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Perseverance: one of the most powerful traits you can have.

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We all want to hustle. We all want to work hard on our goals, and we all want to change our lives. So many have us use motivation as a way to get things done, and it usually shows. When people rely on motivation to accomplish their goals, their productivity usually comes in boom-bust cycles.

What that means is that people will start out strong: A two hour long workout, reading for an hour, eating the perfect balance of macros. This is the boom phase, where your motivation hits you hard, and you’re inspired to go all-in on your goals.

Overtime, motivation fades. And suddenly, trying to go in for a two hour long workout sounds like hell, and most people don’t have the willpower to force themselves to go when it gets hard. This is where the second part of our cycle comes in: The bust. Once the motivation runs out, many people are down and out with their goals, until their motivation comes back to repeat the cycle.

Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes at a whim. Instead of focusing on motivation to accomplish your goals, build actual habits that will make you want to go out and do things that will help you. Instead of starting a two hour workout, start with just 15 or 30 minutes. If you’re starting from scratch, start small. It’s easy to force yourself to do anything for just 15 minutes. And after a few days of 15 minutes, then 20 becomes easy. From there you build on yourself, and continually up the ante until you’ve gotten to your big goal of doing X for X amount of time.

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