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What kind of frog is this? It has the most awesome reddish-brown skin with Black and white spot underbelly. Very tiny 1”.

The produces a majority of the world’s oxygen and is home to more than half of the world’s of plants, animals and insects. The has been burning for 3 weeks. The lungs of the Earth are on fire!

We're building global capacity for this week with and ! Bis, a member of our Indonesia Regional Resource Center, facilitated a threat analysis exercise as a part of the workshop on conservation planning.

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VACANCY! Technician,. Do you have experience working on projects? Do you have a background in , , or related area? Apply by 13 Sept here:⏩

🚨Breaking News!🚨 We & our environmental & animal protection group partners sued the Trump administration over its new regulations that dramatically weaken the . Retweet to stand with us & support our fight to protect threatened & endangered !

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Hm this is only North American birds but what about

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some-one/thing outside the True and Authenitic Self has been from the creation of the . All you can do is re-focus your attention...

We’re in at - The biggest convention for endangered - to talk about the of and . We urge parties to take meaningful actions against the in big cats You can help by signing

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The Amazon is one of Earth’s last refuges for jaguars, harpy eagles, and pink river dolphins, and it is home to sloths, black spider monkeys, and poison dart frogs.

The Amazon is one of Earth’s last refuges for jaguars, harpy eagles, and pink river dolphins, and it is home to sloths, black spider monkeys, and poison dart frogs.

First proposal got through this morning by consensus in Committee I, i.e. proposal No. 50 submitted by Malawi to include Mulanje Cedar in Appendix II. Final decision to be made at the plenary session next week.

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We’re in at - the biggest convention for endangered - to talk about the of and . We urge parties to take meaningful actions against the illegal trade in big cats   ⚠️

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is a charming place for you to spend your time amid its natural features all around such as , , different of , etc. Vacation offers Mountain lake at genuine .

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all have been adopted tysm for adopting!!!


An island in the north of the central dome, in a region that’s almost a dome itself. Zakaz is a tragic island now synonymous with violence, despite once being the crown jewel of the central dome. Once a lush and fertile land populated by benevolent people loyal to the Great Spirit, now a desolate series of forts and trenches that can’t see a single hour without death.

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are a species of human-like being that shares anscestors with both humans and vampires. They live deep in the jungles of pangea, and their culture is apparent throughout it.

The average height of a vamphon is six-foot-five, but some have been found to have grown taller. They have teal skin, thick turquoise hair, and their eyes are always brown. Men typically become very muscular, and have teeth that protrude over their top lip like tusks. They have extreme amounts of body hair that grows in the same places as humans. Women usually gain some form of muscle, but not nearly as much as men. They also grow body hair, and it is thicker than a human woman’s but less do than a vamphon male’s. They grow fangs that poke over their lower lip. All vamphons have one set of teeth, and they are extremely tough compared to that of a human’s. They can crush rocks with them and they will not chip. They have lifespans that just pass human beings, a shocking one-hundred-and-fifty year long life!

The one thing that each tribe shares is language. Vamphusc (vam-fusc) can be compared to both Portuguese and Russian. It is a thick-sounding language with lots of hard consonants. Sounds like r (are), k (kah), ch (chuh), and x (‘kss) are very frequent.

Sexuality nor gender is a large focus in any tribe. Regardless if you gay, lesbian, straight, or bi (which their language lacks words for), sex is for reproduction only. Romantic love has very little impact on their culture, and is considered the least important kind. All marriages are for the sake of keeping bloodlines clean and unincestuous. If romance does happen, it is usually severed as soon as it is discovered.

They lack religion. They don’t have a concept of evolution, but they believe life is too introcate to be created by something. They don’t believe in an afterlife, but do reincarnation. It is based on what the jungle needs. If there is a lack of meat prey, and you die of hunger, you’d become an animal that can be hunted. They don’t believe in graveyards or keeping track of history, so bodies are used as tinder. It is believed you morn the spirit and brain of an individual, not a body or shape. Their belongings are destroyed as well, except for weapons.

Men and women are trained equally for everything, and no one specializes in one such thing. Everyone is trained in hunting, fighting, defending, and healing. Women will assist in childbirth, however, exclusively.

Transgender individuals are treated with little respect. They hold the belief that man are meant to impregnate and women are meant to become impregnated, and that is what makes them. If a transgender vamphon refuses to change, they will be exiled to live on their own, and killed if found near the tribe.


are a type of creature that exists within and only within Haven. They were created by Tillian to protect the graveyards from demons that may lurk around the deceased and try to find a way to the afterlife to harass the resting souls beyond the graves.

They have their own language: “demí” (dem-ay), also known as demic. It sounds like squeaks and chirps, like that of a cockatiel or desert rain frog. They can also speak havenish. Demí cannot be learned or understood by anyone who is not a demoneater, as it does not behave like other languages amd cannot be picked up by most brains.

Sexuality and gender aren’t very complex. They way demoneaters experience those things is different than how most creatures do. There are two gendered feelings: “is” and “isn’t.” Is is to have a feeling and isn’t is to lack one. These cannot be equated to being male or female. Is cannot be related to having a gendered feeling that is neither male nor female nor aligned that way, and isn’t can be described like agender. Sexuality exists in four ways: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and asexual. They aren’t physically attracted to eachother, but drawn to their auras. They can tell if a fellow demoneater is an is or is an isn’t. They lack sexual organs to reproduce, and pair for comfort and company. They don’t experience romantic feelings, and instead experience feelings that are comparable to queerplatonic ones.

Demoneaters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be the size of a soda can, to that of a medium-sized canid. Most common are cat-shaped, however, Tillian does get creative every now and then.


A desolate island to the south-west of the central dome. It was rich in mineral wealth from protodermis to crystal, and often changed hands between competing organisations that wanted to mine it. It was home to the Batak species, a unique species whose existence was constantly fraught with the burden of fighting off imperialist corporations.

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In the middle of trying out the Super Paper Mario style again after a little while, I really like how it’s turning so far!! I’ll finish it off at some point, hoping it’ll be tomorrow after work- Gwen is actually super fun to practise in this style, I really like it!! She’s so cute~~

Gwen, Zarean species, art © Me



The Aryihi are a species of maintenance biomechanicals, similar to the Matoran, but built entirely to operate underwater. They are physically similar to the Matoran, but have tails, flippers instead of legs, and are exclusively aquatic. They can only breathe water through gills, and have higher tolerance to pressure. They are about the size of Turaga and have limited elemental powers on a Turaga’s level.

The Great Beings debated much about the Aryihi. Firstly, whether to actually create them or just give the Ga-Matoran lungs. The Aryihi won out, as undersea operations were complicated enough that they would need multiple elemental breeds like the Matoran, and it would be overcomplicated to give Ga-Matoran sub-elements. Secondly it was debated whether to create a Matoran-Toa-Turaga lifecycle to the Aryihi. This lost in favour of giving them rudimentary elemental powers to defend themselves.

The Aryihi, like the Matoran, were divided into a breed per element. Each had their own minor powers essentially the same as the Matoran’s and preferred habitats.

  • Ta-Aryihi, with heat-resistance, usually found at underwater volcanoes.
  • Ga-Aryihi, with greater swimming ability, usually found in vast amounts of open water.
  • Le-Aryihi, with greater ability to breathe above water, usually found near the surface in places like beaches and lakes.
  • Po-Aryihi, with increased strength, usually found near underwater mountains.
  • Onu-Aryihi, with night-vision, usually found in underwater caves.
  • Ko-Aryihi, with cold resistance, usually found beneath ice-caps and ice-bergs.
  • Vo-Aryihi, with electrical resistance, usually found following the electric cables running from Metru Nui to other lands.
  • Su-Aryihi, with light and extreme heat resistance, usually found at underwater volcanoes.
  • Ba-Aryihi, with pressure resistance.
  • De-Aryihi, with acute hearing, usually found in quiet regions.
  • Fa-Aryihi, with greater directional sense, usually found in magnetically attuned areas.
  • Fe-Aryihi, with greater endurance, usually found in undersea cities.
  • Ce-Aryihi, with mental shielding.
  • Bo-Aryihi, with quicker healing and poison immunity, usually found in kelp forests or in sufficiently deep swamps.
  • Jo-Aryihi, with resistance to fatigue.
  • La-Aryihi, with acute vision, usually found near crystal formations underwater.
  • Ha-Aryihi, with corrosion resistance, usually found in salt lakes or near brine pools.
  • Me-Aryihi, with the ability to sooth and handle Rahi easier, usually found near reefs.
Species of the Outer Domes Redux

Mata Nui created many species beyond his six prime species. They were tasked with running political simulations to synthesis the perfect society within themself, though neglected that duty somewhat. Mata Nui’s theory was to create a caste system with specialised species fulfilling specific roles. The following species were created in the domes in Mata Nui’s arms or pelvis.

Batruten: An amphibious species with the ability to regrow lost limbs and breathe through both lungs and gills. They originate on the island of Lihiga in the eastern island chain. They are immune to mutagenic substances through quirk of design. Mata Nui created them for two purposes, to serve as an aquatic equivalent to the Napa, and to serve as ambassadors between the aquatic peoples and the surface dwellers. Nocturn was a Batruten.

Corvinn: A species with wings sprouting from their backs, capable of flight. Mata Nui created them for the lack of flyers in the universe; a people that could cross between islands without need for transportation. Initially the Corvinn’s wings were imitations of a bird’s wings, though as they built more of themselves they created alternate variants with bat wings, pterosaur wings, insect wings, and even helical blades. Airwatcher was a somewhat mutated Corvinn.

Eraa: A species resembling Toa but much bulkier. Mata Nui attempted to manually create new Toa instead of waiting for Toa to gift their power to Matoran. While they failed, their “failure” itself was quite impressive. The Eraa are immensely powerful, and becoming even moreso when angered, and have a natural healing ability. They originated in the eastern island chain and proliferated from there.Axonn was an Eraa.

Lanotu: A species of immense reptilian warriors, based on the Satorni template. They have a hostile disposition, and dislike intruders. They were created by Mata Nui to mitigate their poor handling of the Southern Lands; the Lanotu’s malignant culture was intended to prevent transit to and from the Southern Lands. This failed, though fortunately there was little transit to the Southern Lands anyway. Notable Lanotu include the Shadowed One, Conjurer, Tyrant, and Ancient.

Myuriahk: A very tall four armed species. They have the ability to absorb and metabolise antidermis. They trusting the Makuta implicitly and never suspecting their betrayal, Mata Nui was concerned about the effects of the unchecked antidermis pool and the countless Kraata the Makuta were releasing into the wild. To mitigate these issues, they created the Meuriahk to absorb antidermis and break it down into energy The species was created on the western island of Kepita and proliferated from there. Notable Myuriahk include Brutaka, Eliminator, Vengeance, and Darkness

Tilratu: An enormous devilish looking people. They are from the northern reaches Southern Lands and are the southernmost sapient species known to Matoran society. They have a powerful teleportation ability that can reach almost anywhere in the universe, though it’s exploited very little. Mata Nui created them as messengers and rapid responders to situations, though they failed to spread out from their islands. Botar was a Tilratu.

2 more feathers from Northern Raven have been found on the land. One of these feathers is a foot long which is quite amazing for a passerine, not a bird of prey like some people think. They also have the same strong smell has the others and will have there place in my collection, for sure. These corvids are the largest and the heaviest in their species with a wingspan of 45-51" and a mass of 2.6 pounds. Can you imaging having one of them just in front of you?


FAQ returns with an answer to this week’s question:  Can big cats evolve? #evolution #generations #genetics #changes#extinction #natural #selection #tiger #lion #leopard #cougar #catlovers #faqfriday #nature #species #bigcats #catsofinstagram #bigcatsofinstagram #catfacts #wildlife #summer #teamcfar #floridapanther (at Central Florida Animal Reserve)

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Stelt is an island in the east of the central dome, with a reputation throughout the universe as a site of corruption and inequity. For the most part, it was a convenient free port, with only light taxation and tarifs and a complete lack of supervision. It was ruled by several clans of aristocratic overlords that reigned over run down slums and coliseums.

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Dreadlings are a closed species belonging to @koiicrow that have been cookin in the works for a few years now, and have finally been released!

If interested, feel free to check out the group on deviantArt, where things are based. You can find species info, FAQs, and other things here!

Feel free to join on in the discord server to connect with others in the group, as well as working your way around dreadlings on a more personal level!

You do NOT need to own a dreadling in order to join either the group or the server! Anyone who is interested is welcome.

Art/Dreadlings both belong to @koiicrow