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Spring is around the corner. Stock up on VOCA frames.

It appears has finally sprung and the changing weather can provide an abundance of inspiration for . From Daisy to Bluebelle, these are the most popular baby names inspired by spring, but would you name your after the season...

This little bunny is loving all of new, darling, ceramic bunnies that just arrived! Just in time for spring & Easter!

Snow from last night’s storm covers cherry blossoms along View Street in downtown Victoria Thursday morning. Main streets are mainly clear this morning but some side streets are still ice covered.

Does it feel like yet? The MachiaVillain monsters are all about organic "food", those usually they are the diners.

We're looking for generous donations of cakes, raffle prizes and eggs to help us raise lots of money at our Fair on 20 March. Please call 01709 426821 or email if you can help. Thanks!

This was my first woodworking project. My goal was to learn a little on free materials. This is made 100% from pallet wood and currently graces our screened porch. Looking forward to warmer weather and enjoying this table more and more!

Helping mum tidy the garden and prepare greenhouse and raised beds for Spring planting. Loved this Magnolia with its furry buds ready to flower

Fierce • Fun • Fabulous 💋 Just how we like it! Don’t miss out on these new spring threads! 💛💙 •Small - Large• 🦉

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O’Leno State Park - High Springs, FL

The water beneath the Temple was both actual and metaphorical, existing as springs and streams, as spiritual energy, and as a symbol of the receptive or lunar aspect of nature.

The meaning of that principle is too wide and elusive for it to be given any one name, so in the terminology of ancient science it was given a number, 1080. Its polar opposite, the positive, solar force in the universe, was also referred to as a number, 666.

These two numbers, which have an approximate golden-section relationship of 1:1.62, were at the root of the alchemical formula that expressed the supreme purpose of the Temple. Not merely was it used to generate energy from fusion of atmospheric and terrestrial currents, but it also served to combine in harmony all the correspondences of those forces on every level of creation.

John Michell
The Dimensions of Paradise


Riviera Bay by Stevy Vee
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Located in the north of Malta, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, better known as Riviera Bay, is regarded by many as the most beautiful location in Malta. The peaceful setting, amazing views and breathtaking sunsets will make you fall in love with the place. Few places on the island are as idyllic as Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, lovingly dubbed “Riviera” by many of its regular sun-and-sea worshippers. The wild terrain around the beach remains largely undeveloped except for a welcoming wooden shack tucked away under a cliff of suntanned limestone and rolling blue clay scattered with bushes.

Spring seems to have snuck up this year. Everything is already so alive! Out of all the beautiful plants on this farm, these roses excite me the most. I cannot wait for all the bare branches to become full again