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Refresh * Renew * Revive! The 2019 edition of the is coming soon!

RT spokenwordnyork: FREE , THIS Fri. 1/18, 7:30-10pm @ The South of France Restaurant and Bar (1800 Westchester Ave. - corner of Beach Ave.) 2 drink minimum per guest Come check out the amazing up & …

FREE , THIS Fri. 1/18, 7:30-10pm @ The South of France Restaurant and Bar (1800 Westchester Ave. - corner of Beach Ave.) 2 drink minimum per guest Come check out the amazing up & coming talent every 3rd Friday of the month!

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We’re only 2 days away from the first FNL of 2019! 🙌🏽 Join us as we celebrate our 5th year anniversary. Spoken word, music, & more! >>Theme: “Jesus Take Your Place” >>Doors open :30PM . . .

Apply today! Deadline: January 25th Calling all performers Arlington Alumnae wants you!

Tickets have very nearly sold out for London this month! But don’t fear we will be back in Luton February 6th! Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment 🤗👇

Special thanks to the for doing a story on the Winston-Salem Street School collaboration with and our poetry sessions.

Join us at Lisa Luxx's Wisdom Salon on 21st March, part of . Who knows what you may discover? Tickets available at £5/£3:

Day 65 - ‘Polaroids’ this is a small part of piece I’ve written for a zine that’s coming out later this year, more info to follow. 😬🤗😘🤗😘🤫😋😬

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Click the highlight “Drop Dem Bombs” to hear full song
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There’s a knot in my stomach..

Many years have past..

The ghost came back.

“You were the one that got away”

I worked so hard to be ok

I got to a place where without you I was comfortable.

The ghost came back

I want to let the ghost in but I can’t

All the memories flood in

All the hurt

I was locked away for days

One night with you

The next my anxious body tossed and turned on the third floor.

covered in a white gown listening to screams day and night

Where were you then?




You can’t come back now.

I got so strong

All the memories

All the hurt

My tears burn my skin

Why now?

The ghost came back and I’m fucking terrified.

Ode to myself and I

On this the 22nd anniversary of my birth I have decided to do something I have never done, I have decided to present my self a gift, a gift of honesty ,a gift of truth. I say thank you for making it thus far; for the moments of happiness, triumph, and enlightenment. There have been dark times but you overcame them; there are memories I would love to relive and regrets I’d like to forget. I am grateful for the people who lifted me up in times of sadness and those who motivated me to release the greatness within. I apologise to those I have hurt - deliberately or not,to those who showed me love which I took for granted; for, the promises I never kept and the friendships I foresake.

I have learnt, but not enough. I’ve cried,too much; I’ve smilled,too little . Was I truthful to my self? no! Did I lie? yes! Do I forgive? maybe. Am I happy?on some days .

I gift you this Ato Afolabi Vaughn words from your soul. Live for happiness, not survival. live for honesty being truthful to yourself and what you want ,no what you desire,need,and deserve for a lie to oneself is a lie to ones existence and I want you to exist.

For the future I ask you to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually and if somewhere along the road you falter and want to give up I beg you press on and if it hard to do it for you do it for your it for your sleeping beauty Jvia Kimara Aurora Vaughn for she will forever be your light in darkness, the spark that’ll keep your cold heart warm and your will to go on, Happy Birthday Ato

There was something about the way you smiled. It wasn’t as warm and as inviting as I’d hoped. It was more like when a dog bares it’s teeth at you to warn you it’s about to bite but instead I ignore the sinking feeling in my gut and smile back, a sincere happy smile. From that moment on, you had me, you knew I’d ignore that feeling after every meeting, because you were a ‘genuinely nice guy.’ Or so I thought. Turned out I became the catacombs of your problems. You came to me as a burial ground for all the sin you needed to commit and you came to purge here. I was the shrine you so easily got on your knees to ask for forgiveness at. No forgiveness for me. No real feelings for me. I held it all in and bottled you up like fresh spring water until it boiled and I melted. I’m sorry, I tried. I really tried. Here I am, spilling out on the floor for you, BECAUSE OF YOU. Yet, I’m still to blame for the mess, I’ll clean it up, and you’ll be back to make another one.

She takes your stupid fingers
And leads you into the darkened corner.
She is Eve, but you are not Adam,
Not this time. You are the apple.
In the darkness she takes that first juicy bite of you,
Still holding your fingers with her other hand.
Now she leads your fingers to the moistness of her life,
You touch her for the first time,
And leaning in slowly, slowly, slowly
She bites again.


Panlandian at Panandalian

It all comes to a cost of something that I’ve been working on, this book is dedicated to the people who made 2018 such a memorable one and thus leaving a mark in my life.

“Dahil sa huli, and kasiyahan ng isang tao ay ang mithing maalala siya sa paraanang kanyang gusto.”

Do not stop digging until you hear the crunch of old bones breaking,
Dig until the earth on the shovel is red with blood, red with sin.

You can hold the shovel over your head for the moon to see,
And then you can weep for what you have unearthed.

You can give the remains a name, even if you just have to invent one,
In fact, especially if you have to invent one. Then bury it again.



If I’m meant for something greater why am I still walking blindly throughout my life. If this planet and all it’s billions of people all have a purpose, a destiny, how do any of us determine that path and is there a way to end up happy or is pain a pre requisite. I’m afraid of the future so I try my hardest not to think of what’s coming next. I try my best to arrange the pieces in my life in a way that will bring me joy. I keep claiming to walk along the path laid out for me while subtly making changes along the way. If I am meant to follow a kings orders and fight for his dreams is it even possible to accomplish my own. Life is constantly changing and all I can really do is get swept along in wars that aren’t my own on this journey to create peace. Peace that in the end will hopefully bring me joy.

Nick J

Limited edition merch for Food &Friends the 4th Helping with Justin Cole & Dear Heart. Pizza cutters by Mozug Custom Woodworking.


Jan 17 Southgate, MI - Parlor II

Jan 18 Kankakee, IL - Graham House

Jan 19 Columbus, OH - Cali House

Jan 20 Statesville, NC - UR Basement

Jan 21 Richmond, VA - Danray House

Jan 22 Fredericksburg, VA - TJ’s World

Jan 23 Cape May, NJ - Kelly’s House

Jan 24 Sugar Loaf, NY - Milkweed

Jan 25 Wenham, MA - Dexter House*

Jan 27 Williamsport, PA - Craig’s House*


*no Justin Cole



It really doesn’t make any sense

The way the world works

No longer simple

One unsolvable code


Feelings hidden behind painted mask

Sentence twisted into jagged knives

Slowly, mercilessly twisted

A million eyes looking on as the last drop of blood leaks from the wound


I wish I could allow you some comfort

Tell you it wasn’t always broken

But just like a carnival mirror

Even when it was whole

It never made sense


Spoken word piece ⬇️
Beautiful art by @dominicklassy
“My heart bows down to loneliness as the day surrenders to the night. I dip the night in red wine- heaviness and bathe in swaths of silver moonlight. I am alone with my thoughts, thread them carefully. Word for word, one thought bead after the other. Feel each one as deeply as never before.
On nights like this, when the moon already adorns itself so early with the colours of the sunset, I miss you a little more. The miles between us seem to stretch further than usual.
I wish my hands could imitate the moon, pull you in like the tide. You would let your waves hit my shore, break at my cliffs, elapse in my sand. I wish they were the rain that soaks your skin. That way I would seep through you slowly, take up every inch of you. I would water your soul with love, until a garden thrives in it and flowers grow from your tongue. I want to speak love fluently, not like a broken language. As if it was born in me. Not like the moon echos the sunlight, as if it was born in its own throat. I wish to be your sun. ”
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A Cuban torch song from the 1950s plays in the background,
A little too loudly. Perhaps the song is actually in the foreground.
It is a beautiful spring day, but I cannot bring myself to go outside.

My son has been dead for one month, and his ashes wait
In a little box on the table beside the hallway to his old room.
When I walk past, I never fail to touch this box very lightly.

My, how long the days have become. How very slow.



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“Free Until the Fuzz Cums” click “Fuzz” highlight to hear full song
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Put my life in your hands

Click the highlight “Midnight Orchid” hear full song
#synth wave #darkwave #livestream #followers #video #indie #indie music #electric #electronic @expansive_sound_experiments @rolandaira @roland_us @Moog synthesizers @arturia_official @bandcamp @soundcloud @fanburst @kickstarter #electronica #electropunk #punk #punkrock #riotgrrrl #spokenword #hiphop #rap #rave #livemusic #livemusic #concert #trap #trance #alternative #grunge #indie #indieartist @roland_us #grunge #hiphop #fest #scfirst @cloutacademy @teenageengineering 0 (at Sewalls Falls)

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When a Violet Portends B&W
@expansive_sound_experiments electronica @expansive_sound_experiments Phantom Electric Ghost Click on link on our Profile #musically #music #edm #synthwave #darkwave #livestream #followers #video #indie #indie music #electric #electronic @expansive_sound_experiments @rolandaira @roland_us @moogsynthesizers synthesizers @arturia_official @bandcamp @soundcloud @fanburst @kickstarter # #electropunk #punk #punkrock #riotgrrrl #spokenword #hiphop #rap #rave #livemusic #livemusic #concert #trap #trance #alternative #grunge #indie #indieartist @roland_us #grunge #hiphop #fest #scfirst #trancefamily 0

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