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Cue ‘Rocky’ theme song

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Highlighting and protecting steps with bright colours, and a non-slip surface. Improve safety with GRP Stair Nosing.

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HeatTrak electric mats! You can keep snow and ice off walkways, stairs, and even your driveway with these new heated snow melting mats.

Electric Snow Melting Mats

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Light inspired. How much are you relying on natural light in your photography? It's cheap, it's natural and always there (except the nighttime).

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Stepping into fall

Edinburgh, Scotland

By Periscope9


Spiral Staircase by Richard Walker
Via Flickr:
View of the Art Deco Spiral Staircase and chrome hand rails at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, UK


I’m still really proud of this one. Made this cut out animation like 1,5 year ago. The stair cycle isn’t smooth at all. But still it looks kinda smooth? Happiness

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Liminal Spaces I’ve found while at college

These literally only apply to me and probably wont make sense to anyone who doesnt go to college with me but like. My campus has tons of liminal space and you can find yourself in it at any given time. Its such a strange thing. I love it here. If this gains any traction and anyone wants to hear about or see the stuff mentioned I’ll see what i can do.

-the laundry room in my building after 10pm

-the elevator, very early in the morning and very late at night

-the stairwell that leads to the tiny usually unused back door

-my hallway when half the lights are out because nothing has moved on the whole floor for several hours

-The main road cutting through campus when its empty and the whole campus is quiet.

-All of the practice rooms in the music building.

-the bridge from the main part of campus to the extended part of campus

-the 2nd floor of the music building at night

-the cafe area of LMB after classes are done and they close for the night, with the only light coming from the large wall-mount TVs

-the gender neutral bathrooms

-the peace garden

-the basement of the dining hall building

-the elevator in the music building

-Public Safety Building, especially like. When youre looking into it at night from the street.

-from the living room outside of my corner of this floor, you can see out into the streets below. Theres a building with this soda machine outside it. There’s just something about that lot.

Will add to this post. These are also kinda subjective. If anyone cares enough to add from their own school experiences in the notes feel free.