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Success in business is about setting goals and achieving them, and the secret, as many people will agree, is hard work. All the successful people work very hard. ☝🏻🚨⚡️

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5 Ways Of Branding In Down Economy
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Increasing Investment

Most of the firms and businesses tend to run away from taking the risk at this time. But one will remind you better when you’re his friend of bad times rather than good. Depending on the last forty years of business history it’s been seen that businesses made fortune on average than the business didn’t invest.

Get Closer To Consumer

It’s the best time to get closer to the consumer. This time consumers tend to change their attitude in buying and consuming behavior. It’s easy to collect raw intelligence from them. They’ll also feel sympathy from the brand and a good image will be established.

Reallocation Of Budget

The budget allocation can’t be the same as other economies as the same budget may not be fruitful. That’s why the budget needs to be more specific and to the point. It increases the chances of getting the better result out of it.

Best Value Proposition

Best doesn’t mean a significantly reduced price. It should be legitimate to the product or service. If this is not kept in parallel then the integrity falls apart.

Fine-Tune Brand And Product Offerings

Brands should offer the right products to the right customer at the right time and place. They have to arrange their product portfolio for every specific consumer society. The down economy is a great place to sell products that have diminished prospects.

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One cannot ignore the advantages of branding as it has an overall positive impact on a company. ✅💡It changes how the target market perceives the product, gives it a recognisable identity, helps in driving new business, and compliments the marketing strategies. 🙌🏻💯🚀
Clippings at Solaris Farms growing in breeding room with Michael Sassano
Healthy plants start from selecting the right clippings from either a strong mother plant or strong back-cut of proven yielders. Solaris Farms starts their b...

Healthy plants start from selecting the right clippings from either a strong mother plant or strong back-cut of proven yielders. Solaris Farms starts their babies in a breeding room that opens directly into the Veg and mother bay. Each one receives gentle care and our newest genetics are all being incubated by caring hands.

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“The whole idea behind Pymetrics is that instead of using a resume, you are looking at people’s cognitive, social, and emotional aptitudes,” Polli says. “It’s also much more future-facing and potential-oriented, rather than backwards-facing and sort of only talking about your past experiences. It’s a much more holistic, hopeful view of someone than, Oh, this is what you’ve done, and this is all you can do.”——Bias, in Polli’s view, is a human problem. True, it can pop up in the algorithms that humans create to sort through job applications. But it’s at least as much of a risk in the people who review resumes and conduct interviews, who are naturally prone to make unfair judgments based on everything from a person’s name (pdf) and gender to their appearance and speech patterns. Algorithms, Polli suggests, are at least more trainable.——“It’s hard to remove bias from algorithms, but it is possible,” she says. “It is not possible to remove bias from humans.”——Those assertions are up for debate. But at least one thing is clear: Companies love the idea of algorithms, which promise to evaluate talent at far greater speed and lower cost than regular flesh-and-blood recruiting and hiring processes allow. Pymetrics’ client list includes big names like Unilever, Nielsen, LinkedIn, Accenture, KraftHeinz, MasterCard, and Boston Consulting Group. Venture capital is betting on Pymetrics, too. The company’s primary backers are General Atlantic, Jazz Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Workday Ventures, and it has thus far raised $56.6 million in funding. At the same time, the AI-driven hiring tools provided by companies like HireVue are also becoming increasingly widespread.—-And so the salient question at the moment isn’t whether companies should use machine learning to filter job candidates. It’s already happening. More relevant is the matter of whether the talent revolution already underway is a fair one—and what more can be done to ensure that algorithms alleviate, rather than deepen, the longstanding problems in hiring.