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sembra che dal romanzo "Pizzica amara" di - protagonista il maresciallo dei Carabinieri - verrà tratta una serie tv...

This show... is fucking brilliant! Together with Russian Doll it is the biggest surprise on TV of 2019 to me in a very positive way *chef kiss*

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Just -- Complete DETAILED Results from night 2 of the TV Taping from in on Saturday (plus Night 1 of Taping) as the card for continues to take shape RESULTS w/ :

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BIG PART of one of top segments taped for Monday's at TV taping on Friday in England NOT included in report on all the websites -- MUST-READ UPDATE that WILL be revealed during LINK:

Wow! got some NEWSWORTHY TV tapings today! A BIG angle & title change on is followed up by yet ANOTHER huge angle / debut at the taping at as part of the Results w/ & :

❗️Je viens d’allumer la télé (pour une fois) et je tombe sur ... Incroyable ! C’est encore mieux que la série tv « Lost » ! J’ai retrouvé d’un seul coup tous les disparus ringards de l’audiovisuel dans ! Mais apparemment ils sont devenus un peu aigris 😱

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The TV guide; not only describing tonight but revealing which (if any) celebrities get caught in tonight’s episode, making it a bit pointless watching and guessing 🙄🔫

yeh rishta kya kehtlata hai show spoiler . star plus best show. click link to now spoiler thanks to whole yrkkh team to entertain us.

😡 So…just seen a MASSIVE ! Always disliked how DVD/BluRay menus show you sequences of the movie or TV show (you perhaps haven't yet seen!)… & these days Netflix etc tend to take a 'spoilery' screen-grab then use it as the thumbnail or the main BG image!

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