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Couple of liveries coming this weekend, had to do one for the Supra. Love it when I get big new logo's done. 😌

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Spring 2004 Canon AT-1

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And facing the sculptures are the arced pools of water, flanking the "Granite Sea" in the center of the Memorial. Every year, they receive water from the world's Seven Seas & during the annual , bringing the fountains back to life in the .πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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If you’re already dreaming of then make a date with us on 9 May for our 6-night Villages and Gardens of South Argyll – it’s the perfect way to start your #2020

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With that, we bring this round to a close.

I’m still not feeling up to regular updates right now but for some reason, I woke up today really wanting to upload something. So here you go!

Next, we’ll be heading over to Strangetown to pay a visit to the Nigmos family. See you then!

We got a new promo image with new screenshots!

We finally got a new promotional image today with some brand new, never before seen screenshots! The resolution on them isn’t the best so I hope we do get some higher quality versions of each at some point. For now, it’s all we can do to look closely and analyse them…


Here we can see some new outfits (I love that polka dot dress!) and the male villager at the front is showing off what looks to be a Horned Dynastid beetle. Also: bridges confirmed. I know some people were worried but really, the pole vault is just there to be a quick way of getting around so you don’t need to find a bridge every time you want to get somewhere. And we start on an undeveloped island! So it makes sense that bridges come later.


This snowy scene looks so cozy and warm… which is weird seeing as there is snow everywhere! I love the little camp fire and Fauna and Freya in the background. Also, is the villager sporting a new hairstyle?? I’m looking forward to experiencing winter and being able to change up what my island looks like to match the seasons. 20th March can’t come soon enough!!

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Slice of Spring

Sipping lukewarm coffee as warm wind blows through the backyard/March sun yellowing green leaves golden/the sky an endless unfolding/listening to music I liked when I was 16/life is strange and cyclical and sometimes feels like it goes on too long/I know I’m a mess that he doesn’t want to clean up/every breeze is a blessing/every break is an opening/every end is a beginning/go to yoga/crack your old bones awake/you will be 28 in two weeks/no one loves you, but you/love yourself/finally/hesitantly/tentatively/like the blushing boys whose headlights fumed in front of your parents’ driveway when you were 16/the way they whispered I love you into their peeling steering wheel/like a spell, like a curse, like an apology/dragged out of some murky place deep inside/blinking wide-eyed at you as if surprised/like it was something you did/and wasn’t it? and isn’t it still?


🍃🍂Emotions of the seaons🍁❄️
Animation stagger and vibration study with a leaf I made. #staggerandvibration #animation #twodimensionaldesign #iPadPro #video #animatorssurvivalkit #goldenage #seasons #fall #winter #spring #earth #trees #leaf #green #digitalart #cartoons #artstudy #animation #tvpaint #toonboom #scenes #miami #artist #art #artdaily #disney #fantasia

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Till then the fogs blur into Spring

Till the trees drip

Like the foam from the vein

Till my last dive is a walk

That pleads to soak my feet

In the eternal grief.

Allow me to exhale the weight  of the dew of the morning

On that long walk:

Turn me to stone on the last day.
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100 Days, 100 Questions: Day Three!

Name your favourite Animal Crossing season!

My favourite season is a tie between spring and winter… I know I’m supposed to choose one, and it was going to be spring because of when the trees become cherry blossoms, but with the new footage we’ve received of New Horizons I just can’t choose.

Spring looks so welcoming, and the pink on the trees is gorgeous! And winter looks so frosty and like there is a mist hanging in the air. I can’t wait to start playing and experience it for myself!

~ Mayor Elanor