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and are working hard to tackle homelessness and being more affordable units to our neighborhoods.

It was great to celebrate the end of a crazy busy week and a super successful with this team!

My favorite thing about the : the room looked like and had the vibrant energy of our great city. So awesome to hear talk about all we have accomplished and all we have in store. I'm blessed.

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"In Albuquerque, we build bridges, we don't build walls"... at today's State of the City address! Proud of our mayor and our city!

Thank you ! Together we will create a safe, innovative, and inclusive city.

Backstage cam. "Please begin finding your seats in T-minus"...

Thank You for the inspirational address ! We got challenges ahead, but We will work to get through these challenges. As stated by Mayor Keller, "We build bridges, not walls!" Together, We are !

Iโ€™m very excited about the direction that Albuquerque is headed towards under the leadership of

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