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These of ours have us all 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Let us know how we can make you feel the same about your next !

Concord Terrazzo Company can support many stair structure designs. We have the ability to create anti-slip stair treads and tread and riser combinations using TERRAZZCO epoxy resin and aggregates Learn more about precast terrazzo stairs:

"No tengas miedo de renunciar lo bueno para ir a por lo grande" -John D. Rockefeller. 🍃

The Boyne Chamfered stair range is a symbol of bare minimalism. A mix and match effect can be created by using the primed spindles and newel posts with Oak or Walnut newel posts.

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An nice example of how an external can be made into a garden feature and save space. We installed this one at a holiday cottage in .

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Baby steps…

Today I tried using one crutch around the house. And I managed!

I also finished my course of steroid tablets (which is a big thing for me because I’ve NEVER been able to swallow tablets but I managed 5-a-day for 5 days there!)

I had a piano lesson which felt completely normal and I progressed well. I’ve got next steps to work on.

I went out for hot chocolate with some family friends and managed to walk up a steep incline (using two crutches because the ground wasn’t flat enough for my liking or confidence 😂)

I even crawled/walked up the stairs to bed tonight!!!

These little things all seem so trivial and baby-ish but they’re actually amazing leaps on my road to symptom recovery and release! I am so happy that I’ve been able to regain little pieces of my independence through all these little things today!

I’m still new to this whole “living-with-illness” thing, but my goodness am I ready to ace it!


Sunday morning walk posted on a Tuesday #mosaic #stairs #sanfrancisco #Sundaymorning #color #publicart #6secvideo

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