaken, allowing you to understand and decipher messages more clearly.

Elemental Besom Pentacle Plaque

  • To bring additional protection into your Sacred Space. Used over many centuries in cultures for many different magical reasons, the Pentacle represents the elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. It is commonly used in Wiccan and Neo-Pagan traditions as a potent symbol of protection. This specific interpretation refers to the cleansing and protective qualities of the besom, used to sweep away negative and stagnant energy.

The Solemn Protector Doll

  • Hand-made from Blue Sage, ethically sourced from a reputable farm. Adorned with bark, this doll has been fastened together solely to bring you and your loved ones protection from all evil energies and being. Blue Sage, also known as Grandmother Sage, carries protective and cleansings energies, bringing peace of mind into the area is resides. “The Blue Sage Doll is a protective Guardian, meant to be placed near ot at significant thresholds: entrances to the home, the hearth, or 'heart’, of the home, settled at a staircase landing, or even overlooking a nearby gate or walkway. Blue Sage is naturally imbued with robust purifying, healing and protective energies of the Earth and Air. Similar to the Servitor of postmodern magical practices, any doll or effigy may be assigned or infused with its own particular spirit or entity to perform a set range of tasks. By deliberately authorizing them with an intention, they then can be named, worked with and ultimately given their designated Sacred Space or Alter. Alter offerings may include protective stone and herbs, strong incenses, candles anointed with protective oils, a dish of clean water, a dish of salt or any item deemed appropriate for the set intention of the doll. Like a statue of a Deity, once the doll has been named, it is important to treat them respectfully as they are now an emissary of your Sacred Space. Sympathetic Protection Spellwork: Images of love ones may be placed near the doll to send healing, helpful energies; such images may also be used to draw a protective ward to avert harmful energies.” This doll was not meant to be burned, but to be used as a Guardian against all unwanted energy. As you work with it, visualize your bond and the energy imbued in it growing stronger. May it bring a sense of peace into your Sacred Space for generations to come.

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