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Does this remind you of what is sitting behind the teacher's desk in your room? If so make sure you are signed up to shop at We may just call out your name as we give away 3 new chairs each shopping day through the end of April Thank you

Need staples or mallet caps? Currently we are running a special deal on mallet caps if you buy 3 at a time, so now is the time to stock up!

Daily : Orange channel support failing... consumer staples could be in trouble...

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trading as in administration with 1,200 jobs at risk. The struggling stationery chain formerly known as collapsed less than a year after filing a CVA. The has been in our throughout

Shopping for stationary at has never been as fun as it has been with (and yes everything did have to be rainbow 🌈)

At Me: Can I get this (one piece of paper) photocopied on cardstock? Employee: We’re not taking custom orders right now. You can drop it off now (12 pm) and pick it up at 3 pm. Me: That’s okay, thanks. Me (inside my head):

Quality meets taste! Explore our wide range of organic, high-quality and add wholesomeness to your meals! Head to our website shop now.

talk about being innovative, how about respecting the neighborhoods your in, Keele St. location is consistently filthy with trash all around the exterior of your store every day

Daily : New Chart! Johnson & Johnson produces so many of daily products we use its good proxy for consumer staples (also a large Dow 30 component). It has retreated back to channel support, but bounced so far. Until orange breaks though, no bear conf

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ぼくの好きなアーティストが愛用してるノートなのですが、 どこの文房具店に行っても売ってなかったので、Amazonで一冊5000円で買いました(笑) このノート売ってるお店を知ってる方は是非情報提供お願いします😭

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#instock #gaurantee #staples save $10 if they don’t SEE store display for details #ricco #ricwallace #starvingartist #savemoney (at Staples Business Depot, White Rock)

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just heard a bunch of thumps and a bang like something big fell from the ceiling and then a few seconds later gavin goes “STAPLES !?” so i opened my door and he just fucking walked in and started eating like he hadn’t just busted down the fucking ceiling to get in

My cousins were in town and we were visiting them and we all went to Staples to shop for school supplies except when we got there, all the shelves had been moved so that there was just this wide open area and in the open area there was a huge mountain of fruity candy.