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Yasaka ZAP BIOTECH Pips-in Rubber

: won the national title for a record 17th time after she outplayed her rival in the final on Sunday.

a River Cottage Much More Veg Cookbook! Create Spicy Suppers, Roasted Veggies, Veggie Feasts, Big Salads, Soups and Broths and so much more! Can 7/6

This is what one of my look like on the inside & outside from N doesn't really have a good or bad taste but cooks up like other type sofar everyone says they R good

🇲🇽 El equipo femenil entrenará dos semanas en las instalaciones de CONADE en Villas Tlalpan, como preparación a @Lima2019Juego. 📌Detalles:

🤸‍♂️ La Selección Nacional Femenil de Squash que competirá en Lima 2019, integrada por Samantha Terán, Diana García y Dina Anguiano, más Karla Urrutia como reserva, retomó sus entrenamientos por dos semanas en las instalaciones de Villas Tlalpan de CONADE.

All the teams away tonight during Convincing 4-1 win for 3rds (and a stunning performance from 😉)

Hey I'm all for saving money, but this is a bit excessive 😀 In fact I lost the extra fill due to spillage. ☹️

Le mois des de bat son plein! Trois se sont d’ailleurs distingués au tournoi de balle longue. Il s’agit de Gad Benchimol (première position), de Serge Bouhadana (deuxième position) et de Mounir Cheikh (troisième position). Bravo les gars!

🙌 We've signed a partnership with which will see them host world-class on their platform! 🎥🌎 Check out our channel and give us a 'follow' 👉

BBQ Live Music Social This Friday - Summer Fun Leagues, Social, Live Music, BBQ, sunshine forecast. What could be better? Join us from 6.00pm for tennis, 6.40pm for squash, music around 7.30pm.

Congratulations to Tennis and Club who've been named our Club of the Month in June! 🎉👏 Find out more about this pioneering club which now boasts 500+ members 👉

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Falsettos paint splatter series!

Find them on redbubble here, here and here!

Playing squash teaches children to pinpoint concentration. From the very start of the game, eyes must be sharply fixated on the ball at all times. Focussing where the ball hits and knowing where and how it will bounce back requires mental and visual concentration at all times.

If we can remain calm under pressure then we allow our brain to keep the technical processes which we know we can do, as simple as possible.

Developing good hand-eye coordination is an essential trait for children’s development in any sport and squash is the perfect activity to promote it further.


Tuesday’s we Squash
Ummmm no Squash emoji 🤷‍♀️🙅‍♀️🤷‍♀️

#tuesday (at 24/7 Squash at Tonsley)

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Children are the perfect advocates for the sport because of their high energy levels and shorter attention spans. Kids are agile enough to be able to quickly stop, start and change direction whilst squash also teaches children how to maintain equilibrium around the court. 


Soup 🍲 is in the process… #stewedmeat #squash #calabasasquash

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Squash gives you the chance to tire yourself out even in winter. Burn those calories away. Play Squash. ❄️❄️❄️