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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop

Stone2design project done in V.V. Puram , Bangalore, India. Personalized your walls with varieties of product from our library. Get in touch today : +91-9535813424

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Šibenik, Croatia


Mages tend to overcomplicate things. It’s left to an exercise for the reader to determine whether or not using magic to hurl stones at people is an example or an exception.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ] Throw Stone – With a flick of your hand, you can launch any stone within 5 feet of you that is no bigger than a cricket ball in any direction of your choice, up to 30 feet. It deals 1 bludgeoning damage per level of Throw Stone.

[ ][ | ][ | ] Bigger Stone – With each level of Bigger Stone, double the size of stone you are capable of launching with Throw Stone. Damage is multiplied according to the scale of the size, but range is halved if the stone is the maximum size you can throw.

[ | ][ | ][ | | ] Teleport Stone – When you use Throw Stone, with a concentrated blink you can teleport the stone mid-flight. It disappears out of the air and reappears in a spot up to 20 feet away per level of Teleport Stone, still travelling through the air in the direction of your choice with the same momentum.

[ ][ | ][ | | ] Long Toss – For each level of Long Toss, double the range you can launch stones with Throw Stone.

[ ][ | ][ | | ] Volley of Stones – For each level of Volley of Stones, double the number of stones you can throw at once with Throw Stone. All stones must be in range and small enough for you to launch, and must either be launched in a uniform direction or at the same target.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Stonereach – For each level of Stonereach, extend the range from which you can launch stones with Throw Stone by 5 feet.


Mexican opal.. al mineral show

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On this tile
the knife
like a sickle-moon hangs
in the painted air
as if it had learned a dance
of its own,
the way the boy has  
among the vivid  
breakable flowers,  
the way Abraham has  
among the boulders,  
his two feet heavy  
as stones.


God’s hand here
is the size of a tiny cloud,  
and the wordless tablets  
he holds out
curve like the temple doors.  
Moses, reaching up
must see on their empty surface  
laws chiseled in his mind  
by the persistent wind  
of the desert, by wind  
in the bulrushes.


We know by the halos  
that circle these heads  
like rings around planets  
that the small donkey
has carried his burden  
away from the thunder  
of the Old Testament  
into the lightning
of the New.


Under the bright glazes  
Esau watches Jacob,  
Cain watches Abel.
With the same heavy eyes
the tilemaker’s Arab assistant  
watches me,
all of us wondering  
why for every pair  
there is just one  



Linda Pastan  (B.1932)


Graphic - George Underwood  (B.1947)


I’ve been challenging myself recently doing some traditional rock studies! 🙌 And I thought I could share some results. :)

Generally, I found these quite hard to do, as I’m not very used to working with ink and rocks are also a topic that’s somewhat difficult for me. Also, I have been merely working digitally lately. 🙈

And while there is of course room for improvement, I’m quite happy looking at the very first attempts VS the later studies! Also, I feel already a bit more confident in working with ink by now. 💪 (The 100Headschallenge I’m doing with ink also helps <3)

So, still a lot to learn, but as they say: practice makes perfect. 😌👌

40x25x7 mm Gemstone Green Opal Cabochon Stone Handmade Gemstone, Green Opal Jewelry Loose Gemstone Wholesale Pendant Stone

For just $16.14
40x25x7 mm Gemstone Green Opal Cabochon Stone Handmade Gemstone, Green Opal Jewelry Loose Gemstone Wholesale Pendant Stone Stone Name -: Green Opal Stone size -: 40x25x7 Weight Crt -: 53 Number of Pcs -: 1 Piece. Item Code -: 1044 For any query please contact us. We also accept wholesale orders and all kinds of gemstones are available in small and bulk quantity. SHIPPING POLICY •After receipt of payment , ship within 1-3 Business days. •Delivery will take 2-3 weeks sometimes longer. •SPEED POST take 5-10 days. •Contact for fast shipping upgrades •Shipping any inconvenience the buyer pays for the packets coming back. ***All cabochons in my stone shop are cut by my own hand with love and care. I pay special attention to perfect evenness on every angle of the stone. This makes the gemstone easy to set with a bezel. The bottoms of each are flat and have a very slight bevel cut into the bottom edge. This cut serves to minimize the chance of chipping when setting into hand fabricated metal bezels or wire wrapping. Thanks for looking**** WE ALSO TAKE CUSTOM AND WHOLESALE ORDERS. PLEASE CONVO FIRST TO GET THE BEST PRICE. Contact me if you need larger quantity. Thank you for viewing and please check out the other wonderful items I have available for sale in my shop. Thanks very much for visiting ALLSTONESHOP! All orders will be sent out within 1-3 days after we receive payment business hours .Thank you! ! ! Shipping and Handling: Normal Airmail Shipping: USA = 7-15 Business Days Australia 7-20 days arrive Canada = 10-30 Business Days UK = 10-30 Business Days AU = 10-30 Business Days Others Area = 10-35 Business Days. Thank you so much for visiting us.