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Three Drakpas and Dorje Shugden. Find out more beautiful thangkas here:

శ్రీవారి కల్యాణోత్సవం తిరుమల నుండి ప్రత్యక్ష ప్రసారం ..! Watch LIVE►

Today’s message for twitter users. 大いなる大地、太陽、樹々のざわめき、さえずる鳥の声とともにこの地球に与えられあったものを愛と恵みと呼ぶ。それらをも無下にするのならば、再びの愛のおりくることを感じ、地球の声の届くことになるでしょう。

‘Anima Mundi’ a poem by Poet Kavi ✌️💖🙏 Follow she reveals her soul when you witness her flow grounded majestic the sufi the mystic chanting creation your incarnation

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Daily Teachings of the Masters, June 18, 2019

See the light empowering you back to Truth.
It is not necessary to engage in trivial wars
about what hasn’t been completed up until now.
“It is up to you”, is a very good adage.

You define consciousness.
You are creating your life in each moment
whether you take ownership of that or not.

As you commit to awakening
you will discover that there is a pathway
already built in for you.

It is quite easy
as you realize
it is not about making a fuss or a stir.

It is simply about quietly focusing your attention
your awareness
fully on the light that is making its way to you now.

That will open the door that you are seeking.
That is how this transmission is being sent to you.
It is because you are learning how to Wholly commit
to your light.

“Do it. Love yourself exactly the way you love your friends and family. For one so readily generous of such love deserves that multiplied in return. So love and be loved, by all and yourself. You deserve it.”

Mandy Panic

Where does genius come from?

Where does it go?

How can I find it?

How do I know?

It worms it’s way through my lips

Down my throat

Into my head

And out my soul.

A well I didn’t know existed

Gurgles up

Sprung forth from my spirit

Fed by my inhibitions.


“What is #love? It is a #sensitivity to every portion of reality within you and without, together with a wholehearted response to that reality.
And what is an #attachment?
A #need, that blunts your sensitivity, a drug that clouds your #perception.
That is why as long as you have the slightest attachment for anything or any person, love cannot be born.
For love is sensitivity and sensitivity that is impaired even in the slightest degree is sensitivity destroyed.
Love like sensitivity either is in all its fullness or it simply is not.
You either have it #whole or you have it not.
So it is only when attachments disappear that one enters the boundless realm of #spiritual #freedom called love.
One is now released to see and to respond. But you must not confound this Freedom with indifference of those who have never passed through the stage of attachment.
This indifference that so many people mistake for love ( because they are attached to no one, they think that they love everyone) is not sensitivity, but a hardening of the #heart that has come about from rejection or disillusionment or the practice of renunciation.
No, one must #brave the stormy seas of attachment if one has to arrive at the land of love.
Some people never having set sail have convinced themselves that they have arrived.
One must be able bodied and clear sighted before the sword can do its work and the world of love can arise in one’s #awareness; and this is only achieved by violence.
Why the violence? On its own there is only the weary cycle: attraction, pleasure, attachment, fulfillment, satisfaction, boredom. All mixed with anxieties, the jealousies, The possessiveness, the sorrow, the pain, the roller coaster.
No, if you wish to break out of the cycle and into the world of love, you must strike while the attachment is alive, with the sword of awareness.
See that what you are so enamored is in your head, not the beloved person or thing.
See this and the sword of awareness breaks the spell.
Hold compassion for yourself and you may find yourself in the marvelous condition of loving the object of your attachment and simultaneously enjoying every other thing and person as much.”
-Anthony De Mello❤

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isleepwithmymouthopen  asked:

Hey, may I please have a reading about a person's attitudes and feelings towards me? His initials are VJS and mine are KDS.

As stated in my banner, my readings are closed until further notice. I wasn’t able to get enough money for a laptop and the funds I gathered I was pretty much forced to use for food since my family and I are pretty poor, so readings are closed until I can gather enough to buy one


Here are some people who may be able to help you!


@germanforhell Free readings ( Not sure if she’s still offering them, but just in case she is )

@wintersbookofmagic Free readings ( I believe their readings are still open )

@hotegg Paid readings

@underworldariel Paid readings


@misssiriuss Free readings ( I’ve had a reading done by them before )

@dramatical-lesbian Free readings

@hexactivist Paid readings I think

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Special communications from God - especially because you love Jesus.

Theory Tuesday #4

Moon and How to Find Security

With the moon and where it is placed in the house, you can find out where you get emotional security from

In today’s theory, I will discuss where we can find emotional security based on where the moon is in your house.

Moon in the First House

You need to find emotional security within yourself, trust your intuition and feelings even if you can’t explain them. You are able to feel things other people can’t feel and this has an impact on you. Allow yourself to become secure with what you are feeling.

Moon in the Second House

You find emotional security in material objects. Be careful not to become emotionally attached to everything you own, however things you own have a great impact on your emotions and you need to make sure your things stay yours.

Moon in the Third House

You find emotional security in thinking and talking. Be careful not to talk too much on how you feel however it’s due to all the thinking you are doing on how you are feeling and why exactly you are feeling this way.

Moon in the Fourth House

You find emotional security in your close environment (Family, home).This might make you emotionally invested in where you grew up, and even your home. Be careful not to become too attached to your nest for you need to fly from it eventually

Moon in the Fifth House

You find emotional security in creativity and the arts. You love anything having to do with recreation and expression, drawing, singing, sports and so on is where you feel at peace. Be careful not to overextend yourself when it comes to these activities

Moon in the Sixth House

You find emotional security in making sure your routine and health are taken care of. You would make sure to have a set routine in place and make sure it is performed every day, be careful not to get stuck in a rut. It’s good to break out of your routine from time to time.

Moon in the Seventh House

You find emotional security in one to one relationships. You would find emotional security in making sure you have somebody to confide in, however, be careful about being co-dependent.

Moon in the Eighth House

You find emotional security in intimacy. You need intimacy to be able to reassure your feelings and emotions, however, be careful with hiding and not expressing your emotions.

Moon in the Ninth House

You find emotional security with travel and learning. Being able to explore the world and learning more information on anything you wish to desire makes you secure. However, be careful with “The grass is greener on the other side” mentality.

Moon in the Tenth House

You find emotional security with success and work. Being able to become more successful and working hard gives you security. However, be careful about overworking yourself, success important but it’ not the make or break it ordeal you may feel it is.

Moon in the Eleventh House

You find emotional security in your friend group. Your community is where you find security in and the group of people you hang with is where you feel secure. Similar to the 7th house moon, don’t become dependent on the people you hang with.

Moon in the Twelfth House

You find emotional security with solitude. You enjoy being by yourself and being able to recharge yourself in a private setting with no one else around. Be careful with being a hermit and completely isolating yourself overall.


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Ouija Boards 1

Get your Ray Stanz and Egon Spengler going because I’m throwing facts at you in this one! Maybe I’ll make a quiz?? Flashbacks to highschool? 😂

Okay the first post I want to make about Ouija Boards I’d like to give some basic information about an Ouija board and some general history about where they come from.

Disclaimer: I do not condone or even sugguest you use this as a tool to open communication with the other side. As you will see me talk about the spirit board, or Ouija board this isn’t what I would call a “useful tool” for communication. It will more than likely completely push you away from ever wanting to connect with that realm.

Alright, moving forward-

The first use of using written communication or using language to communicate to the other side was documented in China around 420 CE during the Lui Song Dynasty but became more popular during the Song dynasty which would be 1100 A.D. It was called Fuji which is roughly interpreted as plancette writing or spirit writing.

I can definitely see why it could be interpreted as planchette writing more accurately in the context that the pen or writing tool was being used to communicate directly with a spirit as westerns now would use a planchette! (I use the term spirit loosely) Although it was observed *supposedly I cannot find articles to back this information whatsoever* in Rome and Greece Empires, Ancient India and European during the Medieval period. I’m going to guess in different forms!

Now this is the point in time where we fast forward though the Witch Trails, Christian Dominated society and a couple wars. You arent seeing much go on outside of what’s inside of a place of worship or what was socially acceptable. Communication with the dead was probably a death penalty in some parts of the early European world. It wasnt until the American Civil War we saw a new wave of thinking called “Spiritualism” catch on with everyday people. Althoughly started in the 1840s it became popular during and after the war due to the extreme loss caused by fatalities on the battlefield. This brought in a new school of thought that the dead can communicate with the living and have the desire to be heard! Spiritualists believed that in the afterlife a spirit goes through changes instead of the idea that the afterlife leaves a spirit in stagnate state. In this school of thought, spiritualist also agreed that spirits were more advanced than humans! With this combination of ideas they came to a conclusion that spirits from the other side could communicate morals, wisdom, and knowledge to the living. The main tool of the trade was a spirit board and they were homemade! What I’ve seen before, personally, people put the Alphabet, Yes, No, and Goodbye on a table and then put glass over top of it. Back to the main history!

Around 40 years into the moment people were using spirit boards but they weren’t universally the same! Some people might have had a hand written alphabet on wood or maybe how I’ve seen it before but it varied. I’m sure the object that was used as the planchette also varied from person to person. That’s when Elijah Bond filed for a patent in May 28, 1890 for a board that had the alphabet printed on it and came with a planchette. It was approved in February of 1891 and William Fuld over took production as an employee under Elijah Bond. Now William Fuld is the man who started the use of the word “Ouija” when he started production of his own boards in 1901. He claimed that Egyptians used the word and it meant “Good luck” But- he did learn this information from a talking board himself so the validity of what he says goes that far. Ever since then, that’s how the spirit board or “Ouija” board is the same as we know it!

It’s most definitely interesting to look into yourself if you ever get the chance but what do you guys think? I personally didn’t know the idea of speaking to the other side through writing communication originated in China 😱 I always assumed it had some European origin! I also found it weird that it wasn’t always called an Ouija board. Nevertheless it is very spooky that William Fuld named the spirit board “Ouija” because a spirit told him too! I think out of all the spookiness these boards tend to cause that is the spookiest fact about it!

Anyway- next in the series I’m going to be explain the rules IN DEPTH- so stay tuned 😮

Kawaiigirlgoneghost out