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y las del segundo programa de de colaboran con la y sus startups en la de preparación al del 20 de noviembre en

CUP ➡️ Au tour d'Henri Ordioni de pitcher pour lauréat dans la catégorie Tourisme innovant avec le projet KRONO

[WINDAY2018] Choisir d'investir dans les c'est participer à la construction du monde de demain

Poverty is one of the biggest global challenges. We at are calling out all to join us at and learn how they can collaborate with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund network to reduce in .…

grüßt vom 2. HHL SpinLab - heute zu Gast bei ! Danke auch an & für die herzliche Begrüßung! Wir freuen uns einen aufregenden Tag, interessante Keynotes & viele spannende Pitches der !

Les parlementaires comptent sur les de la mobilité ! A l'occasion des un an du programme, a salué le travail du en faveur de la filière des nouvelles Merci de votre soutien !😀 Visionnez l'intervention ici👉🏼

and have become the best buddy of the sales team which helps them sell the services or products intelligently from prospecting to closing to the retention.

📣 Karos parmi les 150 actrices de la Révolution . Nous faisons partie des 10 start-ups françaises distinguées 👑

Introducing a From Makes carrying a hot cup 98% safer to carry... Get a handle on your cup Contact "Hot Cup Caddy" For further details.

| ¡Ayer fue un día muy grande para ! 👏🏻 14 presentaron sus proyectos a y mantuvieron reuniones one to one con ellos en busca de . ¡Emprendimiento e inversión en estado puro!

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'Cut lamb and beef' to fight climate change

The number of sheep and cattle in the UK should be reduced by between a fifth and a half to help combat climate change, a report says. The shift is needed, the government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change (CCC) maintains, because beef and lamb produce most farm greenhouse gases. The report foresees an increase in the number of pigs and chickens because these produce less methane. The farm union NFU said it did not agree with reducing livestock numbers. via Snapzu : Business & Economy
How Facebook Wrestled With Scandal: 6 Key Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation

For more than a year, Facebook has endured cascading crises — over Russian misinformation, data privacy and abusive content — that transformed the Silicon Valley icon into an embattled giant accused of corporate overreach and negligence. An investigation by The New York Times revealed how Facebook fought back against its critics: with delays, denials and a full-bore campaign in Washington. Here are six takeaways. via Snapzu : Business & Economy