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Happy ! For a quick and easy recipe head over to the cocktails page on our website and you can enjoy Hot Buttered Rum into the weekend. The temperature’s forecast to drop, after all. -

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Boxes starting to form, again? above 50MA near top-line of 20 day box where it converges with 200MA

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Do you have an upcoming ? If your pertains to , or You can it ..... Just email us at and we will get it in the next issue .

Do you have an upcoming ? If your pertains to , or You can it ..... Just email us at and we will get it in the next issue .

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Cutwater Vodka Mule, 2018 American Distilling Institute Best of Class winner. 461 awards and counting across all our spirits, mixers, and canned cocktails.

New arrival on the bar- Hastings rum! Made in the Old Town! Let us know what you think.

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Spirit eyes, why oh why?

Me: *talks to someone I haven’t met before as and is engaged in the convo* … *sees something move out of the corner of my eye* … *looks over to see a spirit waving at me*

Me: *projects astral self to them and waves*

Spirit: *eyes light up in the ‘they can see me!’ And begins having a full blown convo with me*

*as I have a convo with this new friend, the person sitting before me gives me an odd look but continues talking.* I have not left either conversation just, having a normal conversation… with a person… and a spirit…. side by side… totally… normal. Lmao

I want to start adding my spiritual side more on here, so, prepare for little snips of my day to day.

… for those wondering the spirit was looking for a good place to eat around my city and if I knew the way to get there lmao.

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I hope everyone’s 2019 is going well! Mine has been a bit all over the place. Lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with the Missing 411 phenomenon, it’s probably the only paranormal/true crime subject that actually gives me the creeps. What are some of your favorite cases/phenomena? I would love to know what interests you guys!

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Forgotten- Damien and Celine

//I’ve written Damien before, but never Celine I hope this is good, cuase man it was fun to write. //

“He doesn’t listen to us anymore,I feel my power drianing everyday!” The spirit snarled as he gazed at the body he inhabited, sleeping so peacefully while he was suffering. Celine placed a hand on Damien’s shoulder her form flicking and warping, as if unstable-she wouldn’t tell him but she feared that her soul wouldn’t remain much longer. It was her time, again,death always caught up.

“He has grown in power, he doesn’t need us anym-”

“Of course he bloody needs us!” Damien snapped, his calm temperament had been shattered years ago by the horrors he endured. The blue that surrounded the man lashed out, and thin tendrils wrapped around Dark’s body like snakes hunting for a meal. Celine shook her head, her voice cracking and for the first time Damien truly realized how weak his sister’s soul was, and if he had been alive he would have started to sob.

“It’s been years… Damien maybe it would be best if we, "She choked on the words, emotions she thoughts she’d never feel again rising. "Moved on…We were meant to be dead in the first place.”

“Celine… I can’t lose you. I’m so close to having full control. ” The blue tendrils wrapped around the creature’s limbs, pulling taunt like strings of a puppets. “I just need more time!” His voice echoched unnaturally around the room, and Celine paused smiling softly. She caressed her younger brother’s cheek, and there wasn’t a hint to sadness in her eyes as her body, began to fade.

“Take care of yourself Damien… You once believed in choice, please I beg you,” Damien watched horror and grief striken as she looked down at the creature and said softly. “Give him a choice.” He reached out with a strangled cry but she slipped through his fingers, and soon Celine was gone completly leaving Damien standing alone in the dark.

He was truly alone,now.


Here’s a sneak peek of a cocktail that we came up with while reviewing Orleans Herbal Apertif Cider.
We call this the Big A Tartini which is made with 1.5 oz A Apple Eau De Vie, .5 oz Orleans, .5 oz simple syrup, and .5 oz lemon juice. Shaken with ice. Poured into a martini glass. All that’s missing is a better garnish. Grilled apple slice with brown sugar and cinnamon perhaps?
Stay tuned for the full review on Booze Dancing TV!
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Wasn't your childhood bedroom or house haunted? It seems like I remember you saying something about it once.

Yes! She’s a little girl ghost named Jessica who suffocated in a dry cleaning bag. My Grandma was the first to encounter her. Every parent knows what it feels like when a toddler/small child crawls in the bed with you in the night. My Grandma said she was asleep and she felt a baby get in the bed, and that feeling is unmistakable. This was before we knew about her and found out her name and saw her grave. Then, electrical issues began, and back then we had answering machines where you had to hold a button down for 2 whole seconds in order to record a greeting…so she kept recording herself and her environment on the answering machine greeting. We never knew when she did it until we’d call home for something and the machine would just play 10 minutes of someone vacuuming, or the family going about their day, or a little girl calling for her mama. Many times there would be strange sounds and voices that didn’t belong to anyone in the house. My Mama still has a few of those tapes. She began taking photos, somehow. We’d go develop film, and there would be the weirdest pics taken from about knee high that were almost always of lights, doors, and windows. There would be several in a row. My Grandma only turned the kitchen light on at night when she went to bed. There would be 6 or 7 photos of just the kitchen light in the middle of the night over and over. They were extremely strange. If a door or window had a lot of sunlight coming through, she’d take a pic of it somehow. When my ex husband first came to visit, he thought I was bullshitting him about the ghost, but she introduced herself quickly lol. My oldest son had been playing with a red balloon, and around midnight or so, with zero air blowing in the house, that balloon slowly bobbed all the way down the hallway by itself, then turned around and bobbed all the way back to where it began. When he was deployed both times, I was heavily pregnant both times and went back home to my family. Each time,I had a toddler, first toddler was Elijah, second one was Quentin. I would be exhausted at the end of the day and one of my favorite things to do is take a looong, hot bath. Well, I’d get the little ones in bed, then try to relax my enormous belly and aching hips in a hot bath. Almost as soon as I got in, and laid back, I’d hear…“Mama…mommy…mommy” and I’d jump out of the tub and go check on my kiddos, who were of course fast asleep. This would happen several times every single time I took a bath. During both pregnancies. Then, when I would go to bed, I would feel the distinct, unmistakable feeling of a tiny child crawling up into my bed. It was rarely one of my flesh and blood children. Once, after digital recording came out, my Mom and my cousin Allister and my Aunt were trying to get her to say something to catch an EVP. And when they asked her if there were any cartoons or shows she liked to watch, you can clearly hear a little girl say plain as day “Peanuts”. There were no little girls or boys there, and the tv was off. My family still resides in that house, but I haven’t really asked whether or not she has been active. I do know that when my boys were over there, she would try to get attention and play with toys or call out. She never hurt anyone or caused any damage.


Wandjina Petroglyphs.

The Wandjina sometimes ‘Wondjina’ are cloud and rain spirits from Australian Aboriginal mythology that are depicted prominently in rock art in Australia. Some of the artwork in the Kimberley region of Western Australia dates back approximately 4,000 - 5,000 year old.

The stories of the Wandjina and the artwork depicting them remain important to the Mowanjum Community of Indigenous people. Stories say the Wandjina created the landscape and its inhabitants, and continue to have influence over both. When the spirits found the place they would die, they painted their images on cave walls and entered a nearby waterhole. These paintings were then refreshed by Aborigines as a method of regenerating life force.

Spirit Ideas for Smash Ultimate #2 Just Shapes and Beats

Blue Square

Tiny Blue Kirby


the enemy attends to avoid conflict


Blue Square (Till its Over)

Stage: Hanenbow

Sad Cube

Blue Kirby


The enemy’s defense power has gone up

the enemy attends to avoid conflict


Sad Cube (Corrupted)

Stage: Hanenbow

Helicopter Buddy

Tiny Blue King K. Rool

The enemy favors up specials

Stage: New Pork City

Boat Friend

Blue Squirtle


The enemy favors side specials

The enemy is very fast and can’t stop quickly

Stage: Pirate Ship


Giant Pink Meta Knight

The enemy favors side and neutral specials

The enemy’s attack power has gone up

Stage: Big Battlefield


Blixer (New Game/Final Boss)

Blixer (3rd Form)

Pink Meta Knight Team x5

The enemy favors side specials

The enemy’s attack power has gone up


Bilxer (Annihilate)


Pink Mewtwo Team x3

The enemy takes damage when falling

Stage: Brinstar


Giant Pink King K. Rool

The enemy favor dash attacks

The enemy’s attack power has gone up