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Montmartre at night 🇫🇷⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 〰

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First outdoor & 4 sets of are in the books. I didn’t die, but it was definitely not my best time. If you haven’t been outside yet today, I suggest you go out & enjoy this beautiful day!

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Second in a series of commercial stairs designed for the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Commercial stairs that reflect the emblematic Montreal hotel, designed by Bättig.

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810,000 €

250m² / 2690ft²

Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, France.

Mini vaca .33

So as you all have probably read, I went on a mini vacation Easter weekend! This was mainly for my boyfriend’s birthday, but it was so much fun! we had the rock concert on Thursday, then Friday we packed up and drove down to Branson, MO to watch the Dixie Stampede for dinner. then Saturday we woke up early and went to Silver Dollar City! The first thing we did there was take a cave tour. unfortunately, the cave was flooded, so instead of getting to walk down the 400 steps, go through the cave and ride a train out, we had to walk down and then up the 400 stairs back to the beginning. my legs hurt so much for that one. we stayed there until about 5, then we went to a Hibachi dinner, and we took some Old Time Photos, then we got him an ice cream cake from DQ, and we finished the night off with Mini golf. Sunday we tried to go to an outlet mall, but most everything was closed for Easter, so we started driving back and we stopped in Springfield, Mo to go walk around the Bass Pro shop. We legit walked around for 3 hours and didn’t buy a single thing. then we grabbed lunch at a place called Braums, and we drove back to Marshall. when we got home, I took a 2 hour nap, and then we had some homework assignments to finish up. I had so much fun, but my body is sore and bruised in random places from the roller coasters and all the walking. I would definitely do it all again thought, because i had such a good time with everyone. 


#OOTN #dress-curvish moments on the #staircase @rosaiiriisss

✈️🏡🔚 And so… The 4-5 day TC2.0 weekend comes to an end.

🎉✊👏 By the looks of it… Many of you had a FANTABULOUS time!

↗️ Which is what it’s all about.
For each part of our lives… To be made a little (or a lot) more awesome than the norm.

👔 Even the not exciting things that we have to do @ life.

🏠🔙 Either way… You’re going to head back home at some point today, if you ‘tripped’ it this weekend.


Si son de madera pueden seguir siendo eléctricas?
O cómo es la vuelta ahí? 🤔

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