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Counting how many of your stickers people have taken - is there an engagement metric in there? 🤔

View from above a table full of software stickers of all colours, shapes, and sizes

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Si hacer fuera un trabajo, tendría un buen dinero ahora mismo...

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Did some late night lurking last night. Cant wait to get home and checkout all the pictures from this insane trip. Some timelapses and some sick collabs all coming up. Seeing all the things in 2020.
Hope yall hqd a great art week.
#urbanphotography #wynwood #murals #burners #stickers #slaps #spraypaint #graffiti #spraycan #graf #miami #artweek #artbasel #photography #wynwoodwalls

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Pansexual pride flag weed high road waterproof vinyl sticker
Pansexual pride flag weed high road waterproof vinyl sticker for your laptops, water bottles or car bumpers! This LGBTQIA sticker will happily assist you with your adventures or can be a gift for a friend! Vinyl stickers can be used on any clean flat surface like your notebooks, planners, laptops,

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