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Spinel human version¡! Creada por mí.

some spinel practice ended up being a finished image good lord i suck at backgrounds.

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Vamos a subirnos al tren ja, mi propia Spinel, es morada y su gema esta en su mano izquierda, no le e puesto nombre ¿alguna sugerencia?

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Pink Tourmaline! My wonderful friend @renegalien (or @salty-sapphire )’s oc, a fusion of Orange Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline!

I love this character a lot, mostly because she was the first character to really push me into trying a more dynamic angle (which Ruby thankfully helped me with, perspective whoops my ass) AND just by drawing her, I get double the practice drawing hands as I would with other gems.

But please, if I ever have to draw arms as tangle-y as this ever again, shoot my in the foot,, the arms were not fun haha. I hope you enjoy it!

Red Diamond x Blue Diamond Steven Universe AU part fifteen

“Whoa!!” Jackson said as he held the bubble.”Steven!Jasper Look!” he added as he showed the bubbled gem.”Wait, you can bubble gems?” Steven asked. Jackson was growing a bit weak…

“Ugh my birthstone is killing me…” Jackson said as he took his Jacket off and his shirt, exposing the gemstone on his back…is was cracked a bit…


“Whoa! Jackson your a gem?!” Steven yelled.”Uh….no, this is my birthstone, like yours on your belly button.” Jackson said.

“Jackson, that a crystal gem…and a Lapis Lazuli at that, there tereforming gems there really powerful…“ Jasper said.

“Jackson….did you ever know your mom?” Steven asked.

“n….no…..she died when i was born, my dad died a year ago….he never told me, he must ha not known as well…” Jackson said.

“Hey Jackson, here let me heal your gem. It being cracked must have and effect on you.” Steven said as he licked his hand.

“Okay hit meh!” Jackson said as Steven put the healing spit on his gem…


Steven, Jasper and Jackson with Bismith’s bubbled gem warped back to the house.

“So mom was a crystal gem? Huh…..WHAT IS THAT!?” Jackson yelled as he pointed to the hole in the ceiling.


It was one of Red Diamonds leg ships…

Steven then saw the Red Pearl talking with Opal outside…wat? Steven came out still in the form of Pink Diamond.”He’s still up there, in his room, crying after yelling at Blue Diamond…” Red Pearl said, she then saw Steven, she turned her body…. shunning him.”Best if YOU don’t go to him, he might shatter you in his state, and you are the reason he is like this…” Red Pearl said.

Spinel had heard Red Pearl say that Red Diamond was crying his eyes out. Spinel thought that she could help, but she went against it, he might shatter her…

Red Diamond was in his thrown crying his eyes out, he didn’t want to hurt Blue’s feelings, but he meant every word of it….he then heard the warping of a ship, he looked….great….


Yellow Diamond’s arm ship warped into the sky, then an orb went over to Red Diamond’s leg ship. Yellow entered the thrown room.”Of all the place’s, you came back to Earth why?…” Yellow asked.


Red Diamond continued to cry, Yellow saw that she wasn’t helping. the pearls wouldn’t help, Red Diamond never liked their singing.

“Yellow, leave….let me cry….” Red Diamond said weakly. the tears overwhelming his speech. Yellow never liked to see another Diamond cry, Pink, Blue, Red, herself.”You love Blue right?” Yellow said, Red Diamond nodded.”You want to help her right?”-Y Red Diamond nodded again. “Come here…” Yellow said as she wiped  Red’s tears away.


“I never wanted you to replace Pink, I never meant to hurt you Red, I know you love Blue, you want to help her, i just didn’t want all this pain to happen…” Yellow lamented. “And if you want this world, it’s yours, I’ll stop and leave Pink alone here with you…” she added. Yellow wiped some of here own tears away, she then walked away.”You should probably see what Pink is doing down there…she’s looking up to our ships.” Yellow said.”Don’t tell White of what happened, Pink is still shattered to her, and please I don’t want Blue to Hate me anymore…” Red Diamond chocked out.”She never hated you or Pink, we all never hated you two…she just missed blue…” Yellow said as she went back into her ship and warped away back to HomeWorld….

Red Diamond looked down to see his Pearl talking to Steven….


Grey spinel in a lotus cut. Simple yet so unique. That’s kind of or style…come see this ring (while it lasts) @avenue.jewelers #zomacolor #trunkshow #spinel #greyspinel #gemstonerings #livelifecolorfully #unique #rings (at Avenue Jewelers)

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I’ve been drawing A LOT of SU stuff as of late. So I thought it would be easier for me to just put all these drawings in 2 different batches instead of posting them separately. I don’t wanna spam anyone’s dashboard, haha.

Here’s the first batch, mainly older ones I forgot to post.


I don’t know if someone has already posted this, but in the tittle card of SUF we can see that Steven (i think is obvious that is Steven because of the car and the photo of the crystal gems) is leaving beach city, and in the ending song he’s driving away. I’m very worried about It, i mean, why he would leave? I’ve been reading coments in YouTube that says that Steven is leaving because he’s getting corrupted, i don’t know what to believe. Also the ending song is called “being human”

Tell me what do you think