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Minhee and Gayoung reply to questions from Stellar’s Reunion video. One main point that popped up though - in response to a question asking how much money they made while in Stellar, they answered that over the 7 years, altogether it was less than 10,000,000 Won (~$10,000 USD) per member. Yup. Someone tip this to the Kpop news websites please. I feel like this is something important for people to know…

- Stellar Twinkles


Gayoung has started a personal YouTube channel! You can watch her vlogs on her daily life there, and she plans to do Radio in Gayoung live broadcasts from there in future too. Please enjoy, and remember to subscribe! ^^

I will be making the English subtitles for the videos on the channel (The subs for the first video is up, and the subs for the second will be up soon… :))

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VLOG #1 YouTube Baby Gayoung’s Light Setting VLOG:
VLOG #2 Jjapegeti VLOG:

Enjoy~ ^^

- Stellar Twinkles