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Who else knew before now?

Last night when we made some roasted veggies, we added some paprika to them, along with other spices. Delicious! How can you add some paprika to your dishes today?

Our dear Dumbo is at his usual spot at George square with loads of soup including chicken channa masala, and harvest sun (squash and sweet potato) lots more- come by!

Succulent lamb leg slow cooked, served along with Afghani spiced sauce. Don't miss out on the Pakhtooni Khusk Raan at Slo Food Co.2. For reservations, dial 849 5978649

Spice prices are heating up & you might be wondering what you can do to mitigate the impact on your . What if you could reduce your additions but still achieve the same ? The answer could be Steam Infusion

Do you know? Prawns are extremely low in calories. The same 100 grams of prawns contains only about 115 calories. Chicken contains about twice as much and beef three times as much.

スパイスに関する質問を募集中!】 4月のゲストにお招きする「スパイスコーディネーター協会」の方が、皆さまの疑問にお答えしてくださいますよ。ささいな質問でもかまいませんので、 ぜひこちらまでメッセ―ジをお送りください。*

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Update Required - StinkyPinkDinosaur - Detroit: Become Human (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Aye boys its me, back with another chapter of reader/RK1700

Hot Saucerer

Without the sauce, a mage is lost.

[ ][ | ] Endure Flavour – Through lifelong training and conditioning, you have learned to properly enjoy food. You feel no discomfort at all from the taste of extremely spicy foods, even well beyond the normal human limit. At second level you entirely immune to any negative effects of capsaicin and similar chemicals.

[ ] Bottle of the Unending Infernus – You have proven yourself worthy and been granted a bottle of the miraculously spicy supernatural hot sauce, the Unending Infernus. The bottle is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and will refuse to dispense more than a few drops at a time, but will never run out of sauce. A normal human consuming a few drops of the sauce take d6 heat damage.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Chili Tap – With a turn of your hand, you can open a small portal out of which will flow a constant stream of hot sauce. You may summon any mundane chili-based sauce you wish. The flow produces up to one gallon of hot sauce per round per level of Chili Tap. You may use levels beyond the first to instead open multiple portals, each producing a different kind of hot sauce, up to your level of Chili Tap.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Sauce Dance – With tight, controlled movements of your body, you can control the movement of hot sauce. The range of your control extends 5 feet from your body per level of Sauce Dance, but sauce imbued with momentum will carry on beyond your range.

[ ][ ][ | ][ | ] Invigorating Flavour – You have a perfect sense of how to give a meal just the kick it needs, provided you know who’s going to be eating it. Provided access to spices and sauces you can add just the right amount of heat to someone’s meal to grant them a magical boon. For each level of Invigorating Flavour, choose one of the following boons:

  • The target deals 1 bonus heat damage with all attacks until their next meal
  • The target gains a d6 bonus to all rolls to resist negative effects until their next meal
  • The target gains a 25% bonus to their movement speed until their next meal
  • The target heals twice as quickly until their next meal
A Love Letter to Trader Joe

Dear Trader Joe,

You did not disappoint. Your impressive salt section left me craving popcorn, pretzels, potato chips, and all the other delicious snacks foods that pop up around your store.

When I first walked in your , I was surprised by the massive crowd. Apparently, Saturday mornings at 10am are prime grocery shopping time. The store was bustling with a diverse set of people – those who looked like students, young families, and even business professionals (suits in a grocery store on a Saturday morning…only in DC!). As soon as I stepped through your doors, I could see the check-out line snaking in and around the entrance, all the way through the wine and beer aisle.

Trader Joe’s is my grocery store of choice, so I immediately knew where to find the salt. I weaved my way through the crowd in the bread and cheese aisle, eventually around the produce section (the apples looked GREAT by the way), and finally to baking aisle. Well, to be honest, I don’t really know what aisle it was. It was full of baking supplies like flour and sugar, as well as beans, pasta, cereals, and sauces. I have a question for you, Trader Joe…why don’t you label or number your aisles? I must say, it’s a bit of a smorgasbord.

Apart from the random medley of foods that populate the aisle, I find my selection of salt sitting amongst the other seasonings on a tall, narrow unit of eight skinny shelves. Although the space allotted for the seasoning is limited, the salt variety surprised me. My eye was immediately drawn to the bottom shelf, where I found the classics: fine sea salt crystals, large sea salt crystals, and pink Himalayan salt. Just one shelf up lived the onion salt, sitting right next to its partner-in-crime: pepper.

The bottom shelf was the most disheveled of them all (pun definitely intended). The salt containers were not organized in any efficient way, but were instead blobs that just took random form. There was an uneven amount of each type of salt, and the labels were facing to the front, back, left, and right.

A few shelves above and closer to eye level, I found yet another variety—garlic salt. This Trader Joe’s version of garlic salt happens to be a favorite of mine (I recommend it on toasted sourdough bread with some margarine—yum!). This shelf was a bit neater, but the labels were again faced incorrectly. The other jars of seasoning that lived near the salts were much neater, with the labels facing proudly toward the front. This was peculiar to me, given that all the seasonings including the salt were around the $2.00 mark.

The uniform and clean labelling on the various jars is pleasant to the eye. The lettering is large and somewhat colorful, but not at all off-putting. However, Trader Joe, I think you may need a lesson in presentation. The organization of the seasoning was a bit wonky, and it could use some TLC.

But I still love you, Trader Joe. Your frozen desserts, trail mix, and tempura cauliflower make my heart sing. Thank you for being you.

Yours truly,
Lauren Petersil 

Quote of the Day: “You have to take all the ups and downs that come your way like a pinch of salt. Just leave everything behind. Forgive and forget.” – Amruta Khanvilkar  


The @citycollege9 #family. This part of the story is one of the most important to show because it displays the side that lets you know the #heavyd @diddy event didn’t just affect the #living but also the #unborn. #darrenanthonybrown #spice. @rockeybeatz #muchrespect bro! Full story Coming to #vimeoondemand soon. #swaincreative #mediagroup #cc9 #reversethenegative #ccny @stampede (at Nat Holman Gymnasium)

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