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Future scientist trying out the boundary between reality and simulation. . . .

What's new on the ? “Let's make sure we can use it for what is needed” - Check out our recent conversation on spectrum issues with Peter Bloom from .

1400AM/95.3FM no longer on ch. 192 ; write to to have it restored or go to mtg on 11/19 7pm at 207 Tuckie Rd at to speak during public comment period

[SELLING] 181118 Spectrum fansign slot 🚫Donggyu 🚫Hwarang ✔Very reasonably priced. Please DM for questions!

181111 영풍문고 팬 사인회 란타나들을 위한 하트 만들기 와앙 (๑•̀♡•́)و✧

. appear to be reaping the rewards of their speedy spectrum rollout in Argentina, overtaking for the fastest download speeds across the country, find out more on the Tutela blog -

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【韓国サイン会応募代行】 ●11月18日(日)午後6時 ●テチ2文化センター大講堂/江南区 ●抽選100名(~11/17)※今活動最後! ●お問い合わせ:

Fansign Date:11.18 Apply date:11.15-11.17 Accpet full signed album of any group. Charge fee for attending for you. Please dm for details.

It’s day 2 of this year‘s ! Come and visit us in Hall A3, booth 630 - we‘re looking forward to discussing our , and analyzers or the new brand with you!

is becoming common day by day partly due to the technology that we require to work on computers and party due to the neglect of our health. Step in and relieve yourself of any debilitating pain. 8146479000

RT GSMA: WRC-19 is vital to realising the ultra-high-speed vision for . Read the 's 5G guide to know more:

WRC-19 is vital to realising the ultra-high-speed vision for . Read the 's 5G guide to know more:

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Cheers to the freakin’ weekend 🥂✨ We’re getting ready to dive in to our full glam #makeup routine with the 12 pc white #marble set ✨


Don’t blame anyone for wanting something contradicting you. Differentiation establishes the space needed to contribute different hues to the human conversation. Rather, learn through everyone and thing not you. Then, even your ‘enemies’ help you always. This takes supreme humility, but that is the secret to happiness.
- oxiegoeimi
#spectrum 11.1 🦁🏳🔐💙 remember to always #trust #nature 🌲 #Healer 🔥 #Spirit 🕊 #hope ⚜️ #grace ☔️ #love 🌸 #life 🌊 #unity 🌈 #believe 💝 #weareone ✂️🕚🎶 #energy #Reiki #prayer #meditation #freelove #hereandhereafter #dream #vision #Eternity #paradise #nirvana #heaven #story #writing #manifestation #passion #create #coexist together 💜🌠🌅🌟 (at I am not I AM)

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…a few people know about what might transpire sooner or later…

I am debating this, but this miiiiight be an event to eventually happen with Lewis and getting rid of ??? that is infecting him. Working on what to do, but the Arthur-esque being is a weird amalgamation of ???’s left over residual, Lewis’ past revenge/anger/hate, and his current love but twisted. The thing wants to protect and love Lewis…but in all the wrong ways…

Just gonna have to see how things unfold and work out a few kinks…

So last night I finally got around to looking at the lyrics for What Do I Do by Spectrum, and the lyrics made me love the song so much more than I did before. It’s such a beautiful song with very meaningful lyrics, and I’m so proud of them for making such an amazing comeback. I’ve been a huge fan since before their debut, and I’m so proud of how far they’ve come just in the past 6 months or so. I was absolutely devastated when I heard about Dongyoon’s death, and I still miss him. It’s of course very difficult to lose a member in any way, and I sincerely hope the rest of Spectrum is doing well. I’m so proud of them for coming back in such an amazing and beautiful way, and I’ll support Spectrum in everything they do.

Ogni sera mi guardò allo specchio

mi sento fragile,

incagliata tra paure e mostri.

Mi guardo,

non mi riconosco.

Sono un mucchio di ossa e carne

senza un obbiettivo,

senza secondi fini.

Sono un mucchio di ossa



Ogni sera

mi guardo allo specchio

e cerco di cancellare il mostro che vedo,

ogni sera mi dico di accettarlo,

di ricominciare,

ogni sera

sono incagliata in qualcosa che non riconosco.

-Leila Nives


These songs are all so beautiful, they really make me think of Dongyoon. I’m still so sad to hear of any idol passing away only a month after turning 20, and his cause of death is still unknown to the public. I hope his friends and family are receiving the support they need.