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What is Stimming? Here is a guide - "Most people stim in some form, we don’t realise it and it should never be discouraged."

Well worth reading - the autonomic nervous system (ANS), is of growing interest in research.... An ANS that does not function correctly leads to a set of conditions called ‘dysautonomias.’

A thread about my . As a child I used my humming top for visual, auditory and tactile . The intense pleasure I got from toys was a suppressed memory assessment unlocked. So I got myself a vintage humming top which is now in my sensory den in the loft. 2/

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is “problem behavior” NOT because it’s harmful, SIB or aggression (all separate categories) but because it limits social interaction in other words, SOCIETY has issues with even “mild” presentations & looking at objects closely

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I love this illustration from introvert doodles! I find fidget toys and sensory products so calming - and having something in my hand at my desk tends to INCREASE my productivity (unlike mobile devices!)

Today was a bad day. But today my fidget toy delivery arrived. So maybe today was neither good nor bad, it just was? Anyway! Show me your fidgets and give me some recommendations! (Please and thanks)

is a type of repetitive behavior that stimulates one's senses. While stims may look alarming to caregivers, these behaviors are generally harmless.

Uploaded another zine to my Etsy store! This one is about and why it’s good and should be encouraged! You can check this one out and the one on Autism using the link in my bio! I’m really proud of this series 😊

Anxiety doesn't always look like hand wringing and irritability. Sometimes it's exhaustion, aches and pains, and morning wake-and-bakes.

When you have a child with sensitivities, bday presents can look a little bit different! Pippa’s main present was a luxury foot spa; other highlights including tactile, soft jumpers, her fav aid and a vibrating light-up spinning toy!

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These Chewy, silicone necklaces are in my shop! if you know of anyone who needs a teething necklace, someone who stims and chews, someone who just wants something way sweet and cool - check out and share my shop.

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Meme for the day. Image of hand spinning a fidget spinner. Text reads "Disciplining kids for is wrong. It basically means an effective strategy to manage anxiety and stress is denied them and they are shamed and punished for being themselves."

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Neon Futuristic Stimboard for Anon

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I guess I’m going to do stimtoy of the day daily reviews since I have a million of them now.

The is the bike gear fidget.

I give it 4/5 stars, it’s a good fidget for when you’re focused on something else and need to be discreet about your stimming.