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So It's Because The Logo on Their Map Is Black, That Why They Are All Senseless And Black 😂 Ah! Cause I Believe Anything STAR Always Shine Bright. Retweet For Naija Like For Ghana

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Come and see ☣ɦɛʀֆɦɛʏ⚠️'s LIVE in : i see yall comin in please share fb/Twitter

ثم إن التفاؤل عدوى.. ومجالسة المتفائلين والأطفال تورث حب الحياة وصفاء النفس وسعة الصدر وبشاشة الوجه.. كونوا متفائلين من أجل أنفسكم.. ومن أجل من حولكم..

An (lower right) and orbiting the red supergiant Betelgeuse. Also, my previous image from near the surface of the exomoon. From my in .

Tο μεσημεριανό Δελτίο Ειδήσεων του Star, στις 15:00 με την Ελένη Τσαγκά Δείτε τα Δελτία και τις Εκπομπές του Star στο

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Idk what I was going for I just wanted to experiment with colors and borders lol


Fallin’ (Alicia Keys) - Jessica Doolan

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12 Star

Marvin sighed, seeing Star stumble into his office, feeling his blood boil as he saw his condition. “Jackson,” he snapped, anger blazing in his eyes as the man sat down, barely conscious enough to respond. “Mmh…” “Wake the fuck up, what the hell happened to you!?” Jackson stirred, his eyes heavy. “N-Nothing…just…a few scrapes–” “You are bleeding out, Star!” Marvin was furious. “God, I fucking hate you sometimes, you know that?!” Though it was just in the moment, the words struck right through Star, his eyes watering. “Y-Yeah…I…I know,” he said weakly.