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Let's make some reports with ! See you today at 6pm! 👉

vs Im Working actually on a for a . I have to Work now with a 12 Seconds to Create 10.000 Entries on Enitity 15 Seconds to Create 10.000 Entries on SQLConnection

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We can produce reports in all popular formats. We can also provide export reports based on data gathered from your environment. These can improve capacity planning and historical and current issue and trend analysis.

Seminar: und relationale Datenbanken >> Strukturiere und erweitere Dein Wissen >> Garantietermin 21.-23. Januar 2019

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RT : Faced with the challenge of lengthy backups, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg achieved a 7x improvement in data efficiency after deploying Rubrik in their physical + virtual environments. See how they did it

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- The recruitment firm, reported,focus on data expertise as sector work demand is growing for 2019. Data Engineers and Data Analysts with experience in , R or and data visualization tools are inquired to help organizations in exploiting their data.

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Reading “First Spring” by Stefan Żeromski for my Polish literature classes. I’ve just finished reading the first part and - honestly - I still don’t know what to think about it, about Cezary.

He seems to have his own point of view about the world but doesn’t show it, so in final result - we don’t know exactly what he has in his mind.

But time will show… I hope 😛

Database performance

I created very simple M:N relation between batches and ISISNs. Each Batch could contain up to the 1000 ISISNs.

Here are some statistics:

Very fisrt run

SQL Server parse and compile time:
  CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 6 ms.(2 rows affected) SQL Server Execution Times:
  CPU time = 10077 ms,  elapsed time = 4012 ms.
SQL Server parse and compile time:
  CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 0 ms.

Next run

SQL Server parse and compile time:
  CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 0 ms.(2 rows affected) SQL Server Execution Times:
  CPU time = 8921 ms,  elapsed time = 2428 ms.
SQL Server parse and compile time:
  CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 0 ms.

Join with four batches


In this tutorial, I show how you can read multiple checked checkboxes values and save to MySQL database and fetch it with PHP.


In this tutorial, I show how you can send JavaScript Array as data in the AJAX request and handle it with jQuery and PHP.

[6/100] Deep stuff

Today and few days before, I tried to setup my environment on Linux. I had some problems … I tried to run Oracle DB, but I had too low swap area. There was necessary ~7GB and I had 4. And I really did not want to reinstall whole system for the 5th time this year. So I posted an article on Stack Overflow. I tagged it with hashtags Oracle, Linux, etc. First comment solved the issue, but few hours later some Oracle guy send me comment that it is not relevant to Oracle, but disk management. So I explained that I am opened to any advice e.g. that DB can be installed with some trick. He admitted that it is good argument and recommend to edit the text slightly - so I did. Next day 3 people from Oracle down voted the question that it is not relevant to development and my question was removed. What a mafia. Anyway that kind dude who replied at first place recommend to use booting tool gparted to extend swap partition. Seems it is working and resizing is in progress, so I will see. :-)


SSRS - How to Add Bookmarks Actions to a Report

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ssrs dynamic bookmark,
ssrs bookmark to tablix,
ssrs document map expand by default,
ssrs bookmarks in excel,
ssrs document map not working,
ssrs table of contents,
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how to create multiple sheets in ssrs report,
ssrs remove document map


SSRS - How to Create Recursive Report

In Reporting Services paginated reports, a recursive hierarchy group organizes data from a single report dataset that includes multiple hierarchical levels, such as the report-to structure for manager-employee relationships in an organizational hierarchy.

I swear i need a work buddy to squee over my successes and commiserate my struggles. I’m so excited about finally figuring out what was wrong, but like it’s expected too. It’s my job to be able to do this. And when i hand it over to my boss, he won’t know the days of struggling that went into making it run.

I’m nearly finished writing a code to pick up membership, claims costs, and prescription counts for one line of business, but it won’t run! It’s a query made of 9 sub queries, 7 of which do run. I run out of spool space on the 8th query, and i don’t know how to fix it. I hate spool space errors!