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The snow is falling and the holiday spirit is spreading in this Thurs-Sunday for ! Take part in outdoor food & drink, horse-drawn trolley rides, amazing live music and much more!

✨✨IT'S FINALLY HERE... ! Take in the magical experience as the transforms into a holiday shopping scene. Will you be joining us? For more information see here ✨✨

✨✨TOMORROW is ! Will you be joining us!? Here's a little sneak peek of what to expect! ✨✨ Christmas in St. Jacobs 1385 King St. North - Red Coral Casuals St. Jacobs Outlet Mall 25 Benjamin Road - Unit 12

✨✨2 More Sleeps Until St. Jacobs' Sparkles! For more information see here ✨✨ . Christmas in St. Jacobs 1385 King St. North, . Red Coral Casuals 25 Benjamin Road - Unit 12,

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Big thanks to my husband who stopped off at Block3 to get me some of their Franken Stout while I was at work today. If you love stout, you’ll want to visit Block3 in St Jacobs, ON for this seasonal beer. Mmmm, beer! 🍻

St. Jacobs Sparkles is just one week away!! Thursday and Friday we’ll be open 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm! Will we see you there? • • •

Getting word of a MULTI VEHICLE MVC that has shut down. 2 reports: 1 at the round about in 2nd report Hwy85 at Arthur St S in Elmira! StJacobs Fire confirm that all LANES southbound are CLOSED!

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She: Vegan, Oil free, Chocolate Zucchini Muffins courtesy of #ohsheglows 

Made with spelt flour instead of pastry flour*

With a side of fresh flowers from St.Jacobs market 

He: Ate 7 of them


While Meagan convalesced, Paul and I had a quick wander around the farmers markets at St Jacobs. It’s huge with a lot of fresh produce for sale. For some reason we also saw a lot of people buying giant bags full of capsicums.

That on the right is quite literally a bucket of fresh honey lime lemonade - ideal drink for the morning after.

First post goes out to the True North Strong and Free

There’s no better country that I could have chosen to blog about first than my very own! - Canada - Okay…so this isn’t really about Canada per se… It’s about my trek out to St. Jacob’s Ontario to go and try out the Crazy Canuck Restaurant.. and by “trek” I mean my 10 minute drive down the road from my school :/

After hearing my friends talk about this place I decided to drag my boyfriend out with me. And as any smart phone user would do - I searched the directions on google maps…which conveniently stated the hours of operation as well..we had 30 minutes until it was closed..

Immediately as I walked in, I wanted to turn around and walk back out, get in the car and drive back into Waterloo. The place was new - it was attached to an antique shop, the servers/owners looked to be my age and there were tennis balls on the feet of the chairs….my expectations were low.

However, after ordering the Greek Tzatziki Poutine and the Buffalo Tuscan Chicken I was amazed! Why hadn’t I come here sooner.

I was about 2 bites in and I already pulled out my phone -  took photos of my meal to upload onto Instagram, and then quickly went to Twitter to tweet about my experience there. 

I couldn’t get enough of the place - the servers were fantastic and so full of energy and the tacky props that I srunched my nose to at first were now the most fascinating objects to look at while I ate my zaa and poutine….I dunno..maybe they put something in my food…but I was hooked.

They had their twitter handle on their menus that were at each of the tables - and I searched for it as I was waiting for my food. 

Someone had tweeted at them…

a 10% discount just for tweeting at them!! how awesome is that?!? It was sucha great way for the company to use social networking as a conversation tool to reach their followers and fans. The person behind the twitter account had a great sense of humor and their interactions with customers was perfect. It made me want to become a part of this “community” that they had and to keep coming back.

This post is probably as cheesy as my poutine har har har - but hey! The place inspired me to not only want to go back, but to FINALLY get my first post going for my blog hahaha