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If you have a successful business or business idea, you will eventually want to own a professional site. Learn what to look for in a build-it-yourself site so you don't get stuck and have to start over.

Setting up a small to medium size craft business in Dublin City. For advice on supports from Local Enterprise Office Dublin City,training, mentoring or sources of finance please book into our FREE business advice clinic

Facebook Restates Support For Nigerian Startups, Small Businesses and Solution Providers  Ventures Leading social network, Facebook has restated its commitment to continuously supporting and investing in the develo... via

Soft Space Co-Founder's New Proptech Startup Raises RM 5 Million in Seed Fund

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We think that this quote from the article itself serves it best, “If more workplaces built their culture on a foundation of compassion, people would be more satisfied and dignified at work.” (Article Link - )

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in the headlines every day because these Internet-based money systems are seemingly poised to revolutionize our world.

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Happy 420 day!



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Mascara + Liquid Lipstick + Shadow Palette



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5 Tech-Free Ways Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress

As an entrepreneur, a modicum of stress can do one good. Just the right amounts of stress propel us forward, and make us come to solutions that take our businesses onwards and upwards. However, too much stress ongoing can be crippling both mentally and physically. When one is extremely worried about varying stresses, it can be almost impossible to see possibility. And when you can’t see possibilities in front of you as an entrepreneur, you’re in big trouble.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 24. Here are five constants throughout my working life that have really helped keep my head and businesses together.

Five Tech-Free Ways Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress

- Keep a list of all the opportunities in your life

The file name for my list of opportunities is GOOD STUFF, and that’s just what opportunities are .. good! Check in with this list a couple of times a week and keep it updated on where things stand. You’ll find by doing this your stress levels go down as you see all the positive things you have ahead of you. Looking at this list will also make these opportunities closer to becoming a reality as you remind yourself constantly about the action items, and go forth and act on them. Some of my GOOD STUFF opportunities are opps that I am creating from scratch but by checking in with them frequently, I turn them into reality.

- Give back of your time to your friends and family

We all have friends and family that benefit from having time spent with them. It’s so easy to have a ready excuse when life becomes stressful to not spend time with these important people. I feel icky inside though if I stop spending time with those around me who could use some personal attention. That sense of contentment, fulfillment, fullness, that release of serotonin does the stress level good.

- Get sweaty 6 days a week for the minimum of an hour each day. (In Nature if you can). 

Everyone says this when asked about how to manage one’s stress level and there’s a reason!

Absolutely make exercise a priority when scheduling out your week. Make time to do it and you’ll find that you spend your working time far more efficiently. No matter how disastrous your entrepreneurial life is feeling on a specific day, you will have done something for the good of yourself. And that is something about which to feel proud. For those months when the weather is amenable, exercise in nature. There is nothing like spending time amongst the trees, lapping waves, the hedges and flowers to bring a sense of calm to one. I live in Manhattan much of the time, and I have a very different view of NYC than most people; I spent so much time running up the West Side highway to the tip of Manhattan (listening to podcasts), that I find NYC really a very calming place. For me!

- Cook for your friends

Your friends are your team, and you are theirs! Invite them over and cook dinner for them. You can’t cook? You find the kitchen stressful? Calm down! Go to a delish deli or market and pick up some prepared food and warm it up when your friends come over. I cook a ton, that is part of my business, and I’m still convinced my friends are not coming over for my food but rather for the time spent with those they love. Giving to your friends by offering them a meal will certainly lower your stress level as you will have kicked ideas around with them, laughed very hard, and realised what is important in life.

- Read and listen

As an entrepreneur, you put ideas into action. When I get extremely stressed, I find it really hard to be creative and this can be debilitating for my business. Just like with exercise, I set aside time almost daily to read. Usually this means first thing in the morning when I’m fresh and alert. And not just non-fiction which tends to be the reading material of choice for entrepreneurs but I also read fiction. Reading helps sparks ideas, it provides a fresh escape, and it often helps to put my own world into context. For those who hate to read, listen to audible books. Also, I listen to many podcasts, most of which come from outside the USA for a fresh perspective. Not reading stresses me out; I feel like I am getting dumber by the day if I don’t read.

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3 essentials for every SEO campaign before you even begin with keyword research
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