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Burgeoning and Evolving Needs Evolving Protection. Our latest I/O blog takes a look at today’s rapidly evolving wireless landscape. Learn how monitors, detects and analyzes complex waveforms to minimize nefarious activities

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mystaでSPECTRUMを応援してください😭あと少しでkconのメイン舞台行けそうなんです😭 스벡트럼을 응원 해주세요ㅜㅜplease support spectrum

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Learn how powers our wireless networks, how we use spectrum today, and why we need more spectrum to meet growing data needs and to deploy networks. Learn More:

April is Awareness Month. Take advantage of full with this "Happy Light"! Full spectrum lighting provides healing properties for physical and mental health-related issues through !

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My picture book, NOAH NOASAURUS (illustrated by Colin Jack, Albert Whitman) came about because one of my students was obsessed with dinosaurs- proving that kids inspire teachers, too!

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uh is this right please tell me this is right lmaO

Female Truth Seekers we admire: Jameela Jamil Weam Al Dakheel Nancy Pelosi Kiran Bedi Nellie Bly Tamron Hall They have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity. Any Truthseekers you admire?

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spectrum • after party • solo film trailer #3 • donggyu ♡


SPECTRUM released a solo film trailer for “Afterparty,” the title track off their upcoming 3rd single album “Refreshing Time.

Release Date: April 29th

Cat- and dog people are a spectrum!

Can I just say, cat- and dog people aren’t that binary. It’s a spectrum! Possibly it’s even a three dimensional spectrum in the shape of a triangle, the third end being people who don’t like pets, cause that’s totally valid!

I would probably be in the middle of the whole thing as I love to pet either cats or dogs but I’d never have one myself, too much work.

Get Your Validation Here!

I’m very validating you know. If you’re trans and I mean non binary and or gender non conforming and you, like, need some validation then let me know because I believe you’re wicked valid & stuff and I’ll even say so.

Unless you’re a fascist or a Nazi, which is also a TERF. Then you’re not valid.

So if you need validation or pronouns for any of your genders, especially with sick TERFs running around saying that Otherkin can’t be genders & stuff, you tell me and I’ll give you validation. I will.

Life Update

Hi guys,

Long time no chat. I’ve been gone for a while but decided it was time I got back. I FINALLY after 27 years of my life being a complete struggle got a diagnosis of autism. I’m glad we have finally gotten to a point where its not just anxiety anymore and can get on with having a better understanding of how to deal with EVERYTHING. I really want to interact more with the community to try and understand myself and learn how to gain control of or at least manage my autism. Right now every thing seems difficult, better than it was and I was improving and going to self help groups but my auntie passed away last week and tbh I’m not really sure I understand what’s going on. Im completely distraught and want nothing more than to self harm but I do not want to hurt myself and cause more pain to the people around me when we are already going through so much pain. Can anyone help with coping mechanisms or help me understand this sudden loss.


Refreshing Time

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02. 마니또

Be Born


01. Light it up
02. Mr. Who
03. Tonight
04. Light it up (Inst)

Timeless Moment


01. What do I do 02. Sad story 03. Dear my 04. What do I do (Inst)


Ishq Ka Raja | Addy Nagar | Hamsar Hayat | New Hindi Songs 2019 | Audio…


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In This Essay I Will

Asexual. Bisexual. Homosexual. Heterosexual. Compulsary. Traumatised. Broken. Depressed. Bipolar. Borderline. Abusive. Abused. Genderfluid. Nonbinary. Transgender. Aromantic.

Labels. Words. Answers. Endings. Beginnings.

Sometimes, life is a journey. Sometimes life is cut and dried. Sometimes desires are easy. Sometimes feelings are easy. Sometimes life is easy. Sometimes, it isn’t easy, but then you find a word that fits. You find a word that works. You find a word that is real.

What do you do when that word doesn’t fit anymore? What do you do when your identity isn’t real anymore? Are you valid? Are you real? Are you just in rebellion? Are you just curious? What if you are a product of your upbringing. What if you are just a product of your childhood? What if you are a product of your abuse? What if life had been different? What if your parents had been different? What if your experiences had been different? What if you are just deluding your self. What if you are just denying yourself?

What do you do when you have fought so hard to define yourself as something, when you have struggled and tried and cried and begged and thought and barely come to terms with an identity and then it all comes crashing down on you? What do you do with something you have finally come to embrace turns out not to fit?

And what do you do when two identities that are real and important and vital clash? What do you do then? What do you do then?

To choose one is to deny the other. To follow one means to kill the other. They are incompatible. They do not fit. And yet…and yet you must choose. You must make them fit or you must choose. There is no third option. It is a hell, and it is a hell of your own making. If you had just been content. If you had just been quiet. If you had just been still in your lot. If you hadn’t questioned. If you hadn’t wondered. If you hadn’t been upset. if you hadn’t wanted a reason. If you hadn’t wanted validation.

But you didn’t listen. You didn’t shut up. You didn’t keep still. You wondered and you questioned and now here is your hell. Here is your trap. You can never be whole. You can never be complete. One or the other must go. One or the other must die. And you must choose. There is no going back. You will forever have to live with the knowledge that you are denying who you really are. You will forever have to live with the truth that you are not complete. You will forever have to live with the realisation that you are now your own abuser.

Words. Labels. Identities. Factions. Groups. Useless things. Little things. Worthless things.