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Here’s one of my spidermoth bbys! This precious gal’s name is Anika uvu

Finally I managed to finish an art piece and actually like it enough to post ANYWAY Here’s my spidermoth child, Kyle uvu (Don’t ask why he’s named that) He also has 4 arms but I was too lazy to add the second pair

Late night spidermoth kisses 💕💖 I had to draw more of these two I love them so much 💖💖 /This is is an au where Vaggie is male, if you don’t like the ship that’s fine but please don’t hate/

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Finished sketch! I love this ship so much I want to see more from it ahh!! 💕💖💖 /Please know that this male Vaggie x Angel, if you don’t like the ship that’s fine but please don’t send hate/

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Quickest doodle of and Eva (my Chalastor next gen) interacting) because why not. Their friendship could be summed up as “prepare for trouble and make it double”💕👏🏻

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Well, Im not good at drawing but I hope to be good at lineart and color hehe I asked again for a commission sketch but this time from @CillWard. I like to practice with the help of other artists and at the same time have the chance to support them.

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Haven’t posted in a while..But I have art ;u; I love making like freckles to Angel’s kiddos Also the one Chalastor bab belongs to my friend :>

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Something for of her bab Iridscence with her lovely parents She's a real great friendo and I promised her I'd draw her oc I'M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG Also sorry about the terrible background I'm no good at them :')

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Practically a redraw of a comic made by Lopoddity (she is great). If these two are not going to be a couple, I hope that, with time, they could become best friends and be more honest and open to each other.

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gUYS look what crawled out from the depths of HELL to knock on my door last night

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The banner I put together for the blooggg!!! I think the colors are cute!! :3


Love Again

Angel ducked into the limo, immediately leaning into the cushions to get comfy. The mysterious driver, the One With No Name, slams the door behind him, leaving to fill the driver’s seat. However, before Angel can begin to blank out for what he assumed would be a lame trip back to the hotel, he notices a little ol’ bug across from him. She’s staring out of the window, seemingly bored out of her mind.

Vaggie stares as hard as she could at everything but the pest across from her. She just wanted to drown him out of her mind. Just slightly referencing that makes her pinch her nose, and she shifts around, furrowing even further into the seat. Just to have a clear mind around him would be nice. Maybe blocking him out will keep her sane.

“Hey… hey, toots!” Vaggie’s eye rolled to the back of her head and she groaned. Still, she didn’t answer. Angel scoffed, and shifted in his seat, laying on his back. “Hey! Hey, hey, Doll! Dish! Hey, dame!” Ok, now he was starting to be irritating on purpose. Vaggie turned even further away from him, and glared at everything passing outside. “Come on, you can’t ignore me forever, baby! Vaggie! Come on, it’s serious, I swear!” Even though the more sensible side of her advised otherwise, Vaggie ignored these thoughts and turned to the spider-man.

“What?” She asked. Her tone was very distant and dry. Angel smiled, fluttering his eyes at her. She blushed a little, and squinted her eye at him. He wiggles his multiple sets of fingers at her. “Hi.”

Uggghhhh, Angel could you please, NOT today, please?!” She continued trying to disappear into the seat. Angel nonetheless laughed obnoxiously at her. Why was she even remotely interested in this fool?!

“Oh, calm down. Just tryna make you laugh.”

“By being annoying?”

“Annoying? You mean lovable right?” Vaggie groaned at him, and began pinching her nose even tighter. Angel clicks his tongue. “Hah, yeah, love you too, babe.” For a second, he and Vaggie freeze, and they glance up at each other. Red-faced and stumped, they look away. Angel pulls at his bow tie some. “Ah, I mean…” he laughs nervously. Dammit, that was supposed to be saved for another day! A more romantic setting, too! Damn…! Yet, all Vaggie does is sigh.

“That’s…” That’s great, I love you too!

… But she’s not so sure how he’d take that in response. He could be doing that thing he does, saying anything that comes to mind to get a reaction out of her.

“That’s not funny, Angel.” Vaggie turns away from both the window and the demon, bringing her knees into her chest. She rests her head against the seat. “Besides, I would never set myself up like that again.”

Angel is still somewhat embarrassed by his outburst, but still manages to speak in such a confident manner. “Whaddya mean?” He asks. Vaggie huffs. “I’m never falling in love again.” Angel shakes his head. “What? Heh, that can’t be true! You can’t turn off emotions, baby…” his facade falters for a moment, making him trail off on a weird tone. As if he were asking a question, instead of making a statement. “Well, maybe not but I’ll try.” Vaggie says cooly. Angel makes a face. “Even if you hurt yourself?” He asks. Vaggie shrugged. “Even if I hurt myself.” Angel frowns. He sits up, and folds his arms. The way he spoke, it sounded like he was kind of pouting, and something more. Like he was pouting, and was maybe a little… hurt.

“How could you not want to fall in love?”

“Easy — I don’t want my happiness to depend on another person. I don’t want my feelings to be based on whether they give me attention or not. I don’t wanna stay up late wondering if they’re thinking about me. I don’t wanna cry for someone who probably doesn’t even care about me. I don’t wanna wait up, staring at my screen waiting for a text that’ll never come.” Vaggie sighs, closing her eyes for a moment. “And, above all else…”

“I don’t want to give anybody the power to destroy me.”

What Your Favourite Hazbin Hotel Ship Says About You

Varlie / Chaggie : You’re a fan of being gay, sticking to canon and keeping it wholesome

Charlastor / Chalastor : Your ideal date involves wacky hijinks, after which hilarity ensues. Also, you made a fan-child for this ship

RadioDust : You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of not wanting your dick sucked

Alastor / Husk : You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of getting dunked on

Cherri Bomb / Sir Pentious : You are a firm believer of MEN👏GETTING👏PEGGED👏

HuskerDust / AngelHusk : This is like RadioDust but you also want good things for Angel Dust and really, who wouldn’t?

SpiderMoth : Your ideal relationship dynamic is flirt/tsundere, also you’ve been around the fandom long enough to know Vaggie and Angel Dust were planned to be a couple during development

Katie Killjoy / Tom Trench : You laugh at below-the-belt slapstick comedy, or you watch anime where the main love interest is a raging tsundere

Valastor / Vaggstor : You wish a woman would just hold her blade against your neck, and would it be too much to ask for her to slightly tilt your chin with it?

Lucifer / Alastor : One day you decided, “You know what’s better than one fucked up edgy boi? Two fucked up edgy boiz!”

Vaggie / Charlie / Alastor : Man fuck a ship war, you’re just here for a hell of a time

CharlieDust : You weren’t surprised when this didn’t show up at first, and you are a sucker for bad boys getting soft for the personification of sunshine

SirDust : You just love the thought of Sir Pentious getting blushy like a shoujo protagonist

CherriDust : You think ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is a severely underrated relationship dynamic

RadioSnake : This is like SirDust but kinkier

Chusk / Hurlie : You love the ‘Savvy Guy and Energetic Girl’ trope

Charlie / Sir Pentious : You’re convinced a villain should take a day off from their world domination plan to have tea with the hero

CharlieBomb : You don’t understand why the preps and punks have to fight each other when they could just kiss each other

Vaggie / Charlie / Cherri Bomb : You could never miss the pun of CHARLIE’S ANGELS, also Kristen Stewart can step on you and you’d say thanks

Angel Dust / Alastor / Lucifer : You think nothing else says ‘boys will be boys’ quite like a bunch of chaotic frat boys with homoerotic tension

Tom Trench / Angel Dust : One of your favourite AU prompts is one person reluctantly going to a stripper club and falling in love with someone after a lap dance

AlZy : Ya like jazz?

Lilith / Lucifer : You aspire to have a relationship like Morticia and Gomez Addams

Lucifer / Angel Dust : You are a weeaboo who wants to fuck dads

Angel / Charlie / Vaggie : You always ship the trio of best friends in every show

Vaggie / Sir Pentious : You are a morosexual, any amount of big dummy energy from someone can and will leave you thinking about having a romantic candlelit dinner with them

Alastor / Niffty : You’re all for evil villains and their goofy, loyal sidekicks

Niffty / Husk : This is like Hurlie but with more of a height difference and the girl had a metric fuck-ton of caffeine

(26/11) EDIT:

Angel Dust / Lilith : You know Charlie’s mom has got it going on *Stacy’s Mom plays*

Husk / Vaggie : You think there is no power that brings people together stronger than the mutual hate of one (1) deer man

Niffty / Sir Pentious : You want Niffty and the Egg Bois to kickstart an official fan club, complete with embarrassing photos of Sir Pentious printed on t-shirts

Lilith / Alastor : Either you theorised that Alastor is Lucifer in disguise OR you’re favourite couple’s song is The Masochism Tango

Baxter / Niffty : You enjoy the idea of short gremlins teaming up to dismantle the corrupt hierarchy set by tall people, preferably by busting kneecaps

Angel Dust / Baxter : You’re just here for some twinks

Charlie / Niffty : You’re just here for some femmes

Cherri Bomb / Crymini : You’re just here some butches

Cherri Bomb / Niffty / Crymini : You’re just here for a whole lotta hot pink

Crymini / Angel Dust : You’re a sucker for bad peeps who don’t play by the rules

Vaggie / Cherri Bomb : You believe there’s nothing more attractive in this world than women who can fuck your shit up

The Gay Egg Bois : You’re one of those people who post pictures captioned “Yeah we gay, keep scrolling”

(6/12) EDIT:

Egg Bois / Sir Pentious : You just want good things for the Egg Bois and it involves getting shot with his ray gun

Vaggie / Crymini : You think the concept of ‘opposites attract’ is highly overrated

Vaggie / Niffty : You think the concept of ‘opposites attract’ could not be highly rated enough

Alastor / Human Alastor : You’re crippling addiction for Alastor got so bad, you had to resort to taking the phrase ‘love yourself’ to its logical extreme


Everyone— say hello to my old concept Vaggie x Old concept Angel dust fanchild! Lyssa! Now before you start attacking me. This is a fanchild and is just made for fun and not just for a shipping you like. And she is more of an au kid since her parents are the old concept arts of Vaggie and Angel aka these two


And is in an au in which Vaggie is Bi and Angel is pan and are a couple. So I hope you can understand that this oc is just for the fun of a character/au. Plus I want her to have a lil crossover with Marvel/ Spider-verse :3 well yee now I just admire Lyssa

anonymous asked:

Heck yeah fellow lowkey spidermoth and big time Alastor/Mimzy shipper! You’re awesome 👏

UwU. Thank you~ 

SpiderMoth and Alastor/Mimzy are both cute to look at and I think they’re pretty underrated.

But happy to see that there are other people who ship them too!



A Special SpiderMoth Thank you !

I wasn’t expecting my fan kid to get the attention, especially since she was created for a fun design challenge. I don’t draw this ship very often, to be honest I find it quite hard to draw but wanted to show a little love and appreciation back to the people who passed by and gave her some love.

Bonus Sketches, Additional Spider Babies!  I only know about 2 other SpiderMoth kids otherwise I would of included more lol.

From left to right.

Angelcakes Belongs to itshauntedtoon

Iridescence belongs to  Palettepainter 

Bellatrix belongs to me


Holy hell, I started this in January and until now I finish it xD. I don’t even know if I did well, Is the first time I draw Angel and Vaggie without the help of another artist hehe  

This fanart is actually a redraw ( ̶b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶c̶r̶e̶a̶t̶i̶v̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶s̶o̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶l̶o̶l̶) of a comic that belongs to the incredible artist Lopoddity (here her DA, here her Tumblr). Which is about two friends and the situation of one of them crying in front of the other. I thought it would be cute to see the same scene but with Angel and Vaggie. If these two are not going to be a couple, I hope they could become best friends, or “gay cousins” as someone already said in one of my publications uwu.