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Reading Suspicious Minds and CRYING

Late night thoughts ig

We always see so many fics about like billy breaking down and. Crying to Steve stuff like that and it actually breaks my heart because that’s a very plausible thing. Take it from a kid who was abused, it Chabges you as a person. (Uh Sorry my typing is weird, I’m laying down and rlly tired) and like, I wanna see some of billy taking a self care day because those are so fucking hard for me as an abused kid, and I just wanna see billy flourish and be more than he is now. And it’s like, I really don’t understand how antis could be so cold to an abused kid, like yeah he’s being shitty in the way he deals with it, but he’s obviously going thru a pretty traumatic thing and people react differently with it. I used to be a very angry kid (kinda still am) and that was how I delt with the fact that I had so many uncomfortable feelings and had so much going on in my home life. Another thing: Susan is Billy’s step mom, so that means his mom and dad obviously got a divorce, and man those are hard to deal with, even when they happen when you’re young. They can be pretty traumatic things, it was for me. And I hear it’s even worse when it happens when you’re older. This kid has so much going against him, of course he’s gonna react to it. Sadness is usually a secondary emotion, your primary one being anger that you use to hide the sadness, and it’s obvious that this abused kid has no way of dealing with his issues, dealing with the things he goes thru or dealing with the feelings he has. He’s been removed from his home, where he probably did have people to talk to about this kinda stuff, had friends, had a social life, but he’s been relocated to a completely different atmosphere and that kind of change can really take a toll on somebody. There’s so many factors that go into his life, his character that make it really hard for me to just paint him as a sociopath. The way he treats max is completely unfair, and I truly hope he gets at least a smal redemption arch with her because that relationship could be so good between the two of them. For all we can tell, violence is all Billy’s known, from his dad hurting him. It’s completely logical for somebody like him to be taking it out on somebody, and that person happens to me max. It’s completely unfair to max, because she’s obviously done nothing wrong to deserve it, but you also gotta realize that apparently a lot of the issues between Neil and billy happen because of her, and that’s probably where a lot of his anger is coming from. That’s probably why he treats her like such shit, is because she’s the reason his dad is such a dick to him. Another thing: Susan apparently does nothing to stop Neil, and man that can really fucking hurt a kid. That happened with me, and it makes you feel so fuckun alone, so fucking disconnected from your entire household, it takes a tremendous toll on somebody’s mental health. I truly think billy is an abused kid who has no idea how to deal with his feelings, has no way to deal with all the things he deals with. It’s really fucking sad because I can tell I’m the same way a lot of the time and it’s like, I know I’m not the only one who can relate to billy because of all these different things, and I guess that’s why I get so defensive when antis come and try trashing on people for liking characters like billy, because you never truly know why somebody likes a character, and it’s so harmful to blatantly talk shit about somebody who you feel so connected to. Idk I’m tired and crying and just needed to get this off my chest. Feel free to reblog, add comments, whatever you’d like. Just know I’m really not willing to fight over this, and will probably just ignore you if you try to talk shit about this with me. Goodnight.

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“@” SCARED text.

{A scared text voicemail}


It’s Joyce, I don’t know why you’re not picking up, if you’re at the cabin, or…. where you are because I called the station too and Flo said you left hours ago.

Will… I wanna take him to the hospital. A real hospital, not the lab. Not that…. place. Call me back. Please. I’ll try you again in a few minutes. He’s… bad again.

Hop – call me. Bye.