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Chef Enrique 👨🏻‍🍳 🦐🥑🍆

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Yumi, también les mando regalito. perdón pero en vacaciones pierdo la noción del tiempo no me di cuenta que ya era sabado 🙈

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レガリア入庫しましたよー! ぱとなのブライトとドライブしてきた(道間違えたとは言えない)

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今日はかけるの生誕ありがとうございました😊 かけるが幸せそうでよかったなー。 いやー。よかった。 みんなありがとうございました! 同じグループでお祝いできてよかった。ほんとによかったーーーー!!! お誕生日おめでとさん。

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anonymous asked:

If you live in the US, do you know how one gets classified as legally disabled? (As in getting on social security disability payments) if you don't know that's cool too.

I do live in the US, but I’m not toooo familiar on the SSD/I process or what qualifies you. I know you must have an actual impairment (disability) that prohibits you from working, possibly for a certain amount of time (like I’ve been out of work x amount of time because of the disability and haven’t improved), but don’t quote me on that. There are probably some conditions that are “more eligible” than others, for example physical disabilities and ones that interfere with personal care too, but just because you have it it doesn’t mean you’ll just be assumed inable to work you’ll still have to prove. There’s an evaluation process as well as getting lawyers to present your care (expensive, long, difficult process, but hopefully worth it).

I found this website that seems to have a general overview, but it doesn’t have specifics. Here’s a screenshot of the most relevant part:

Here is the SS website of a list of (adult) conditions that are eligible for SSD. If you click on each one I think it gives a more indepth thing but my phone doesn’t like opening up links so I’m not sure.

Overall, if you have a condition that interferes with your ability to work under any category (medical, mental, psychological, psychiatric), you’re eligible. You need a diagnosis, proof/evidence, and lawyers who know what they are talking about. I hope this helps!