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Sunday 👑🐝✅. 155 points / 34 words. I also expected to find BEACHBALL on the list

Okulumuz 5., 6. ve 7. Siniflar arası yapılan Spelling Bee (İngilizce ve Almanca) yarışmasında dereceye giren öğrencilerimiz ödüllerini aldılar.

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Where’s Ilkey Moor? Onbvious you don’t write your own tweets or maybe you do.

I’d say there were 5 fairly obscure words in today’s , but 👑🐝✅ (133 points, 33 words)

We at Literal Change 💯 approve of this message because we LOVE spelling! Especially spelling for a cause!

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Tomorrow, April 19th 3-5pm at the Austin Branch Auditorium of Come check out the start of the 2019 Great American Spelling Bee. AustinTalks will be there to cover the event!

👏here to our un-BEE-lievable spellers who worked so hard to reach the last round of the Competition. Congratulations 🎉our super . congratulation to learner Mohammad Mouaddam for being the Super .

A nice set of words for today’s . 157 points / 36 words- nothing too obscure

Well done to all children in KS2 who participated in our Spelling Bee Competition. With an exciting final, the 18 finalists made its way down to 1 winner.

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“Cuz at the end of the day you are so illiterate as a landlord….. E L L I T E R A T E that is what you is ….” Maybe she used E to represent evil. That’s the only explanation. Sometimes the less said the better! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ #comedycentral #ilikeshebad #natnat #illiterate #spellingbee #illiteratevsELLITERATE

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Some of us can barely spell let alone backwards, holy “tihs“. #ibeknowing #genius #smart #girl #spellingbee #neilpatrickharris #asian #worldstar #gameshow #world #news

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Got the Queen Bee but man you’re not going to convince me APOLLO as a word, BYPLAY, and LOLLOP are any more common than ALKYL or PLAYA. Really like PALOOKA as a word though and took forever to get KOALA.

Stuck at what I think is 140 points on Spelling Bee. And missed Queen Bee yesterday because I missed MANCALA. Oh well. Will look again after dinner.

Spelling Bee: C / A M I N L Y

Groan. 219 points for Genius, which means by the (Genius points/0.7) formula it’s 313 for Queen Bee. I groan because i) high point total games are a slog, ii) this is awfully similar to the one relatively recently that was C / A M I N L R, and iii) the ICALY combination means I know I’m in for a parade of -IC / -ICAL / -ICALLY words. And indeed that’s what we have today with CYNIC, CLINIC (with a bonus CLINICIAN thrown in), CYCLIC (which also gives you ACYCLIC, though oddly enough not ACYCLICAL), MANIC (MANICALLY is one of 3 pangrams today), and LAIC. That’s a huge chunk of points, but it really just felt like checking a list to make sure I got all the combinations of derivative words. Also INIMICAL and INIMICALLY for another pangram, though INIMIC doesn’t count. Still, this was the first puzzle since Sam announced that ILIAC would count, so that’s something.


Fun words (proper nouns, non-English words, or words that didn’t contain the central letter): MINIMALLY, LAYMAN, LIMINAL, ANIMANIAC, NANCY


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I had to #repost this ish #hilarious the video edit. #mynigga 👍🏾👀🤭😳🤓😆🤪🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️👏🏾😂😂😂😂 #spellingbee #belike via @amandaseales

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When the Spelling BEE LIT🔥👀🤣🚨 #Christmassongconvos #Caughtintheact #SpellingBee #ProfessorG (made by @ giannicjvalentino with ♬ Spell The Word Lit - dominictoliver. #musicallyapp #dominictoliver #SpellTheWordLit #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily

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Jimmy’s war of words with 14-year-old Scripps Spelling Bee champ Karthik Nemmani…

tvrundown USA 2018.05.31

Thursday, May 31st:

(hour 1):

(hour 2):

(hour 3):
Nobodies (TVLand, season 2 finale, 63mins),
Citizen Rose (E!, finale),
The Carbonaro Effect (truTV),
Imposters (BRAVO, delayed time, penultimate)

(also new):
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC, “Game Night” special),
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (netflix, “Howard Stern” season 1 finale),
“Scripps National Spelling Bee” (live on ESPN2, then ESPN airs the finale)

[preempted, resumes next week:
RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1) /
  / Untucked (VH1) ]
What Would You Do? (ABC) moves to Fridays starting June 15th.


Teen super-speller coaches kids for spelling bee success



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