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Costs ⬇️. Performance ⬆️. Richmond Housing Partnership chooses Rubrik to protect , , and while reducing costs. Their story

Using covering indexes in can make faster than ever your queries, check this little benchmarking about a table with 5000 records Here more info 👉👉👉👉

』ってご存じですか? とか なんて言い方はせず とか と称していました。どちらかというと「表計算ライク」でした。 時代に重宝しました。表計算と言えば ワープロは当然 !~続く~

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Understanding docs and apps using simple anecdotes from the real-world. It really doesn't have to be so complicated to the point that coherent conversations become impossible.

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Keynote: Only 500 million rows in this spreadsheet!

X2 accelerates Server transaction log writes & delivers optimal performance for small block writes. This is just one reason to use XtremIO for SQL! Here are some more.

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This video will show how you can fetch records from MySQL database using Vue.js and PHP with Axios package.

QA Engineer

If you want to work with exceptional professionals to deliver world-class software – Syndicode is looking for a QA Engineer! Use your opportunity to become a valuable part of our growing team at Kyiv/Dnipro!

We are Syndicode
We are a team of online services and mobile applications dev…


Leggere una tabella di Sqlite3 in Processing - Coding - Video 58


This video will show how you can dynamically load data in the select2 element with jQuery AJAX and PHP.


Ricerche nei database - Coding - video 56

The more I think about projects I can do alongside learning more Python and SQL the more I get excited so I also brainstormed some cool project ideas that I want to do. The first one is a project I’ve actually done before for my comp sci elective. It’s a library system for staffs and students where the staff can input books while the students can borrow and return them. I did it in Java and made it as a GUI. It was a fairly simple idea but the code was very complex. I was so proud of it. I never really felt that way for my previous programming assignments because it really felt like a labor of love even though it was also for a grade. I thought it would be cool to do it in Python while using SQL as a database. 


Usare un database: inserire e modificare dati - Coding - Video 55

Even less if you count commute (14 hrs/week), and getting ready (7 hrs/week), grocery shopping & meal prepping (4 hrs/week), so really only 30 free hours, or 4 free in a day.