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@reponebyprodigyfitness rock’n the Trinity Long Shirt backstage before hitting the stage! Perfect cover up after spray tan and while pumping up💪.

Ct. Wedding Photography / Della Bella Photography / Stonington Borough / Lake of Isles Wedding Della Bella Photography specializes in capturing those special candid moments!

RT LatinasinSTEM | RT nieves_guzman: Super proud of RoniMateo213 A year ago she didn’t have research experience and so far she has presented three posters already! Being your mentor has been a pleasure! 👩🏻‍🔬

Old Tour Ancestry Travel visit Genealogy Scottish Family History Blog photograph of boys in a rowing boats in the harbour in , and 1710 story of seven young St Andrews lads, full of adventure

Found Dog .Petersburg Florida please help this caring person by sharing details - thank you! For full details and latest news visit above link to reach foundlostdogs website

When you lose a tooth on holiday munching on a late night ⁦⁩ lemon curd donut 🍩 let’s hope the Merryn fairy is on duty tonight!

Vote for me to perform for $50K Grand Prize at . Louis All Ages 5/6/19!

Knowing what you are and what you want makes you an arrow flying towards your aim... Когда знаешь, кто ты и что ты хочешь, становишься стрелой, летящей к цели... * *

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@stewart_sisters_jsd • • • • • • . . 🕴🏼D A N C E D A D C H A L L E N G E🕴🏼 . Challenge no1 - today we challenged our Dad @elliot_judo_stewart to do a box jump!! . How do you think he did? . What shall we challenge him to do next? .

. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival Be part of Community Show! contact to book time audition/meeting COMMUNITY MUSICAL AUDITION Audition Wed. May 1st 5.30pm - 8.30pm PRODUCTION DATES: Aug 22-24, 2019 @StLawrenceShakespeareFestival

Ego so big, you must admit 👉🏻 I got every reason to feel like I'm that bitch 💁🏻‍♀️ • • • When you wake up ready for Monday + motivated to tackle that to-do list because you know the rewards on the other side of that hard work are 💯 👏🏻🙌🏻

Countdown to 4/5/19 be our guest . Thomas Catholic church Zing Taraba State

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ST entrega certificados de Bachillerato a operadores de fábrica

El Secretario del Trabajo en el Estado, José Luis Aguilera Rico, hizo entrega de los certificados a operadores de fábrica, quienes concluyeron sus estudios de nivel Bachillerato. Esta es una iniciativa de la Federación Regional de Trabajadores “Fernando Amilpa” en conjunto con la empresa de capacitación para la acreditación del bachillerato “Gestión Educativa Superior”.

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Positive Uhura and Spock/Uhura tags, free of hate

Following in the footsteps of the CBS Elementary fandom, I proposed the idea of Uhura and Spock/Uhura to also have a positive tag. Like the Elementary ”squee” tag called #elementasquee, we would put only positive posts, graphics and fanworks in this tag while reminding those on the regular tag to use it if they wish. It’s been voted on and the tag names have been decided. They are “uhuralove”, “spuhuralove” and “spyotalove.” Feel free to tag all your positive Uhura and Spock/Uhura centric posts and follow the tags. Enjoy. Thank You

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4-19 - Went to Aqui with ST. Got one of their swirls. It tastes really good, you can barely taste the alcohol but it’s really strong. I only drank half of it and then I threw up in the bathroom. Good night. 

4-20 - Hung out with RK and JL. Just walked around downtown. I didn’t see JL this year yet I think but I was gonna see her at the wedding anyway. 

4-21 - Went to Easter service today and JT and JL(the other one) came too we so we caught up and ate lunch after. It’s nice to talk to people you were friends with years ago who are still cool.