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Been a while since I watch the USD chart of and I was chocked. It gave back almost all it's yearly gains?! πŸ”ΈA new cycle low is a possibility πŸ”ΈCould be minor (<0.07093) πŸ”ΈBig support at 0.0626 πŸ”ΈBreak outside channel = first bullish warning

Cryptos smashed (again) this afternoon: 9128.76 -4.87% 194.21 -4.32% (XRP) 0.298 -0.43% 276.84 -3.31% 3.58 -2.58% 0.076 -4.15% 77.84 -2.76% 9.77 -7.31%

We are proud to announce that a LiteBit wallet is available now for (XLM) πŸŽ‰ From now on you can store your in your wallet:

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Happy 2nd Stellarversary to Caroline Nairn! Caro is our Office Manager in our Christchurch Office β­πŸŽ‰ Thanks for all your great work Caroline and here's to many more!

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Stellar previously was on the Toronto roster. He retired from Overwatch after stage 1, but it seems he is ready for more!

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: Has a fairly clean chart and price is at support around the 800 sats region. Volume is fairly unimpressive so far but we are at wait and see point with price and dominance. Short term resistance is 860 sats.

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ICYMI at a couple weeks ago, check out and 's talk on ZkVM and how it makes for faster, more flexible contracts that prioritize privacy. Video with Q&A:

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does your area have a trashpicker group?

i was out playing pokémon go on a break from work last week and i was distracted by all of the trash out along greenmount avenue, directly across from a beautiful historic cemetery.

i spent some time off yesterday collecting some of the trash in just one area. i plan to go out again to do more this week. a man saw me and said, “you’re too pretty to be doing that. some man should be doing that.” and i said, “are you going to do it? do you clean up your neighborhood?”

he said, “i don’t live around here,” to which i replied, “i don’t either.” thanks to the bmore trashpickers group on facebook for inspiring me to just do it myself.

Chi arriva a Tecla, poco vede della città, dietro gli steccati di tavole, i ripari di tela di sacco, le impalcature, le armature metalliche, i ponti di legno sospesi a funi o sostenuti da cavalletti, le scale a pioli , i tralicci. Alla domanda :- Perché la costruzione di Tecla continuano così a lungo?-gli abitanti senza smettere d’issare secchi,di calare fili a piombo,di muovere in su e in giù lunghi pennelli. -Perché non cominci la distruzione,-rispondono.E richiesti se temono che appena tolte le impalcature la città cominci a sgretolarsi e a andare in pezzi,soggiungono in fretta,sottovoce:-Non soltanto la città.Se,insoddisfatto delle risposte, qualcuno applica l’occhio alla fessura d’una staccionata,vede gru che tirano altre gru,incastellature che rivestono altre incastellature, travi che puntellano altre travi. -Che senso ha il vostro costruire ?- domanda. -Qual è il fine d’una città in costruzione se non una città? Dov’è il piano che seguite, il progetto?-Te lo mostreremo appena termina la giornata;ora non possiamo interrompere, -rispondono. Il lavoro cessa al tramonto. Scende la notte sul cantiere. È una notte stellata. - Ecco il progetto,- dicono.

Tecla,Le Città Invisibili.

-Italo Calvino

possibly selling my kpop albums

hey friends ya boi is strapped on money and i have a lot of albums i could possibly sell but idk if anyone would be interested?? i have 1 snsd album from like 2009 lol and a couple infinite albums, a few shinee albums including one of their live concert albums, most of bts’s albums includong a signed copy of d&w (altho idk if i wanna part w this unless sumone wants to pay a lot for it lolol) AS well as a couple random gg albums if anyone would be interested in purchasing any of these just lmk and i can make a post with the specific albums i have 🤪