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Security Tokens VS Tokenized Securities -

I may have had a random urge to create a Ferengi captain in . Given this is the first time I've been moved to do so, I decided to act on it. I can finally put the Nandi to good use.

Be aware of scammers Even software engineers create erc20 token just for 23.37€ in 2 days lol.

I convinced my son to play today. I let him on my alt account, which I had a Discovery toon started, but hadn’t done any of the tutorial. I’m sure it will help him learn to play the game.

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Set ‘em up and knock ‘em down. Saturday underway.

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Worrying about something is like putting yourself through the same situation twice
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thenotsofantasticlifestory  asked:

Can you do the Crush/Love Realization with Franky? Your hcs are amazing btw

Hey there, Sto!!! This is my first Franky ask, so thank you! And thank you for the sweet compliment! I hope you like this x

HCs: Crush/Love Realization (Franky)

Originally posted by rorronoa

- the crush phase for Franky? easy-peasy, he’s had simple crushes on plenty of lovely people before!

- unlike his more perverted comrades, Franky isn’t merely drawn by a beautiful appearance, more so to people who are “cool” to be around

- crushing is so innocent to him, nothing out of the norm, he’s just his usual self during this phase

- he’ll sometimes go out of his way to see them, but hardly ever, he just takes advantage of the times they bump into each other to slide in a nice compliment or flirtatious joke here and there

- he thinks he’s smooth as fuck but lemme tell you, he’s an absolute dork

- lots of finger guns and winks after he says something smooth to his crush, thinking he’s really wooed them this time

- he continues on with his silly antics, not concerned in the least bit about his childish feelings as he believes they will go away eventually

- but after the crush phase doesn’t subside like he thought…he becomes a bit concerned

- now he finds himself doing silly things just to make them laugh, because he loves their laugh

- he’ll approach them out of nowhere to tell them how “SUPER!” they look today, because he loves that cute little smile of theirs when he does his pose

- he suddenly becomes not so smooth anymore, more so a bit anxious when he runs into them

- his thoughts run at a million miles per second as he tries to hit ‘em with a suave compliment or a teasing joke, but coherent words just won’t come out of his mouth??

- he finds himself literally sweating at the thought of them, his face feeling warm at the mere sight of them, panicking at the slightest of touches between the two

- and Franky is mature enough to realize exactly what’s going on: he is head over heels for this person

- he tries to remain the normal Franky as before, but there’s some little things that he just can’t stop himself from doing for them

- little things like fueling himself on their fav drink when it’s just those two, so as to connect with them on a personal level

- or noticing which hair style they like best and maintaining his hair in that specific style for their enjoyment

- his compliments become more mature; all joking subsides as he genuinely wants them to realize how great he thinks they are

- nervousness aside, Franky doesn’t want to remain in this anxious state for long, constantly wondering if they feel the same way or not, so he’s pretty quick to approach them to get answers for himself

- his confession is a bit eccentric, but would you expect anything less from Franky? this person is special, so they deserve a grandiose confession!

- after successfully admitting his feelings (and hopefully gaining theirs as well), Franky returns back to his normal self, just now in a happy, committed relationship with someone! 

- he kinda goes back to his crush ways, with the flirty compliments and jokes, except it’s 10x worse (better) now as he’s no longer nervous to brag on/compliment his partner

- Franky is a very loving partner who constantly makes life fun and interesting for the two of them!

A huge tree fell down on my street and it's the best thing that could've happened.

I experienced a stoic moment in practice today in line with the ¨Adversity gives man a purpose¨ theme when a tree fell onto the street. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for a while and had rarely seen the neighbors. Since I live in a third world country, firefighters were’t too well-equipped, resulting in the neighbors from my street and surrounding streets to come and pitch in with any help they could give or tools they could provide. It was amazing how a tree falling down could’ve done so much for the neighborhood. We got to know each other and made a neighborhood facebook group to organize gatherings and such. Someone ordered pizza and suddenly it was a party. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

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Security Token Offering: The Asset Backed Storh Cryptocurrency By Utopia…

Captain Astrel Journe: Discover an Iconian gateway.

On New Romulus, in some more underground ruins, you signal for D'tan and the research scientist to meet you in a massive chamber with a lot of ancient technology. Upon messing with some consoles, an Iconian gateway is revealed. Naturally, the Federation and the Klingon Empire would rather not have these gateways exist. However, in the spirit of keeping alliances tied together, they allow the Republic to keep the gateway for scietific research.