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Competition is the next challenge you will face when starting a business.Competition keeps us on our toes and drives us to constantly improve our products and services.     

In this article, you’ll learn: > 5 tactics/strategies that will make you a more profitable and confident player

In this article, you’ll learn: >How Should High Rake Impact Your Poker Strategy

Full Live Schedule for 2019 WSOP: A list of the all the events confirmed for the 2019 World Series of Poker.

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In this article, you’ll learn: >What Not to Do Online: Value Betting Against Chops

Today we’ll cover 10 Cash Game Poker tips that will help you dominate your cash game competition. You’ll learn when to bluff on the flop, how to play versus limps, and more.

In this article, you’ll learn: >how to identify spots in which a tricky slow-play is more profitable

I’ll be speaking at this year, talking about and marketing to help you win the long game.

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Battle of Lake Trasimene

This battle was fought between Hannibal Barca of Carthage and Gaius Flaminius of Rome. Flaminius at the time was Consul, the highest position achievable in the state. He directly led the army against Hannibal as the latter emerged from the Alps. This was a time of great turmoil. Hannibal had crossed during the winter when Roman priorities had been dragged elsewhere, and his successful crossing meant that Rome – the most powerful nation on earth – had to fight a war on its own soil, not far from its gates. This battle is greatly lauded because Hannibal performed the first Turning-Movement in history. He took that a step further and executed an ambush that’s gone unmatched in its carnage and thoroughness.

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What I learned from watching the Pokemon Go hype.

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This is a fun theory regarding the shortages of amiibos that happen at the beggining of their sell. 

histimetoshine  asked:

Can you try to explain from a PR perspective why NT would want to go so extra making it seem more real? Why would Louis' family be so supportive in this stunt? Surely It is by choice.


As anyone else, I have no idea of what they’re really doing here. What I’m sure of, from a PR perspective, as you say, is that they’re not doing anything to make it actually look real. Either this is NT or OT (I think it’s NT because they’re being very carefully on the fence, which is their typical strategy), they know what the classic, accepted ways to show a final, regular baby situation are. And we haven’t gotten them here. I think NT is aware of what lines not to cross before they have all of us finally leaving due to accepting this is a definitive situation and that we’ve been fooled for months and those lines, the canoninc, very simple lines, haven’t been crossed, and to make up for that we’ve been flooded with embarassing, inappropriate, over the top and unusual tricks. Such as impersonal pics or always sad Louis or that absurd papwalk in the rain with the baby crying or Louis’ reply to the pap, which? 

This is a very important point to me. They have been very careful not to sell this as definitive and not shady to the fandom for a reason. And considering their current situation, I still think that reason should be only a denial and the end of the stunt. That said, observing the general mood, I don’t think they have much time left, unless they really count on a big boom, beside wrapping babygate up, that would bring everyone back, but I don’t know.

obviouslymeandyou  asked:

Sorry to butt in but I think your persistent anon has a bit of tunnel vision. Yes, it would have made a lot of sense to end it with a paternity denial after the weeks of relative silence if they WANTED to end it quietly and (as far is it ever could be) normally. They clearly do not, with the embarrassing stroller papwalk and the fuss TMZ is kicking up over #endbabygate. Instead of "minimizing the damage", I see this as maximizing the damage to OT when people put together what was going on.

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Oh, yes, I think you’re onto something. Add to that today’s little twitter baby emoji and the purposefully weirdly angled retweeted article about Simon! And God knows what’s coming in the next days…

Who wants to be you?

Management of people is the logistics of everything that you don’t have full control of, management is not about control but empowerment. You give people the illusion that they are controlling the ship. But their quasi-controls (opinions) should give you the knowledge and foresight to steer clear of the iceberg.

People respect trust, and when the whole team trusts each other, only then can they be called a team. “I don’t care if I fall or fail, because I am so confident that someone will be there to catch me.” (words of a top manager)*

To be truly the best manger, you need open ears. I’m not talking about with staff, but you need to listen to everything, read everything and stay ahead of everyone. You need to be ahead of gossip, and never the subject of the gossip.

You should be, father, leader, inspiring and a visionary for the venue you manage. Everyone looks up to you, if you are not the best at the above then your logistical chain of the positive mind conveyer belt does not deliver effective packages. 

Managing people is not mind control, but it’s very close. You have to be confident in what you do, but not only that, you also need others to have the confidence in you and what you do.

If you start to let people down, or appear unfair, then you start to bring down the system. It will make people lose confidence in you, and they will pass that on the logistical conveyer to the next and next person. So now, even if you meant no harm everyone has received the memo about the unfairness.

The damage depends on the reputation and respect given to the preacher who delivers the sermon, and weather they have multiple preachers.

When the damage is deep and your team has lost all respect for you, then there is no going back and unfortunately then it’s time to chuck in the towel.

There are thin lines between success and failure, when you are the leader of a people, you need to be beyond reproach. The minute you are not, that’s it, unfortunately.

*Fictional quote used for illustration

Augmented Reality for Small Business

Augmented reality is a fairly new concept. The main idea of augmented reality is to add electronic messages as text, photos, videos, web links and others to the real world through a device such as screen of the phone or glasses (Google Glass). The purpose of this technology is to enrich person’s perception of reality and add useful information to objects. The example of this technology could be build-in the windshield of a car navigation or contact lenses that allow wireless calls (Greenemeier, 2011). Even though these technologies seem very distinct and complicated, there is real use for them today.

There are two augmented reality technologies small businesses can implement right today.

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The Anti-Valentine's Date and Other Strategies for Singles Awareness Day

If you’re seeing someone -that is, someone you had more than three 1-on-1 dates with- you can ask her out for Valentine’s Day.

Anything less than that is tricky. Being together on Valentine’s Day means you two are exclusive and an item. The lady and you might like each other, but if you haven’t met her three times yet, it probably is too soon to share such a day.

Your delivery will determine everything. That’s not an exaggeration, either. 

If you had exactly three dates with her:

You can say, “Hey, I don’t mean to be in a rush or overly romantic, but it IS Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, and I was wondering if you’re free that night. Maybe I can make dinner for us?

This is good, because 1) it’s too late now to make a reservation at a nice restaurant, 2) going out for a Valentine’s Day dinner is for couples anyways and you’re not exactly there yet, 3) you still get to do something nice and romantic for her, 4) it’s nice and romantic but still casual, and 5) you change things up by inviting her over your place. 

If you had only two dates with her up to now: 

It’s risky, but you can still ask her out for Valentine’s like in the delivery above. But instead of making dinner at your place, suggest something more casual and less romantic like burgers or pizza, then go watch a silly movie.

This is the Anti-Valentine’s Date, and she might appreciate this immensely, because she wants to spend time with you but not in an uber-romantic setting, since she doesn’t know you well yet.

If you had only one date with her up to now: 

Suggest hanging out this week or this weekend prior to V-Day. That’s all.

Why? Sadly but realistically, she will probably not be your Valentine’s. She might have plans with her girlfriends or even another guy! All you can do is ask her out before or after V-Day, and probably after is better. When V-Day is over and the coast is clear, call her and re-boot things with her again.

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day (SAD):

You might as well go to a singles party or go out with a wing-man and hit up a few bars. If you find two girls together, you know they’re available and approachable.

Execute everything with strategy and gusto, my friend.