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SomeOne That I Will Never Forget Where Ever I Go Or Do 💗 Looking In Her Next To Me Lots Of Laughs 😌 You Will Be Truly Be Missed She Supporting 👊 I Know 👉 In A Better Place 👉 😘

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Her Voice is My Aesthetic

I’ve tried washing your taste away; the bottles disappear but you always stay; 40 percent can’t get rid of this scent; and I can’t forget the love I sent; as I sink further into unanswered questions; how do I look at myself in the mirror; when I only want to be near her; how do I sleep at night; when I can’t hold her so tight; how do I still believe; in a future that will only deceive

I speak my own language it’s called Depression

I’m terrified of a day I see you staring at me; I’ll see you on the arm of that guy; and I’ll be that guy you used to see; and all I’ll be able to do is sigh; as we’re pulled into casual conversation; where we pretend I’m fine and everything’s okay; you’ll introduce me as an old friend from old days; and the whole time I’ll be thinking about what we never had; and I’ll have to face the awful truth that I can’t let go of you; the image of you leaving will be replaced; with one of you moving on to another place

I deleted it

beneath the blanket it was such a beautiful night; just as her lips left mine and my hands fell to her side; it was then I caught the most horrifying sight; the smallest lines that shook me deep inside; I didn’t want to believe it but there was no denying; the way they traced up her arm and along her thigh; it broke me to know she’d been so hurt; that this beauty from above didn’t know her worth

Forgotten Feelings

I swore there was nothing left in this heart; thought I’d die alone and torn apart; she stared at me with the brightest eyes; they always melt me inside; she told me how I was like no other guy; I’m so afraid of the vulnerability I felt; yet I’m terrified of losing her to someone else; it’d been so long I forgot what it felt like; it was so strange to be sought out I could only sigh

What Never Was

my sorrows they grip like a noose; the tightest are the thoughts of me and you; I want to pick up my phone and hear your voice; it’s the only thing that could ever fill this void; even though I know you’ll enslave and toy with my head; I want it to kill me so I can say I loved you to death; the thought of our separation strangles so slowly; this want for you is so unholy

Separation Anxiety

this separation helps me decide; if I want to let these feelings die; I know that I care too much; and that she doesn’t feel as such; but I can’t help but hope things will get better; and that one day you’ll be my forever; I’ve never been the type to show how I feel; I’m afraid of the pain so I keep my heart sealed; I can’t ignore the fact you’ve broken down the walls; and that in my darkest moments your face was all I saw