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Hay modelitos de los que nunca te aburres. 💙💙💙 Esta camisa de ⭐⭐⭐ es uno de ellos.

Our next entry to our competition is this stunning shot of the Northern lights over snowcovered trees by Linus Lindblom using a single exposure with a Pentax K-1 and D-FA 50mm* F/1.4. A superb capture and amazing colours! 🌠

"𝐘𝐞𝐬 𝐝𝐮𝐝𝐞, 𝐢𝐭'𝐬 𝟔 𝐩𝐦" my sorrow dear :') App: Pixel Studio (android) Duration: 2 hrs

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It ain't no , but motivated many of us to get up early not only to observe the . RIP 💜💛🏀

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i rly was having a crisis earlier tn bc i do not believe space is real. past what we can see like yall i am deadass. literally.

past what we can see w the naked eye? doesnt exist. how do we know the telescopes in space are actually seeing these mindblowing things “lightyears away” what the fuck is a light year how the fuck do you measure light.

seriously im deadass it just doesnt fucking make sense. and oh ok we’re just supposed to believe nasa? like. it. the math doesnt add up. the government probably just owns nasa but they say they arent connected. and nasa like gets paid and made to say that oh hey we found new planets and stuff that you cant actually see from earth?? and ur like? u just believe it bc??

they say they have all this info and this technology to gain the info but what if they just making this shit up and showing it to us and they THINK that its fine and well believe them bc theyre the only ones with the technology like no average joe is gna have the smarts to try andndisprove it.

and they say like. theyre not govt owned so people donate to it,,,,,,,, theyre gaining so much money to do WHAT? its a scam. it really is a scam. like theyre using the $ for something else. you know. the govt is just like. shouldnt be trusted theyre making up shit.

i dont think space expands any farther than we can see on earth with the eye+whatever telescope we have not like a fancy techno nasa level telescope (bc we dont have that technology!!

and no i will not be taking questions at this time

It’s been ten long years...

The Stars were released about a decade ago. They were the last six Bionicle sets we would get for the next five years, and the last in the original run.

I know these sets are pretty polarizing. Lacking in both articulation and rebuild value, they’re either detested or ignored except in a select few cases, where they’re adored.

Personally, I find the Stars to be underappreciated. Yes, they’re bad. They’re fragile. They’re poorly colored and not very well planned. But honestly? I kind of love them. 

They’re a combination of goofy and adorable. Weird jutted necks, diminished proportions, and simplified color schemes, they feel like the Chibi versions of serious anime characters, and with their height in comparison to other sets around the same time, standing above most matoran before 2008, yet shorter than any toa released after 2004, they hit that perfect middle ground of looking like a petulant teenager, or someone who gets picked on for their height.

Given my tendency to post pictures with Stars Takanuva (Oranges has full claim on Stars Tahu at this point), I think it’s clear that I really like these figures. They’re not my favorite bionicles by any means, but if I had to take one with me on a vacation or something like that, I would absolutely choose tiny Takanuva.

But I also want to hear your thoughts! What do you all think of the Stars? Hate them? Love them? Want to throw them off a roof? Let me know!


Cumberland River, Victoria

I never knew the night sky could be so hugely, incredibly wide. It is a shame, I fiind it impossible to perceive it tin its entirety, even with these majestic cliffs encroaching on my vision from all angles. This is one of the greatest tragedies of life, I think. That I will never see a full night sky.

Allow me to paint you a scene:

Cliffs to either side watch you with a thousand faces. The water is ice cold, running over the rocks. There are deeper pools and waterfalls further in the surrounding bush, along transcendent forest trails.

The beach is littered with stones and rock formations to explore, where the waves bash themselves against the coast and the ghosts of bats linger in a hidden cave.

At night, the sound of the stream rushing by is interrupted by the growl of night animals. The stars have never seemed so beautiful or the sky so wide.


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#accionpoetica (en Villa Constitución, Santa Fe)

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