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Need a Room in a Hurry? Book a Last Minute Hotel and Save up to $40

RT MinIT_Telangana "RT THubHyd: Are you a post-series A with the apetite to reap the benefits from the radiply-growing Indian market? Then, India Market Access Bridge (IMAB) is for you!: Min… "

“Does your company guide customers through a series of experiences that help them learn, grow and achieve their aspirations and goals? If so, you may have a...”

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) Impact of AI on lives is real, what can AI do? Apart of creating jobs & replacing some, AI can control your mind, feel emotions, talk, spy & solve problems

Fintech start-up Plaid is getting backing from and other investors to the tune of $44 million. Plaid is the basis upon which many companies build their banking and finance apps so that consumers ca connect to them.

An imaginative, free flowing name that is seductive and very memorable. Hovlo: A group shopping platform. A media buying service. A social network. An arts and crafts site. A hovercraft, helicopter or brand. for your

If you are a woman in biz, thinking of starting a biz or looking for some moral support, join my FB group.

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Does a DE C Corp need to file CA Foreign Qualification while it is just building software?

The team is made of tech people building software. We are not expected to launch for another few months, and so we will not be doing any transaction with anyone in the state while we code.It seems the term used in corp code is “transact intrastate business” which is defined as “entering into repeated and successive transactions of its business in this state, other than interstate or foreign commerce”.The company has no offices, no employees.Do we have to register in CA or can we wait until launch? (or some other milestone? what would be the trigger?)
? Should Hackathon Mentors do it for Free ?

I’ve been asked to mentor a Hackathon upcoming weekend in a city 3h away. It seems they expect me to do it for free. However, the winning teams will get monetary prizes. The institution who organises it will obviously benefit from the solutions.My issue here is that I am a trained Product Designer and part of my job is to come up with new products and services. I don’t feel comfortable giving my time away for free, while one of the teams might get the prize with a lot of my input.Is my thinking correct or am I missing something in here? Should I ask for money for being a mentor?
Just got my ticket to Slush Helsinki 2018!

I am super excited to go to Slush this December (4th till 5th)! Will some of you come?I just started looking for accommodation. Can anyone recommend good places to stay, especially where most likely also other slush visitor will stay?Cheers!As auto mod removed the post because of a 500 character minimum I am not quite sure whether this is the right subreddit to post ? Slush does not have its own subreddit,…………………………………………………………..sorry just filling
Can a founder buy his founder stock with cash (and 83b it)?

The company was just incorporated and doesn’t have a bank account yet (and may not need one for a while - devs are just cranking code), so nowhere to deposit a check.Should the transaction be a check or can it be cash?If it’s a check, can it be held by the founder (who is acting as President & Treasurer) until such time that a bank account gets opened (and the check deposited), or is this going to be an issue later to “prove that the transaction happened on the right date”?Of course, the company (C Corp in DE) could simply open a bank account, which isn’t that difficult, but in order to do that, it should first be registered in CA (because banks require it), which is a whole other set of paperwork + ~$500, + the privilege of paying $800 an extra year. So it’s all doable but at this stage it may make more sense to work on the product than paperwork…Thanks in advance.


Food for thought:
• Kylie Jenner releases a lip gloss, and people buy it.
• Michael Jordan puts out a new shoe, and people buy it.
• Matthew McConaughey is the spokesman for a car, and people want it.
• Apple releases a new phone, and people stand in line for it.
• One Direction releases a perfume, and it becomes viral on social media.
But when a friend or family member starts a new business people are wary of supporting it.
What’s happening? Why are we so quick to support someone we don’t know? Yet, we come up with a million reasons to not support someone we know and love.
(All while contributing to a CELEBRITY’S ENDLESS BANK ACCOUNT.)
So, the next time you see a friend posting about their business, give them a quick like, comment, or share & help spread the word.
**You don’t even have to buy the product** but it will help them gain more exposure for their busines terms simple “like” really does help!
I have always made an effort to support those around me.
Hats off to all entrepreneurs and start ups!
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Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5
Cleaning with regular soap and running water or glasses cloth can only clean the surface of glasses. A lot of face oil, dust is still hiding in nook and cranny of the glasses.
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Using a token to pay bloggers

I have been thinking about adding a service to help outdoor and travel bloggers monitize. Currently we have a peer to peer equipment rental platform. I like the idea, but the original goal was to help people get out and enjoy the outdoors, not give rental companies a place to advertise. And that’s what it’s becoming.So what do you all think about this.We create a token. When a blogger submits a post we use, they are given X amount of tokens. The tokens could then be traded with other users for equipment. People could then “tip” the bloggers if they found their info useful.I would mostly be interested in your thoughts on how to do the token part of the idea.Thank you all!

The Origins of Disruptive Technologists

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The importance of your first users

Hey everyone, as I did last week, I want to share another article we wrote related to mobile development. I thought some of you might be interested in learning more about the Mobile development business and the process that comes with it. Hopefully this brings value to some of you!The importance of your first users Last week we wrote about building a first version of a mobile product in Building a true mobile MVP. However, building the product is actually half the battle (I’d say even less than that, but “half the battle” sounds too good to pass up). Marketing your application, working on having a decent growth, getting your first users and keeping them engaged are a different story. A lot of successful entrepreneurs say that ideas are worthless, and that execution is key. You can have the best product in the world, but it won’t be successful if you have no users. Pivot pivot pivotUnless your product is out there, you will never know how users will or would use your product, which is why you need to move quickly and get that first version out in the stores. Focus on the core problem you are trying to solve and ship it! Your first users should define, or at least help you define, the direction in which your product is going. Do you know Maybe. Do you know Probably. Did you know that Twitch came to life because the founders of noticed that a lot (if not the majority)of their users were using the platform to stream themselves playing video games? They decided to focus on that segment of users, and was born. The faster you launch your product, the faster you will be able to get that kind of insights and make the required changes to (hopefully)get that hockey stick growth. Version UpdatesBeing in close contact with your users also allows you to easily plan out your updates! When you buy a gift for a friend or a family member, is that gift based on the person’s interests or yours? Most of the time, it’s based on theirs. The same concept applies in product development. Why would you spend time (and money) building a new feature when you’re not even sure that is what your users truly want? What if there was a way of knowing what your users would like to see next? Well there is, you just have to interact with them. MarketingIt is imperative that you pamper those early adopters and closely listen to what they have to say. If you do, those same people will become promoters for your app, and this is the best possible marketing you can get: word of mouth from happy customers. There is not a better way (or cheaper way!) of getting new app installs than having people who love your product AND your team to refer it to their friends. At the end of the day, creating a product is about offering something of value to the customers. There are great tools available to learn more about your users’ behaviour, such as analytics, when you’ve reached a point where you cannot keep up with every single one of your users. In the beginning, you need to Do Things that Don’t Scale. But in the early stages, keeping it simple and interacting with your users can provide priceless information, which could be the main factor between a successful or unsuccessful business venture. And it’s free! Link to Article on Medium: Article