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I wore a skirt to work today, and noticed the hem had fallen out of it.

Ran back to Los Santos today cus i ain't missin Monday Night Wrestling Today and since it's in Basket Center, i'm in! Thinkin i might stay cus the whether is legit shityπŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ Center

This is what happens when you don’t pay attention

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Is this a new design for Staples? WHAT IS IT. A giant staple, I get it, but why so huge? Disproportionately giant, why is it shaped like a cheap desk? I HATE IT.

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December 15, 2019

I had just got off work (the first picture with no scar is right before I went to work) and I was heading home to my apartment with two roommates and my dog. My roommates were pretty loud, so I was semi-excited to go home. Anyways, I get off work at 9:30pm and it is pouring rain. I run to my car, put my phone on my dash-phone-holder, and go. As I did, and that’s the last conscious thing I remember. I awoke once in a period of four days and it was on my way to the hospital in the ambulance, I could not see, I was strapped down and I could not talk, I did not know I was in an ambulance or that I was hurt, I could only hear people telling me to stop moving and be still. Which of course, I was not. I had no idea where I was or what was happening! So that’s the last thing I remember and four days later I wake up in a hospital bed to screaming, I think “the girl I nanny is crying, I gotta get up and get her” so I try. Little did I know, I had just had major surgery and was not supposed to be out of bed let alone picking up anything. My mom got me back in bed and when I woke again there were doctors asking me what I remember and all this other crap. I was told I had crashed my car, i was hit head-on at a light on the highway. My airbags didnt deploy and i could’ve died. I was told there was a ex-firefighter who witnessed it and came to my rescue and gave me CPR until medics arrived. I was told it was my fault by the insurance. I had 32 staples in my stomach and 27 stitches in my face, 2 broken bones, a ruptured carotid artery, 2 fractured teeth, receding gums, and back problems forever. I’m sharing this for anyone who feels like they cant be themselves with their scars. I’m sharing my story for you. Because I didnt think I would feel beautiful ever again and I do. I feel more beautiful and alive than ever.


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