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"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius." - Pietro Aretino

【福岡パルコ店*本館5F】 スカーフとガラスのリングを合わせる上級者テクも春を先取りするのにおすすめ♪スカーフがハッキリした色合いなのでリングは少し淡いカラーでコーディネート(*^_^*)みなさんはどちらがおすきですか?♡

Pair of Vintage Teacup Coffee and Saucer Seltmann Weiden Bavaria West Germany

Vintage Plastic Anchor Barometer and Thermometer Wall Hanging Wood Looking Made in France

Vintage Retro HOSTALEN Eggs Basket Green Color 6 Eggs Storage Plastic Egg Carrier Home Farmhouse Decor Made in Germany from the 80s

Vintage Dutch Enamel Street Sign Made in Holland Wall Industrial Decor 50s

Pair of Vintage Teacup Coffee and Saucer Rosa Bavaria Dorzellan Germany in Green color

花は語らず ただ一生懸命にその花を咲かせるのみ。 名声を求めず。 称賛も、評価も求めず。 その姿に崇高な姿に比して、己の心は顔向けできようか。 たった一輪の花に。    

And again: death of the application server announced. What will the future bring for Java?

春は誰にも止められない。 Nobody can stop Spring.   

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And I’m keeping it up with spring. Summer will come eventually!

Hozier is the modern day Hades! You can’t not see it…

Explain to me why the album is coming out in “the spring” *cough* Persephone’s favourite season *cough*! And it’s all about being HORNY! A man is longing for his wife to come home alreadyyy!


Spring is coming! Time to bring out the colors, florals, and dresses! 🌸 #spring #fashion #fashionista #springstyle #springfashion #springfashion2019

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