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The questions we answer are... How do our brains really work? Why is it easier to learn some things more than others? Is it really possible to learn ANYTHING fast and make it stick? # Ilovetolearn

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Somethings just don’t change even after years. Fevikwik in its 10 year challenge conveys this message to it's unique prospective customer.

Meet Residents Only. Being canned & kegged on Monday for delivery next week. We've gone back to basics with beer No. 25. It's an East meets West IPA coming in at 7.2%. The hop of choice - Falconer's Flight ® at 20g/L.

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has been a this week, and it’s a one. user cat4laugh this too , too , and too for the , apparently with the express of . your for me.

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Okay guys- have you ever heard of this craft before? It’s called diamond painting and it’s my new favorite hobby! At this point in time, I’ve abandoned my needlepoint for this; it’s so easy to learn and quick! I started it in September and just finished it tonight, 3 months and some change later. It is such a neat project and the result is amazing! You all should try it! 😊 What do you think?


In preparazione per il video più in attesa #comingsoon @emwillmusic “ È Bello Figo ” #sticky (Album) (presso Rovereto, Italy)

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I need DaDDy!

All I want and need is to be fucked. For hours not minutes. I want daddy to call me his little slut. As he throws me around the house from wall to wall, the table, the door, the floor, the couch, the bed, the counter, the shower.

I need you to kiss my neck and pull my hair. Spank me and make a firm grip around my throat. I want pain with my pleasure. Eat my tight little pussy, I want to moan as loud as my vocals will allow me. Take control of me and make me neal to you. Let me get off on your control. Then when you’re sucked in when your use to me nealing and obaying daddys commands. It’s my turn to take care of you.

I want hours and hours of sexy and hot, air gasping, throbbing and sweaty, sticky, pleasurable sex.

another writeblr intro

Hi friends—I’m not technically new on the scene, but if you’ve been following me, you know that for the past two years, I’ve been in a rural Rwandan village without enough internet for tumblr and have been basically posting nothing except auto-shares from my instagram. If you stuck with me through the last two years of ridiculous Peace Corps shenanigans thank you

I’m so excited to be back and get my blog back in shape and post regularly about books and writing again! And if you’re posting bookblr or writeblr, I want to follow you back. So here’s my lil intro. I guess.

Name: Elizabeth (or Sami)

What I write: Mostly spec fic novels—I especially love urban fantasy and mythology AUs—with a smattering of Marvel fanfiction, plus short stories, nonfiction, and, y’know, anything people will pay me to write.

What I read: Almost anything that isn’t horror? Magic realism is my love, but really I care about quality writing and I’m in it for anything with words arranged well into engaging ideas.

I love: fake dating, subtle worldbuilding, sarcastic banter, sensitive and accurate handling of mental/emotional issues, good team dynamics, vampires, spies, superheroes

I hate: expositional or clunky worldbuilding, unhealthy/codependent relationships, stilted dialogue, “here’s some shock to distract you from my weak plot/character/setting”

Current WIPs: 

  • Seventeen Going On Immortal (the trashy teen vampire romance I want to see in the world)
  • Ourselves and Immortality (the ridiculous journey of a death-phobic pianist, his quirky friends, and his soulmate—the literal goddess of death—to scold the previous god of the dead for slacking on the job)
  • Prison of Moonlight (book three, in which my maybe-not-so-human-anymore agents take on chupacabras, teenage gunmen, and a werewolf concentration camp, and maybe finally actually get together, idk, I’m pushing for it but they’re stubborn)

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