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Le nuove funzioni di HVCP: certificato gratuito con Let’s Encrypt

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Assure your customers that all your website pages are secure with certification. Find out more.

Assure your customers that all your website pages are secure with certification. Find out more.

اخبار اليمن - مدير عام يطلع على سير الامتحانات بمدرسة 22مايو للبنات

Nesta era de "criptografar tudo", os usuários finais tendem a acreditar que criptografia é uma propriedade básica de websites.  Saiba como e por que tornar seus serviços mais seguros.

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That used to be us

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I gave him your Mossimo jumper

The one I wore religiously while I waited for you

The comfort I pulled out every winter

Imagining your arms around me while I drifted to sleep

I was letting you go, but claiming him

He wore it better

And I had new memories

They were better than the ones I had of you

Felt his arms around me

Love instead of loneliness

It meant so much to me for so long,

That jumper

And he took it overseas

Forgetting where it came from

Meaningless to him

He wore it with no thoughts of me

And I had no thoughts of you

But he’s gone

And he’s not coming back

It’s winter.

I’m so cold.

- ssl


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#Mixing a #song on an #SSL is awesome… See my point of view of the #session! Check this out! > (at Los Angeles, California)

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Solid State Logic


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Thank you @solidstatelogic new board to educate the youth! API is next! #itecaudiostudios #musicproducer #ssl #itecdisciples #shopitec

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