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Excited to see that our is hard at work this Monday morning. We are so packed, we had to buy more student chairs from

Fun run coming up and yes I Will work one day (as a Janitor)

Well done and congratulations to Team Staples. The @berkeleycommunications team were excellent today in delivering happiness to London office workers on Blue Monday. . . .

. what a scam you guys are running. is selling this for $3.99 at REGULAR PRICE. $10.49 really?

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Thank you to for the fantastic tour today. It’s made me appreciate my 5 a day a whole lot more 👍🏻😋

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2...Did hack via a slow ride home to use "Stingray Cell tower" Cloud Sever! & did have hillary's "Maid"print @ a Hacked

Morning TopCashbackers 👋 It's the day to get organised 🖊️ If you're in need of stationary or office supplies, make sure to get them from Staples, with 12% exclusive cashback it's not to be missed. 👉

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When you’re in 9th fucking grade and yet you still manage to accidentally staple your finger. Thankfully I took a few pics while in the nurse’s office

Eco-friendly Office Supplies with Paper Clinch

One thing you guys may not know about me is that I love office supplies. I always have, all throughout school and even now as an adult. I love having pens that make my handwriting look nice and write smooth, and other neat, unique supplies to brighten up my desk a bit.

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Last night, I called Staples to see if they had fountain pens at the store or if I had to buy them from their website. The one who answered said I could go to the store and buy them there, and so, I was enraptured enough to post the tweet you see above. It made me more ecstatic when they actually replied!



Bostitch SP19 ¼ Stainless Steel staples by Salco, 3/8-inch crown, ¼-inch leg length. Interchangeable with Bostitch SP19 ¼. Chisel point.

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 2 × 1 in