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Its been a while but i'm happy to see and meet you again both Tsong Salamat sa opportunidad!☺️


昨日白ちゃんか70に! …実は60装備とかでね IL270でした←w 387にできて 武器ぎ弱!やってラールガで にゃむちんに教えてもろて 399に!よし! 写真は、お耳、お耳…の私w また耳動かしてもらおーと♡ よし、仕事ー… 頑張れ私(´;д;`)

หลังจากที่หายไป 1 อาทิตย์ได้ ก่อนนอนเมื่อคืนเข้าไปดูสักหน่อย..😯😯 ได้ยอด OD มาโอ้ยยย ครั้งแรกของยอดนี้.สายเต่าค่อยๆคลาน..55.. มาสมัครเป็นช่างภาพกันฟรีๆ ผ่านมือถือได้แล้วจ้าาา

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller

[SSまとめ] にこ「はいちゅうも~く! 持ち物検査しまーす」8人「……」SS

Dean Winchester Brother, Hunter, Lover, Sarcastic, Smart Ass, Badass, Awesome √ Explicit 18^ √ This Hunters Officially W/ √ AU/SpnRP/ √ Seeking SLs √ Banter √ No one liners √ DMs Open

[SSまとめ] 【変態淑女】穂乃花「カレンちゃん。日本の飲食店で働くには『検便』しないといけないの」 SS

アーカイブ公開しました! 【デビルサマナー】#4 はじめての悪魔合体。これが女神転生なんやな…!【メガテンシリーズ初心者の初見プレイ記】 さんから

うふふー(ノ)'ω`(ヾ) 特に何するでもなく いつも通り、のんびりー… …いいのか?ほんとにいいのか? 遊びたいんじゃないのか!? と思いながら、リのちは まったりしてしまってますw …うふふ、うふふだよw

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Wow chudataniki rendu kallu chalatledu.. Syeraa and Saaho tell about this pic🏇🚔

創作SS「鮮やかな青と透明」 彼女と僕の何気ない話のこと。

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Mahal pa rin kita, ngunit ito'y hindi na sapat na dahilan para kumapit o lumapit pa. Mahal pa rin kita, kung kaya’t pinapalaya na kita kasama ang ating mga alaala. Ito na ang wakas, sa wakas ako'y bibitaw na.


But Missus Laika seemed very fond of her. Within half an hour she comes home. Pay no attention to the demon walking their dog

Sanders Sides as pinned messages/conversations from my Discord DMs:

Patton: be polite, show manners, wear a seatbelt.

Remus: beat the shit out of people


Remus: also am i on crack or is this bottle of Squirt glowing


Virgil: you would start to hate those flies, if ten million dragonflies went into your lamp as you fell asleep.


Roman: what if i accidentally upset Will



Remus: … ..- -.-. -.- / – -.– / .- … …

Patton: Wh-

Remus: it means suck my ass in morse code

Virgil: PFFF


Deceit: I thought you said so clap your cheeks

Patton: NO


Logan: how did it come to George Salazar tho-



I can make this a series if you’d like me to lmao


Now that the cats are elders, I rolled to see if I should age them down or let them go. They are still kicking, but they are also still elders. With that in mind I rolled to see if she should find a stray. It said yes. This little devil wasn’t super happy with her, and took a while to finally become friends. Then it had to do some paperwork and left.

I have the best idea for an medieval esque evil!roman prinxiety based fic, with logicality and deceitmus (deceit x remus) someone please ask me about it.

Btw when I mean evil!roman I mean he’s not abusive he’s cursed, so think almost beauty and the beast like.